Learn How To Save Money With America’s Cheapest Family

If you are going to learn how to save money, as in saving money on just about everything in life, then learn from the best.  Steve Economides, his wife Annette Economides, (their real last name) and their family of seven (five children) flourished on one modest income, and are smiling today because of it.  

They have been dubbed the name “America’s Cheapest Family”, and while they have accomplished a lot financially, they still wear that name with joy and pride.  

Here’s what we have today:

What was once a frugal life out of necessity has become a life of riches in so many ways.  Fortunately, the Economides are willing to speak about their life activities and lifestyle choices and are here today to teach us all a lot.  

Here’s where they started:

Steve and Annette Economides got married in 1982.  Steve was making $7.00 an hour, and Annette, who was not working at the time, became a new mommy by their first anniversary one year later.  It seems as if they weren’t thinking of their life as one of a financial journey then.  They were just trying to get by.  

However, Annette figured out some good ways to stretch a paycheck, and the two not only lived comfortably, they were soon thriving.  They learned to live on a modest income even with five children.  They purchased their first home with 15% down and paid it off in nine years.  They realized at some point just how many money saving tips they had incorporated into their lives throughout the years.  

Their first financial influences:

Steve and Annette seem to have been greatly influenced by Larry Burkett, the founder of Crown Financial Ministries and most likely one of the big influences of many of the big name Christian finance names of today.  I’m sure you will see they would readily testify that their greatest influence came from Jesus Christ himself though.  

What their life was like:

They have been given all kinds of labels from frugal to tightwad, but don’t let those labels deceive you.  As Annette says quite frequently in media appearances, she learned to stretch money until it begged for mercy.  Did they go without necessities?  I would say no.  Did they go without wants?  Yes and no.  They went without buying with credit, at least for the most part.  With the exception of mortgages, they figured out how to make expenses manageable and then manage money so well that they had money to purchase things along the way, many nice things.   

Learn How To Save Money

Was their life one you might enjoy living?

I can’t answer that.  I can tell you that I think most people would feel very comfortable with their lifestyle once they got the hang of it.  I also think many people would feel very happy if they could figure out what the Economides have learned to do.  

What do I think The Economides (America’s Cheapest Family) could teach you?

Among so many other things, they can teach you how to save money on groceries and other everyday purchases and services, how to save money for a mortgage, how to build a savings account even on a small income, the best way to save money for a vacation, how to teach kids about money, and how to make good choices every single day.   

They are also great teachers of budgeting and money management.  

It seems as if they could help anyone learn how to budget too.  Annette says that even those who find it hard to budget can learn to budget by just setting SOME budget categories to start out as they learn.  

Gas, for the most part, she says, is what it is.  Water payments are what they are.  Insurance is also pretty set from month to month.  

Budgeting for recreation though?  That’s a different story.  

Recreation is one area that is easy for new budget-aware families to start working with.  Note:  She never said do without fun.  She said this is an area that is easy to learn budgeting and an area where a family could begin to cut some expenses and discover the joys of saving money monthly almost immediately.    

Groceries?   Oh yea.  

She believes there is definitely a chance to create positive movement in a person’s finances there and a good place to start a budget process.  The Economides have written a book titled “Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America’s Cheapest Family: Includes So Many Innovative Strategies You Won’t Have to Cut Coupons”.  Go here to see their book on how to save money on grocery shopping.  (Amazon)  

Why do I like them so much?

To start, I believe their understanding of how hard it is to learn how to start budgeting makes me see how ‘real’ these people really are.  They don’t put you in a place where you feel overwhelmed to start.  They step back to the beginning and walk you through those first really, really hard steps.

I also love the philosophy they seemed to have instilled in their children.  All of their kids, now adults, have grown up with a financial discipline that was, and still seems to be, natural to them.  They do not feel as if they have “gone without”.  Instead, they enjoyed their childhoods and are now enjoying adult lives with the valuable knowledge, insight, and financial enjoyment (yes, I put financial and enjoyment together) they discovered as they were growing up. 

For me too, I love how they ALL view purchases a “treasure hunts”.  As I heard their oldest daughter say once, “Who doesn’t enjoy a treasure hunt?”  

Well, I believe all if not at least most of us love a good treasure hunt!  I’m just glad my last treasure hunt took me to The Economides, America’s Cheapest Family, who wants to help us all learn how to save money now.  

You’ll be inspired.  

-Chris Stevens


The Economides Money Saving Resources You Can Learn From:

America’s Cheapest Family on the Web:  Money Smart Family

Steve and Annette Economides and Family on YouTube:  America’s Cheapest Family on YouTube

Also check YouTube for “America’s Cheapest Family” and “Money Saving Family” and “The Economides” to catch them on other folk’s channels.  

Also on Amazon:  

America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dreams (Amazon)

The MoneySmart Family System: Teaching Financial Independence to Children of Every Age  (Amazon)

And don’t forget from above:

Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America’s Cheapest Family: Includes So Many Innovative Strategies You Won’t Have to Cut Coupons  (Amazon)  

Hope you enjoy learning how to save money with America’s Cheapest Family!  

Saving Money Isn’t for Cowards or the Faint of Heart

Saving MoneySaving money isn’t for cowards.  If you are too afraid to make a move, you are going to miss out on moving in the right direction.   

It helps to see what sometimes stops us from implementing money saving ideas and what successful money experts or folk do that we are not taking note of… or doing.

If you want to save money, reduce expenses or debt, or really manage your money (and everything else) well, you need to follow these four steps that will help you change your actions, your family’s financial situation, and your life. 

First:  Check your Current Lifestyle Choices Against Your Family’s Current Income

One of the top five books I wrote about the other day on how to save money got me thinking, thinking hard deep down.  As much as I think I am not personally into material things big time, I think I have indeed been influenced by marketers today.  

We have unlimited television services and unlimited data on our cell phones.  We have been paying a monthly membership to go to Six Flags so we could go visit the park there any time we wanted to go.  I have been shopping at natural grocery stores, even if the cost was a little more on some things, and we have purchased some other things that, while maybe not really outlandish for all, were maybe too much for us at this given moment in time.    

It’s not that any of those things were bad in and of themselves.  When you have the money to purchase such items or services, these can be nice but still normal kinds of purchases.  However, they were probably things that really stretched us financially more than we should have let the world stretch us.  Given “life” as we now know it, they are out of the question for the most part now.  

I can admit I understand this all too well though – It’s tough to admit you sometimes have to do with less, to go without something for a while or maybe for a long time or even completely!  It’s hard to give things up that mean a lot to us for whatever reason they may seem important.  

On the same hand, it is pretty tough living with things your income can not cover. 

The Apostle Paul of the New Testament said in Philippians 4: 12:  

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty.  I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.  

Have Money Problems How to FixDo you have some things in your life that you really don’t need or can’t afford?  Have you purchased something that was beyond what you should have paid to get it?  Are you holding on to something your income says you can not afford?  Think about it.  Be honest with yourself.   

If you do have some things not “jiving”, you need to re-evaluate what your family has the money for verses what makes makes you feel good, right, comfortable, or “worthy”.  You (we both) also need to proclaim the desire to live within our financial means from this point on.

It is hard to make changes in life sometimes.  I have to admit that for me, making changes seems almost scary.  I guess I am kind of a wimp when I know something in life is going to change.  

However, if your income does not support expenses, then facing the situation with a more business-smart attitude and being prepared to make some changes in your world and/or possessions is a must.  

The good news:

You will be thanking the Lord for the important things you still have instead of crying over the bills you can’t afford to pay. 

Second:  Seek out ways to save money wherever you can – every day from here on out too.

I felt like I was pretty transparent with you all up there in that earlier paragraph.  I am seeing some of the ways I know we can cut back on spending expenses in our family.  (Really, I used to think I was so thrifty too!)  

There are other ways we are only yet starting to understand that we can cut back on as well, or at least areas we need to “investigate” more.

For those of you who feel you have already cut back to the bare bones, I beg to differ with you that your work is done.   There might still be some areas of resistance in your lifestyle choices.  There might be some better choices available today than there had been last year when you signed up for something or used a particular company for something.  

At the very least, there will be something facing you tomorrow, or the next day, or next week, or month where you need to make a decision.  You’ll want that decision to be a good one too!  

We always have been faced with choices and changes, and we always will be.  

Look for opportunities to make changes and good financial decisions right now.  

Be diligent when you are faced with a different day and different choices tomorrow.  

Enjoy prosperity while you can, but when hard times strike, realize that both come from God. Remember that nothing is certain in this life.  -Ecclesiastes 7: 14 (NIV)

When it comes to money in this world, the Lord is always wanting you to be ready for change, and Satan will NEVER let you have a free ride.  Your work in this area will never be done – or at least done for long.

Look for the best ways to manage family finances and family expenses now, and then keep looking some more.  

Third:  Be strong enough to make the changes you know deep down you need to make.  

Wow.  I guess I have been pretty open here already.  Should I confess another sin to you?  

OK, here you go.  In Texas, we have the ability to choose between several electric companies for our home’s electricity.  The idea is that these companies compete, and we win, as consumers, with lower rates because of their competition.

Well, we win only if we do our jobs.  

Have Money Problems How to FixI let our electric plan run out and just never bothered to either negotiate a new plan or more to another company with a better plan.  That particular electric company automatically put us on a month to month rate then which usually tends to be higher.  (It’s different than the month to month offered as a low introductory rate.  These are more expensive.)

The sad thing is that I have been like an ostrich with my head in the sand!  Maybe it’s like I have been like a deer staring into car lights!  I don’t know what it is, but I have had such a hard time calling who I need to call to make that simple change of electric companies!  

All right, I give myself a little empathy for just being afraid of change.  Still, it has been stupid of me to not actually follow through on some steps I know I need to make.  

I am sharing my own problem here with you so that if any of you out there are like me, at least you know you are not alone.  



None of us should leave something bad as it is.    Bad situations won’t just up and change themselves!  We must have the courage to make things right, or even fight our way through bad times.

Oh absolutely pray first.  

But you gotta act too.  

You are God’s hands here on this earth.  If He helps you to know what it is that needs changed, then by golly, go change those things, and do so with courage and confidence.   

After all, you are not alone in these changes.  You’ve got a friend with whom nothing is impossible.  You’re covered well.  

Finally, Keep Your Priorities Straight and Your Eyes On The Lord

Haggai 1: 5 – 8 (ESV) says:

Now, therefore, thus says the Lord of hosts:  consider your ways.  You have sown much, and harvested little.  

You eat, but you never have enough; you drink, but you never have your fill.  You clothe yourselves, but no one is warm.  

And he who earns wages does so to put them into a bag with holes.

Thus says the Lord of hosts:

Consider your ways.  

Go up to the hills and bring wood and build the house (if you keep reading beyond our Scripture here, you’ll see “house” here meant the temple – God’s House)  that I may take pleasure in it and that I may be glorified, says the Lord.

I’ll tell you what I’m thinking right now.  Whoever says the Old Testament isn’t applicable to life today never read THAT part of the Bible!  That sounds like what many of us experience today with our paychecks!  

What’s more important to note though is that God was not being honored in these folk’s lives, and they were suffering because their eyes were focused on all the wrong things and in all the wrong places.  

They forgot to stay focused on the One thing that should have meant everything to them, the One thing that should have been their focus, their saving grace, their Rock.  

If you have money problems, don’t let those problems be your God.  Don’t let them be your focus or the idol that takes your focus away from the real Heavenly Lord.  

Don’t forget where your attention should be first and foremost.  

Saving Money Need Forgiveness

Again, there is good news here.  And it’s here for you today.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotton Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  -John 3:16.  

No, saving money isn’t for cowards or the faint of heart.

It IS for those who need grace and are forgiven though. 

You can make it through the hard times if you have the Lord with you.  You can see what needs to be done if ask Him to make things clear to you.  You can correct things that are not right if you trust the Lord and the future He has planned for you.  

None of that may seem easy while you are going through it, but all those things are true, even for cowards and the faint of heart.  

You can do it.  (And so can I.)  

In Christ (together),


PS, Feel free to comment below on things you have experienced as you have worked through saving money in your past.  Hey, feel free to comment on what I have done (or not) too.  Just be nice.  I’m a work in progress.  :-)   Thanks. 

The 5 Best Selling “How to Save Money” Books on Amazon Today

 How to Save MoneySaving money is practically a necessity in today’s family.  To help you in your financial journey, here is a list of the five best-selling how to save money books on Amazon today.  

If so many Amazon buyers think these are the books worth purchasing, these best-selling reads must have something worth reading.  

Let’s find out what’s in each of these five top books on how to save money and how they could help you discover how to save money now!


#1:  How to Save Money:  A 21-Day Challenge to Save $500 a Month

By Bob Lotich

Author Bob Lotich is a Christian writer, blogger, and personal finance expert.  His tips on saving money are practical and down to earth.  His writing style is simple and to the point.  He knows a lot of really interesting ways to save money too!

This is a short book and an easy read, but it is packed with good tips and info on taking bites out of your spending in quick and precise ways.  In fact, Bob gives you something different to do each day, each of which will cut down monthly spending.

The neat thing about this book is the challenge.  Can you really find ways to cut spending and find 500 more dollars in your checkbook by the end of the month?  Well, the challenge is there, and Bob thinks you can.  

If you think you might like this book, go here to purchase it:
How To Save Money: A 21-Day Challenge To Save $500/Month


#2:  How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any

By Erik Wecks

Author Erik Wecks loves Dave Ramsey but understands through first hand knowledge that some people are struggling so much they might look at even Dave Ramsey’s first baby step as a struggle.  

Having chosen Real Estate as a career just before the housing bust of 2007 and then moving into financial advising just before the Stock Market Crash of 2008, Erik knows what it’s like to be outright broke.  (He admits he made some poor choices there.)  Oh, he has a good attitude about it all!  You’ll be inspired!

So while Erik loves good ole financial steps, he knows some people need to start at what he calls Baby Step Zero which could be described as a financial re-birth – what you need to do just to get to Baby Step 1.  If you need a little understanding at that basic level, this might be the book for you.

You’ll find some good wisdom, a little lighthearted personal reflection, and a whole lot of challenges that will help you move from feeling like a victim of tough times to knowing you are a conqueror for all future time.  You’ll also start seeing just how blessed you are in so many ways – no matter what.   It’s all in your attitude there.

If you like Dave Ramsey but need a Step Zero first, or if you feel like you’re in the middle of a basic money struggle and need a hand that will help you see how you can fight the financial dragons dragging you down, here’s the link to buy Erik’s book:

How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any


#3:  The Minimalist Budget:  A Practical Guide on How to Save Money, Spend Less and Live More With a Minimalist Lifestyle

By Simeon Lindstorm

Don’t think this is some classic thrifty living book.  Author Simeon Lindstorm doesn’t see a minimal lifestyle as pinching pennies and a deprivation of lifestyle.  Instead, he sees it as being able to be in control of life, all parts of it, and the ability to happily manage what you have in all areas of your life.  

While you will find some money saving ideas here, you will more so discover yourself in this book.  You will start to understand more why many people, maybe you, end up struggling financially, what you really need, where you have let yourself get out of control, and how you can take control of the life.  If you can begin to see the root problems that could be affecting your actions and decisions and begin to envision what you really want in life, the “you” inside of you can come out and enjoy life more fully – WITH your financial house in order.  

For all of us who have let ourselves purchase things more or bigger than we should have, have spending issues from time to time (or all the time), and for those of us who have wondered why those things our money purchased just don’t seem to make the difference we thought they would have made in our lives, The Minimalist Budget by Simeon Lindstorm just may help you put your money, your choices, AND your life into better perspective. 

Need that life correction?  Here’s the link to check Simeon’s book out:  

The Minimalist Budget: A Practical Guide On How To Save Money, Spend Less And Live More With A Minimalist Lifestyle


#4:  The Total Money Makeover:  Classic Edition:  A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

By Dave Ramsey

It’s Dave Ramsey himself here.  What can we add about Dave Ramsey that most people haven’t heard already?  Dave is a well-known radio talk show host and frequent television guest.  He has written several best selling books about personal finance and management.  His Financial Peace University program is popular at churches, military bases, and colleges throughout the country (and probably the world)

He’s a no-nonsense advocate of taking steps towards eliminating debt and obtaining financial freedom.

Dave has clearly developed what he calls “seven baby steps” which, when followed, can help you get your financial life into a well-oiled working machine.  You can get better schooled in these seven financial management tips in Dave’s “The Total Money Makeover”. 

It is easy to understand Dave Ramsey’s seven baby steps, and many who have put these steps into practice have done well.  His readers have eliminated credit card debt (plus a lot of other debt as well), got their lives in order through building a savings, and even invested wisely for future needs.  

These steps require some discipline though.  However, it is easier to find the discipline you need when you’ve got someone like Dave Ramsey showing you how much you really can reap if you could only give discipline a fighting chance.

As you may already know, this is a classic in the personal finance reading world.  It’s just nice to know it’s still up there in the top books on money and money management.

Are you ready to forge ahead and make a real difference in your finances?  If you are, and you don’t have this one in your library at home, here you go: 

The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness


#5:  52 Tips To Save Money in 52 Weeks:  How to Save Money, Budget Your Money and Enjoy More (While Spending Less)

By Evangeline Felix

Evangeline Felix may not be as well known as some of the other folk here, but she is rock solid on her money saving tips and advise.  She is well organized on her money saving tips and gives solid advise on how to save money every week and every week on a regular basis.

Evangeline can help you find and break down your family’s financial needs, look for hidden or not-so-hidden money wasters, budget your money better, and take a year-long step-by-step approach to getting your finances in order.  

If you think a plan of action where you can make weekly changes to save money every week to have a good amount of money saved in your bank at the end of those 52 weeks,  go to this link to order her book:

52 Tips to Save Money in 52 Weeks: How to Save Money, Budget Your Money and Enjoy More (While Spending Less!)


A note from Chris Stevens: 

I found it interesting that each of these top-rated “how to save money” books were different, unique in their own way.  It makes me consider the fact that saving money may be more involved than just doing one thing or following one plan of action.  

Perhaps different people have different needs.  Perhaps there is no one answer – or no one problem.

Perhaps instead there is just more involved than one thing – for everyone.

Whatever the case, there is help and hope for everyone.  

Check out the books on saving money above, and see where you want to start now.   It’s time to consider what to do.


* The above links are Amazon affiliate links of which I would get part of the sale should there be one.  However, please know that I would appreciate your supporting me in the work that I do here.  Thank you!   – Chris

7 Great Gifts of Food With Free Shipping

Gifts of food can be wonderful presents for far away family and friends.  Sending gifts with free shipping makes food gift giving even that much better for you as well.  

Here are seven gifts of food with free shipping that you might want to consider the next time you are sending food gifts in the mail.  

Food of the Month Gifts  

Some food of the month clubs offer free shipping.  Sites like “Love with Food” have great monthly food packages at different prices but all delivered free to locations within the U.S. and U.S. territories.  Zingermans has all sorts and varieties of food clubs ranging from bacon clubs and brownie clubs all the way to artisan vinegar clubs and their famous “Moments of Weakness” club, each one delivered with free shipping.

While not all food of the month clubs offer free shipping charges, many do.  It is well worth your time and efforts to check these kinds of selections when wanting to give food as a gift.

Chocolate Gift Baskets and Boxed Chocolates

It is always fun to buy and send chocolate online, and many companies who offer such gifts also offer free shipping.  

Both Hersheys Chocolate and Wine.com online offer free shipping with orders of $35.00 or more (at the time of this article).  

Even Godiva offers free shipping on larger orders and only $5.00 shipping fees on smaller orders.  You can hardly beat such a modest shipping prices when ordering Godiva chocolates for someone special!   

Coffee, Tea, and Hot Cocoa Gifts

Speaking of Godiva, can you just imagine receiving a hot cocoa gift set or a box of chocolate truffle coffee?  Godiva offers free shipping on those items in the same way they do with their gourmet chocolate gift boxes.  

Mystic Monk Coffee offers no postage mailing on their coffee and tea gift baskets with orders over $45.00.  The Republic of Tea has no charge on larger orders to mail tea gifts for tea lovers.  Athena of Hawaii has coffee gifts that make great gifts for coffee lovers, and they always like to note they have fast and free shipping when you order through them.

Gifts of Food with Free Shipping

Gift Food Baskets

Just a quick web search will result in a large choice of gift food baskets with free shipping.  

Gourmet Gift Baskets carries all sorts of lovely gourmet food gifts with no charge for shipping.  Cherry Moon Farms has several scrumptious fruit baskets with free delivery.

Even FTD Florists (FTD Flower and Gift Shop) carries a number of food gift baskets, and you can get free shipping from FTD for an entire year with a reasonable one-time-per-year FTD membership fee.  

Cooking Magazine Subscriptions

What food lover wouldn’t love a Food Network Magazine subscription?  For those parents who enjoy cooking with kids or who are cooking for kids and want healthy food recipes, Chop Chop Magazine is a fun family cooking magazine with real food recipes and healthy cooking ideas.   

Even cooking magazines like Taste of Home, Cooks Illustrated, Martha Stewart Living, and Southern Living Magazine are well received food gifts that won’t cost more than the price of the subscription.  

Grocery Store Gift Cards

For just the mere cost of a first class stamp (OK, not free, but we aren’t bashing the postal service here on their stamp prices, OK?), you can mail a grocery store gift card for a food lover friend or family.

Whether the recipient uses your gift card for a quick and easy dinner on a hectic day, to supplement food purchases on a tight month, or to purchase some special food products they can use to cook an especially nice recipe for a nice family dinner, a grocery gift card will always be well used and always appreciated. 

Restaurant Gift Card Deals

Food lovers don’t always eat at home.  Sometimes they enjoy eating out.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get a good deal on some of the best restaurant gift card deals? 

Restaurant dot com is a good place to purchase such a gift.  You can purchase a deal, print the coupon right on your printer, and mail or email your restaurant coupon deal!  

You might also find some perfect eating out gifts on Living Social, Groupon, or Amazon Local.

4 Loft Beds for Teens That are Great Designs for Small Bedrooms

Loft Beds for TeensIf you have been thinking about purchasing loft beds for teens, you will want to stop what you are doing, grab a cup of coffee, and read this article before making your purchase.  We will be discussing teen loft beds that make the most of a small bedroom while not compromising the needs, likes, and desires of the young adult in your family.  

This is perhaps a different way of looking at how to choose the right bed for a teenager, but it is one that I beleive you and your teen will both benefit from.

There are several styles of loft beds that are good for teens, and each one has its own selling points.  What you need to do prior to purchasing a bed for your teen is to consider your own teenager’s personality, make note of their bedroom routines, and then decide which style will best accomodate your teen’s everyday activities as well as their  likes, dislikes, and preferences.  Once you have those things down and learn what kinds of loft beds are even available, knowing which loft bed to purchase will become more clear.  

Let’s look at some beds that work well for a teenager even in a small space.  

Loft Beds With a Contemporary, Stylish Design

Like it or not, looks are very important to some teenagers.  If their abode seems modern, up to date, and contemporary, they are more likely going to feel satisfied with their living quarters regardless of the square footage of the room (or lack thereof).  

Metal loft beds with modern angles and an inviting desk and/or sitting area beneath the bed like this Loft Bed with Futon/Desk/Chair and CD Rack by Coaster Home Furnishings (Amazon Affiliate Link, also seen in the picture below) displays a very fashionable look while still providing extra living space  The futon seat, by the way, flattens to create a lower bed when needed, making this what some might call in the car world a “crossover” – a cross between a loft bed and a bunk bed for teens to use with overnight visitors or siblings.   On regular days, the futon is great for leisure activities like watching television, listening to music, and for texting friends.  

The entire set up is usable for a teenager.  It’s also classy and modern.  That’s a win win for everyone!

Full Size Loft Beds Which Offer a Larger Sleeping Space

Those tenagers that desire a full size bed can find comfortable refuge in a full size loft bed with a desk underneath.  While you need to confirm the bedoom size accomodates the full size frame and larger mattress, the advantages of this style are the more open feeling and larger bed area for stretching out when alseep or awake.  

The Dorel Home Products Abode Full Size Loft Bed (Amazon Affiliate Link and pictured below) is a great example of a full size loft bed with desk that would work well for many teenagers with a small bedroom but who wish or need the full size, larger sleeping area.  

Loft Beds With a Clean, Straightforward Look

Living in tight quarters isn’t a piece of cake, but the situation can sometimes feel much more manageable with a distinct and uncluttered use of space.  To get such a look, seek a loft bed that combines quality use of space and a functional design with a clear-cut shape and style.

This Canwood Mountaineer Loft Bed with Storage Tower and Built in Stairs Drawers (Amazon Affiliate Link and pictured above) is a good example of a loft bed for a teenager that has a well defined shape as well as sensible built-in storage.  

Solid and Simple Loft Beds That Exhibit Class and Maturity

Teenagers are not young children anymore.  They are young adults, or they will be soon at least.  While their tastes are still directed by their own individuality and sometimes by a sense of uniqueness, some will find themselves happier with a more traditional style.  Fortunately there are loft beds teens can use that provide a space saving design for small bedrooms while still offering time honored appeal.  

The Twin Spirit Loft Bed (Amazon Affiliate Link and pictured below) is a great example of a loft bed for an adult, even if they are a young adult.  This particular loft bed is advertised as solid wood and as having a 1,000 pound limit.  Chances are your teen fits into that range as would most adults on this earth, so this is presumably a bed you could feel would work quite well for just about anyone who likes a simple, classic bed style.  

It also comes in natural wood or golden oak, both classic options your teenager might choose and enjoy throughout his or her remaining teen and young adult years.  

This article has looked at choices in loft beds for teens a little bit differently than some other articles, but those parents who live with teens understand the above considerations may be even more important than chosing wood vs. metal loft beds or loft beds with storage vs. loft beds with desks.  

Just as teens have likes and dislikes, the style and overall look of their furniture can be liked or disliked as well.  

Perhaps looking at how your teen responds to the various loft bed styles and designs is a better way to ensure you’re not only freeing up some floor space but making your teenager feel better about it all too.

Now, before you purchase your teenager’s bed, I encourage you to go look at all the links above, compare these and other options you find along the way, and consider which one bests suits your teenager’s bedroom AND your teen.   Be sure to let us know if you find one too!  

Here’s to finding the best loft bed for your teen and for making your teenager a happy camper!