An Open Letter To Michael Reagan | And To Ourselves

Rick Perry and Michael Reagan
Dear Michael Reagan, I am a supporter of Rick Perry for President in 2016, and I’m here to tell you off.  However, I’m here to give you good news too.  Listen up now, Mr. Michael Reagan, Son of Ronald Reagan, the other man of passion (and more importantly hope).
As some of my personal friends and family know, I’ve been working hard recently in the effort to help Governor Rick Perry’s 2016 campaign in his efforts to become the Republican nominee for President of The United States of America.  
It’s not an easy emotional task being part of a presidential campaign.
It’s even harder when what-you-think-is the winning team is behind in the polls and being either bombarded or ignored by either the people you don’t like or the people you want to like you.  
This morning, I awoke to the following Facebook text messages in a group conversation thread I had been a part of for a few days prior to today.
Here are the kinds of text messages I was seeing. 
“Did you see Michael Reagan’s Facebook?  Go look!”  
“I gave him my mind.”  
“How dare he?  How CAN he?”  
My friends were writing about a new Newsmax article entitled “Michael Reagan:  Trump Has My Dad’s ‘Passion’“.  
At first look, when you read the article (and maybe the title helps to create this idea), you feel as if Michael Reagan, son of Ronald Reagan and a man who has politically stood with Rick Perry and who has been his friend for many years, had moved over to the land of Donald Trumpville. 
I was horrified.
It has already been very difficult for every-day folk like me, those with no pay for time given and time lost but lots of love for our country and its future and an apparent taste for getting tossed all around all the time, to deal with what we all have had to endure these last few weeks.  
Now we had to see those honorable people (or so we thought) who had stood with us, those who gave us hope if only by a quick, unnoticed pat on the back, walk away.  
We little normal people feel your unnoticed-to-everyone-else pats, and we feel your kicks too, big important people.
This morning, that article felt like one of those kicks, and here is the gist of what I wrote on Michael Reagan’s Facebook page.

My Open Letter to Michael Reagan 
Dated:  August 1, 2015
Mr. Reagan: 
I was just becoming a young adult when your father took his first oath of office.  
I went to school during the Cold War, practicing those drills where we lowered our heads to our lap in first grade to protect ourselves from some “bomb” we never understood but knew would kill us with our heads in our laps.
I went through high school and then college through Jimmy Carter, growing up thinking that messed-up time was “life”.
I experienced the hope in life as I graduated from college, got married, followed my husband to the beginning of his military career, a 25-year-long military career, and went out into this world as a young adult.
I KNOW what that change from those days to the “good” your father blessed us with felt like. I could FEEL that good for the first time in 1981.
I saw that chance for “good” again within reach again beginning in 2016, but I know there is no “good” in Donald Trump.  
I am so saddened you have chosen to so demoralize all of us who dream of something we know is worth standing for, caring so much we have been doing all we could to help America again have that better day, the “good” your father gave to us all when I was that young adult.  
You and the rest of you who seemingly take bribes, be they bribes of money or even power, prestige, easiness, or convenience,  instead of standing tall for good, decent, hopeful, and noble ideals and actions, have turned us into something worse the Jimmy Carter years.”  
Jimmy Carter at least was a time period your father took us from.
People like what we see in that article are driving us all towards Hell, and Mr. Reagan, there is no return from Hell.  
My heart is now broken. If even someone as worthy as you want what we get from this article, what chances do the good guys even have anymore?  I can hardly even find hope anymore.
Mr. Reagan, I will always remember the good your father brought back to this country, to our LIVES… But you will now have to live with the knowledge you are breaking and demoralizing all of us who ever thought we could have the good of 1981 come back again.  I would say that is yours to now live with, but you know, it is now a destiny which America has to live with now too.
May God bless us and protect us through that time.


I’ve had a little bit of time now to toss this all around in my head.  While I still stand by what I wrote to Michael Reagan above, and I want to remind Mr. Reagan once again of what scenarios like I just spoke of do to good little folk like me and all those who fight for good candidates, I CAN now see an additional message for those of us who just felt kicked in the behinds and booted off and away.

So here is my open message to ourselves now.  

My Open Letter to Ourselves 
Good people,
It is time to kick back.  

And I’ve got a message for our candidate now too.
Mr. Candidate of Ours, 
First, please understand this all is really hard on us, so help us keep kicking.
But more importantly, if it’s not asking too much (and it apparently it’s not because it is needed right now), please kick even harder than us and knock someone’s teeth out too because America is depending on you to win. 
Make sure you take out the right set of teeth, but any tooth busting efforts would help right now.
America needs a fighting chance.
And that’s not going to be until the good guys win out. 
So please… start kicking.
And kick hard.
The good guy’s team. 
The Essence of a Mission:


The Essentials of the Path:


Rice Krispie Treats Recipe With Milky Way Candy Bars

Rice Krispie Treats Recipe With Milky Way Candy Bars 2My daughter-in-law Jezzy loves Rice Krispie treats, so I’m always on the look out for a good Rice Krispie treat recipe to send her way.

When I saw a Rice Krispie Treats Recipe With Milky Way Candy Bars, and I also knew Milky Way Bars were on sale at the grocery store, I had to give this recipe a try.  

The recipe was from Ruthie Wornall’s book, The Best of Cooking With 3 Ingredients, one of the best books with easy 3 ingredient recipes I’ve seen.   In fact, I get recipes for all sorts of things from that book, not just 3 ingredient dessert recipes!

If you think you might like this older but forever great book, you can still purchase it at Amazon right here:

The Best of Cooking with 3 Ingredients by Ruthie Wornall

The recipe in the book is actually titled “Milky Way Squares”.   

This quick and easy dessert recipe (a good dessert recipe for kids and adults alike) takes just three ingredients – Rice Krispies Cereal, Butter, and Milky Ways Candy.  

The shear number of ingredients makes this an inexpensive recipe too, especially if you get the candy at a good price.  Even if the ingredients are all at full price though, this is a very inexpensive dessert recipe.  After all, it only takes three ingredients!  

I also found this recipe a little easier to make than the traditional Rice Krispies with marshmallows.   It just seemed like I had a couple of extra minutes before the Rice Krispie bars began to harden.  I had just enough time to put all the ingredients into the pan to set!  

For those of you who have made Rice Krispies with marshmallow cream or marshmallows before, you know what I mean!  

I should make mention here, before you start, that this recipe makes a 11 x 7  inch square dessert, not the larger 9 x 13 recipe you usually find when you have a recipe for Rice Krispie Treats.  However, the result is rich enough that you won’t feel like stuffing yourself, so the smaller size might be the best dessert to make anyway!  

And one more thing, if my daughter-in-law Jezzy reads this (which I assume she will because she does read my blog on a regular basis-the best kind of daughter-in-law, lol), I have to admit Jezzy never got any of these.  It seems my husband’s next-to-favorite candy is Milky Ways.   This Milky Ways candy bar recipe wasn’t going to make it until my son and daughter-in-law visited us!  

All will be forgiven though, I’m sure. Plus… with such a quick and easy dessert recipe as this, someone will be making this again soon.

So for Jezzy and all of you who didn’t get a chance to try the batch I made, here’s the recipe for Rice Krispie Treats With Milky Way Candy Bars.

Milky Way Rice Krispie Treats (aka Milky Way Bars)
Serves 28
Easy 3 ingredient Rice Krispie Treats Made With Milky Way Candy Bars
Write a review
Prep Time
2 min
Cook Time
8 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
2 min
Cook Time
8 min
Total Time
10 min
72 calories
7 g
9 g
5 g
0 g
3 g
14 g
14 g
5 g
0 g
1 g
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
Calories 72
Calories from Fat 42
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 5g
Saturated Fat 3g
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0g
Monounsaturated Fat 1g
Cholesterol 9mg
Sodium 14mg
Total Carbohydrates 7g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 5g
Protein 0g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
  1. 8 ounces Milky Way Candy Bars
  2. 1/2 cup butter
  3. 3 cups rice cereal
  1. Grease an 11 x 7-inch pan, and set aside.
  2. Melt candy and butter in large saucepan on low heat.
  3. Stir in cereal, and coat cereal with the melted candy and butter quickly.
  4. Pat candy-butter-cereal mixture into the greased 11 x 7 inch pan. (This must be done quickly before the mixture begins to set and sticks to the spoon.)
  5. Refrigerate treats until firm.
  6. Cut into squares, and enjoy!.
  1. You can purchase 4 (2-oz) candy bars as listed in the original recipe, or purchase a larger 11.24 ounce bag of Fun Size Milky Way Candy Bars, and remove about 4 mini bars to use another time before using the remaining 8 ounces of candy for this recipe. I bet you can find a really good use for those four extra Fun Size candy bars, can't you?
Adapted from by Chris Stevens
Adapted from by Chris Stevens


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8 Incredible Money Saving Tips for February

Save money this month with these great money saving ideas that are perfect for the month of February.

You’ll learn where the February deals are so you can:

  • Save money on tax software,
  • Save money on furniture,
  • Save money buying a house,
  • Save money eating out,
  • And a whole lot more!

We think you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy all over when you see the things you can do in February to save money.  If you can find some ways here to save on the February purchases you would need to make anyway or to get more out of your budget or planned expenses, we’ll feel all warm and fuzzy too!  Here we go!   

1.  Be on the lookout for drastic discounts on entertainment and recreational purchases right now.  

The winter is lingering at this point, but it’s not nice enough to do much outside yet.  The mass is getting antsy here, folk, and businesses know that!  

Cable and satellite companies want to give you something to do while you are still stuck indoors, and you’ll see some good introductory deals to grab your attention right now.  Now don’t get cable if it’s not in your budget, but if it is, or you want to find a competitor’s deal that will lower monthly bills, you’ll find some good lock-in prices and incentives right now.

You can also find some good prices and deals on season passes right now if you take the time to go to some websites of amusement theme parks, water parks, sports team sites, and fitness centers with gym memberships.  

Additionally, you’ll find outdoor sports gear like ski and snowboarding supplies and indoor fitness equipment like stationary bikes and treadmills on sale during February. 

Is that cabin fever getting better yet?

Another great recreational deal just got better in February too, and this one will give you savings all year long.  

Entertainment Books from are now 50% off!  (Until February 13, 2015)

You probably already know that when you use these well-respected coupon books, you save money on eating out; on hotels, airfare, and travel; on movies, events, and attractions; and everyday things you purchase at many of your favorite local stores like Target, Office Depot, Gap, and Michaels.  

With one modest annual purchase of an Entertainment Book, you are saving money throughout the year.   Even at a regular price, this purchase adds up to fantastic savings.  Half off?  That’s even better.

Purchase Entertainment Books here: All 2015 Entertainment Books are 50% OFF with Free Shipping, only at! (Valid 2/06/15 – 2/13/15)

Money Saving Tips

2.  Purchase hot-weather home purchases now before the warm weather really comes your way and prices begin to rise right alongside the temperatures.  This is true whether you are buying those items new or used.    

 First of all, if you see summer items like grills, lawn mowers, or room air conditioners on the shelves in February, before all the stores begin getting filled with summer items to sell to the masses, chances are you are seeing some left-over models that will have lower list prices on them than the newer models will have.  

Not only may these year-old models be lower priced than the new models will be, the stores may have lowered their list price even more to better guarantee this inventory off moves off the shelves to make room for new products coming in.  

Even if you know you are going to have to purchase these things but plan to do so on Craigslist or some other local buy and sell group, you will have a much better chance getting it cheaper now than when everyone else has realized they need the very same thing.  Supply and demand can really be seen in play when it comes to one person selling one item and lots of people wanting to buy that one item!  

Money Saving Tip_Save Money on Furniture

3.  Keep an eye out for good deals based on Valentine’s Day and President’s Day.

There will be sales galore on jewelry BEFORE Valentine’s Day as jewelers compete to offer treatment for that romance bug going around this time of year.  

(NOTE:  April usually boasts some pretty major discounts on jewelry as well.  Just tossing that out there so you know!)    

You’ll also see some good sales prices on perfume before Valentine’s Day.  It’s hard to find flowers discounted right now, so if you want something sweet smelling and you don’t have your heart set on giving flowers, maybe perfume would be the way to go instead.  Or maybe this is just the time to stock up on perfume!  

Candy will be there for thrifty shoppers AFTER Valentine’s Day.   You know, some of those cute little boxes of Skittles and stuffed animals might work quite well for Easter baskets.  Some of the chocolates might work quite well in a gift basket for Grandma on Mother’s Day!  

Then we’ve got President’s Day where you can easily find huge discounts on mattresses and furniture at most stores that sell those items.   

For those who want a good deal on used furniture this year, watch for the very first nice weekend after President’s Day to see if some people who just purchased new furniture then will put their older furniture out to sell.  These pieces of furniture may alternatively arrive at Goodwill the Saturday after President’s Day.  You might even find these new furniture buyers have placed ads on Craigslist right on President’s Day since they are home and trying to make room for their newly-purchased furniture collections.  

4.  If you are buying Turbo Tax or other tax preparation software and have not purchased it yet, you will most likely get a better deal on it this month than if you purchase it closer to April 15.  

As with everything else, if you know you are going to purchase it anyway, buy it when it is at its cheapest price instead of holding off and paying even more.   Being prepared and moving forward at the right time is one money saving tip I can not emphasize enough. 

If you have not yet purchased your Turbo Tax software, you can purchase it here to make use of Amazon’s offer to get 10% more money from your federal refund.  Shop Amazon – TurboTax – Get 10% more on Top of Your Federal Refund

5.  While December and January may be great months to purchase a house at a lower price, February may still yield a healthy list of desperate home sellers willing to negotiate a great price on a new home for your family.  

 Save Money on a House

Here’s the deal – Some of the houses that were put on the market during the winter months may still be on the market.  These sellers were motivated enough to put their house up on the market at a bad selling time to begin with.  If after the lean winter months (by lean I mean fewer buyers out and about) a house is still there, those sellers may be getting a little antsy.  

Add to the mix that spring buyers and summer-moving families are not quite moving about yet.  In fact, it may be at least a couple more months, and possibly longer than that, where sellers might expect to see activity substantially pick up.

This might be where the rubber meets the road for some of these sellers.  When you combine a motivated and possibly now slightly-frustrated seller with the thought of having to hold on to their listed house for an even longer period of time, it is possible you could be looking at some of the lowest list prices (and possibly most highly-motivated sellers) you will see before the spring housing market starts up in full force again.  

If you are going to be in the market to buy a house anyway this year, consider your ability to write a contract on a house in February.  If you are ready to fly anyway, jump out of the nest a little early, and take advantage of that worm.  

6.  If you are in college or plan to be in college soon, you should be applying to every college scholarship you can this month.   This may not save you money right now, but it will sure save money in college later!  

I don’t think many realize that many businesses and organizations still offer scholarships for college.  However, while there still are many of these available, you have to apply before the deadline for each one to be considered for them. 

What even fewer people realize is that the scholarship opportunities for this upcoming fall are quickly going to pass you by if you don’t act soon.  Many of the application deadlines have come and gone.  Many are still available, but you may start finding fewer and fewer to apply for after February.

If you are a parent, get that FAFSA done ASAP for your child!  If you are a college student returning to college or a high school senior entering college this fall, get your parents going on that FAFSA if it is not done already.  (Be nice guys, but you can remind mom and dad at least… or make sure they are aware of how important this is.)

Here’s a good place to get started on college scholarship searches:   

7.  Plan dinner menus and recipes around food that is in season during the month of February or that is on event sales at your local grocery store.

You can save money at the grocery store and still eat healthy if you eat seasonally!  And yes, there are still seasonal fruits and vegetables in the winter!

Here are some of the fruits you can find on sale in February:

Oranges, Tangerines, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Lemons, and Raspberries

Here are some of the vegetables you can find on sale in February:

Cabbage, Spring Onions, Celery, and Red Potatoes, Russet Potatoes, White Potatoes, Radishes, Spinach, and Cauliflower

Money Saving Tips for February

Do a web search for seasonal fruits and vegetables in the United States (or wherever you may live), and find out what seasonal fruits and vegetables are available to you at a lower cost in February.  Also check the grocery store circulars for sales.  If you see something coming up for sale over and over again at different stores in one given week, that’s probably an indication that it’s priced at a low seasonal price.

It’s good to save money now.  It’s even better when you can do something healthy for your family during the dead of winter.   

8.  Take advantage of the numerous national days and national holidays in February since these days spur stores and restaurants to offer coupons, promotions, and sometimes even free samples, free activities, and free food products.  

February is National Cherry Month, National Children’s Dental Health Month, National Grapefruit Month, National Heart Month, National Fiber Focus Month, and National Hot Breakfast Month.  There are probably some more national months or days out there as well.  

Now take a look at all the special days in February:

You know that these very smart stores and businesses like to have a reason to put something on sale to get people to notice them above the competition, so keep your eye out for sales that may correspond with the above national days, national weeks, and national months.

And for those of you who want to plan ahead to a special national day and to be prepared to move forward when the price is right, keep March 3, 2015 available for FREE PANCAKES AT IHOP 2015!  

Hey, I told you all above to be ready so you could move forward when you saw a good deal, didn’t I?  

See, sometimes I do know what I’m talking about.  :-)  

Hope you find yourself saving money with these great money saving tips for this month. 

If you know of other ways to save money in February or can tell us how to save more money than we have talked about here, let us know!