12 Guitar Gifts That Any Guitarist Will Love

guitar gifts

When time comes that you need to buy a gift for your friend or family member, you will need to know some items that they may like. If that person is a guitar player, I am willing to bet that they will enjoy these guitar gifts.

I tried to keep this list as cheap as possible; musicians like musical equipment, and gifts for musicians can get pretty expensive, but these cool guitar gifts are easy on the budget .

Your only job now will be to keep your guitarist in mind as you look through this list or guitar player gifts, because everyone is unique!

guitar gifts

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12 Totally Rad Gifts for Guitar Players

1: Guitar T-Shirt.

Guitarists love to wear shirts with their favorite guitar company on the shirt. Find a nice shirt in their size with their favorite guitar company logo on it. They will wear the shirt around proudly.

2: Guitar Hat.

Find a hat with the logo of their favorite guitar company. Just like the shirt, they will wear it around proudly.

3: Guitar Key Ring.

If the person you are buying for has a lot of keys I am sure they would not mind adding a little guitar to it. It will remind them of their guitar every time they unlock the door.

4: A guitar strap.

Make sure it is a comfortable one. If it is for your spouse you can tell them that the strap resembles you rubbing their shoulders.

5: Guitar Picks

Every guitarist in the world needs more picks. They just disappear all the time.

6: A Guitar Necklace.

This is especially good if the guitarist you are buying for is a female. Men wear necklaces as well though.

7: A Guitar Lamp

Lamps are a great way to remind us of what we love. Any guitarist would enjoy having a guitar lamp around the house.

8: Guitar shaped ice cube tray

Wouldn’t it be awesome to put guitars in your drink to make them cold? Guitarist would love this.

9: A watch with a guitar on it

What time is it? It is guitar time! Time to jam! It will also help him play with better timing!

10:  Guitar air freshener

If his guitar playing stinks, you can let him know with this guitar air freshener.

11: Instruction material

A lot of guitarist like receiving instructional books, DVDs, or private lessons. Surprise him with a new guitar book he has been wanting.

12: Buy a CD of his favorite guitarist.

Make sure he doesn’t already own the CD. Make sure you get a guitarist that he likes. He will enjoy this gift a lot.

These are just some simple things you can give to a guitarist as a gift that they will like. Guitarists like to receive guitar things, and not all guitar related gifts have to be expensive.  Just be creative, and buy something that you know that person will like. Enjoy the list.

The above is a guest post by Scott Stevens of gitguitar.com

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