Bedding Gifts Under 20 Bucks

bedding gifts

Looking for some nice bedding related gifts to purchase for that special friend, teacher, or neighbor?  Check our list of 8 great bedding gift ideas that are all under $20.00.

1.  A travel pillow makes a nice gift for anyone who enjoys traveling or who drives a longer distance to see family and friends on a regular basis or for family holidays.  Starting at about $10.00 and going up from there, anyone should be able to find a comfortable pillow for the car or other travel routes in no time at all.

2.  Related to a travel pillow but a little smaller and shaped more like a big dog bone to fit right into the crook of the neck, a neck rest or memory foam neck pillow would be a great little gift for an individual who would appreciate concentrated neck support on long airplane rides or as a passenger on a long car trip.  For just  around $10.00 to $15.00, your gift receiver will have a luxury that will keep them smiling and keep their neck muscles smiling too!

3.  The bed rest pillow with arms, most ranging from $15.00 to $20.00, provides anybody who loves to read a nice little half chair on the bed.  While this makes a great bedding gift, be forewarned that this one is a little hard to wrap.  Other than that, any person who gets one of these will be thinking sweet thoughts of you as they fall asleep reading their newest mystery novel in bed.

bedding gifts

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4. Satin pillow cases make a great gift from the bedding department for just about anyone, and they make particularly great gifts for college students.  Sometimes when we’ve had a hard day and just need something to curl up to that makes us feel like everything will be all right again tomorrow, a satin pillow case is just the thing to hug before that REM sets in.  While this may seem like luxury bedding, many satin pillow cases can be purchased for under $20.00, so keep this on your gift list of great bedding gift ideas.

5.  Bedroom decor is an area where you can find all sorts of gifts under $20.00, especially if you are purchasing a gift for a baby’s nursery or a child’s bedroom.  Instant wall decoration stickers and wall sticker decals can brighten a child’s or infant’s room for anywhere between $5.00 to $15.00.  Bed canopy curtains for girls can be found for just under $20.00 if you look hard enough.  Camouflage and sports appliques are available to purchase for a fun-loving boy who needs a little interest on his bedroom wall, and personalized door signs for children or even college students get a high grade for gift giving.  Floating candles, scented candles, and other decorative candles make nice bedroom decor gifts for your older, adult friends, and aromatherapy candles can be a gift of health in addition to sleep for your beloved family members, neighbors, and friends.  While some Yankee candles run a little over $20.00, you can find many other candles for gifts that run from $5.00 to $20.00 or so.   Even a feng shui candles set can be purchased for under $20.00.

6.  Valance window treatments can be a nice gift if you know the gift recipient well and know they need something for their bedroom windows.  Valances for windows are easy to find in this price range, and you can find any style imaginable from toile valences and waverly valences to contemporary valences and valences that go with Winnie the Pooh bedding.  A bed valence or bed skirt can be found in this price range as well.

7.  A snuggle blanket is always a nice bedding gift and is quite surprisingly within this reasonable price range.  You can even get fleece blankets for under $20.00, and some discount sleeping bags are in this range as well if you don’t need a high end backpacking sleeping bag.

8.  Bedding accessories provide one more area of gift giving items that you can purchase as gift purchases for under twenty dollars.  Alarm clocks, throw pillows, cloth hampers, and memory foam slippers are all available at a good price and which make great bedding related gifts under 20 dollars.

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