Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Wallet-Challenged Moms

It’s nice to watch home shows dedicated to elaborate interior decorating ideas, designer kids bedroom furniture, and exquisite bedding.  Home decor is exciting and fun.

However, for the mom on a strict budget, or no budget at all, decorating a child’s room doesn’t always take the same route.  That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, and with these bedroom decorating ideas, even the mom on the smallest of budgets can find kids bedroom decorating ideas that not only work but are fun to do and easy on the wallet too.

Are there really ideas for decorating a bedroom that a mom could use to have some home decorating fun and excitement too, even on a budget?  You bet! Just consider these ideas!

Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Moms on a Budget

Yes you can decorate a bedroom on a shoestring budget!
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Bedroom decorating should start with communication between parents, followed by chats with the children themselves.  Once a parent can get a feel for how to handle any decorating projects, the time they feel they need to purchase items or save for small purchases along the way, and how to approach the children, they should include the children in any decorating or design projects.

Step out and trust your kids to get involved, if only to dream.

If you, as parents, have already discussed how you will handle the project on your level and how to work around any time or budgeting situations, then you should be able to convey this to your child or children while you listen to their thoughts and contributions.

Such a strategy not only provides wonderful family time and relationship building, it also allows for creative input which you might never have had otherwise.

After you get a feel for what would work for your family, go to the library, and look through all kinds of magazines there, or go to the local bookstore and look at their magazines, to get an overall vision.  You might not be able to get an exact replica of a room you see in a magazine, but just looking at overall pictures of rooms and getting inspired to create a room of your own makings will help give you the excitement and patience to work a little harder on finding what you need, maybe with a little extra work and time, but at the right price for you.

If you are in need of kids bedroom furniture and have any money to spend or can save a little money along the way, thrift shops and your local Craigslist can be great places to pick up kids furniture.  Yard sales are good too.

If you look at thrift stores for furniture, make sure you look at more than one because thrift stores vary widely from store to store, and while you may not find a lot of furniture at one place, you might find a whole lot at another.

If you have never looked through Craigslist ads, do a web search on Craigslist, and then include your local big city in the search box.  You should be able to find your local Craigslist that way.  When you search on Craigslist, you can click the box where you can just see listings of advertisements with photos only.  Printing pictures and showing them to your children, asking for their thoughts is a great way to involve them.

Also check Craigslist for ads to local yard sales and even free items people are giving away.  I have seen people give all sorts of really nice things away on Craigslist and Freecycle.  Placing a “Wanted” ad on your city’s local Freecycle (again, do a search including your city or county) can also sometimes give you some leads on free or cheap furniture.

Just don’t count on getting any responses with a “Wanted” ad.  Sometimes you’ll get a response.  Other times you won’t, and sometimes you’ll get a response that you would rather not have bothered with in the first place.

With toddler to teen bedding, bedroom accessories, and kids bedroom furniture all easily available and much more affordable from so many different places, even the most wallet challenged mom can find great bedroom decorating ideas and great deals to match.

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