Safe Steps to Take When You Have Bunk Beds for Kids

Bunk Beds for Kids

Bunk beds for kids are great for putting two children in the same bedroom.  They are also just plain fun for kids too.

However, if you aren’t aware of steps you can take as a parent to make your children safe while in one, even the best bunk beds for kids can invite an accident waiting to happen.

When using this kind of childrens bedroom furniture in your home, you’ll want to make sure you are doing the right things that will keep your little (and big) guys safe and sound all night long.

Bunk Beds for Kids

I know I’m safe and ready to sleep all night long. I might sleep all day long too! Now make my little people safe in their bunk beds too!
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1  Always make sure the child who will be sleeping on the top is over six or seven years old.  Some company guidelines advise purchasers that anyone using the top bunk should be at least six.  Ikea kids beds are even recommended for ages 7 years and up.  Manufacturers always stress a minimum age guideline, and there is good reason for this.  Most accidents that happen on childrens bunk beds involve children younger than six falling off the top bunk.  Believe the statistics, and make sure anyone who sleeps on the top of the bunkbeds can physically adjust to sleeping at that level.

2  Even if you have a child old enough to sleep on an upper level bunk, make sure that top bunk frame has guard rails and that the rail opening on the bottom half of the bed is no more than 15 inches wide.  Additionally, make sure the bed rails are at least five inches higher than the bunk bed mattress.  Such additional safety measures provide the added comfort of knowing the child you have sleeping in that top bunk bed is totally protected and secure.

3  Make sure your children do not hang anything from the sides of the bunk bed frame.   You never want anything which can loop around a child’s neck, arm, or leg and cause harm or strangulation, even if the child is just coming down from the top bunk and slips on the way down.

4  Never screw anything into the side of a bunk bed.  While it might seem appealing to have a little hat hook or pencil holder on the side of a wooden bunk bed, those little screws or other protruding objects could scratch or cut skin if someone were to lose balance on their way down the bunk bed ladder.

5  While you might get away with a little lesser head space above the lower bunk, it is best to make sure your children have enough head space to keep from hitting their heads.  This guideline is even more important for the upper bunk inhabitant than it is for the one on the lower bunk as you don’t want a child hitting their head hard on the ceiling and possibly falling unconsciously all the way down to the floor level.   Even checking to make sure your child on the lower bunk bed has enough head room for basic safety purposes is a good idea as well.

6  Never place a bunk bed for kids near light fixtures or a ceiling fan.  Light bulbs can burn fingers and toes.  Light globes can break and shatter.  Ceiling fans can create problematic situations.  Do you know how tempting it is to throw a teddy bear at a moving ceiling fan to see him fly through the air?  (I know.   I didn’t know about this guideline when my girls shared a bunk bed, and I remember having all kids of toys, books, and papers wailing through the air inside their bedroom and out their bedroom door!)  Having lights or fans close to children in high places cause too many tempting situations and less-than-ideal scenarios.

7  This last guideline might be so simple it is forgotten many times, but make sure you set an absolutely zero tolerance rule that there is no doubling up, jumping up and down, or horseplay on the top bunk.  Then make sure your kids know this absolutely-mandatory-to-follow rule.  While it’s never fun being the enforcer, it’s better to make sure your children are safe and sound than at needless risk of injury and pain.

Following these simple guidelines can let you enjoy the benefits of bunk beds for kids while keeping your children warm under their comfy kids blankets and safe in your loving care.

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