Don’t Be Too Busy For This

Never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Are life choices sometimes hard to make?  When your heart is in the right place, right choices are easier but not always perfect.  What then, should we do? 

How do we even make choices in life that reflect who we are?  

What should our priorities be? 

What happens when life needs offset our heart’s desires?  

How can we not fall short? 

I just posted the following post on the Facebook page that goes with this blog:  


The entire post goes like this:

Just as I was about to write a post about hummingbirds, I got a call which required a little bit more of “me” there (somewhere else) than here (writing a blog). I’m back, and you’ll be seeing that hummingbird post soon! In the meantime… I agree…. “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a ‘life’.” Consider those words as you balance the different areas of THINGS you have in your life with THOSE who share life with you here on this earth. Some decisions do not always have cut and dry answers, and lines of priorities sometimes blur out of necessity beyond your control. However, if your heart is in the right place in advance, you’ll most likely have the rest of “you” where it most needs to be. Best wishes for ALL of you in ALL of your lives. Now… on to writing that article I’m so looking forward to writing! See you here again soon!

Chris Stevens,
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I had originally planned on just popping this blog open thinking I would be then ready to write a blog article on hummingbirds as referenced on my Facebook page post.

I was geared to go, people!  

However, as the window opened, and I looked upon my blog site, I realized I needed to stop a moment to make sure I shared my thoughts HERE as well and not just on that Facebook page. 

Making a living is VERY important, folk.  I know that.  

There are actually lots of other important things in life too, some things that don’t always have anything to do with what we WISH we were doing at any given moment.  

My thoughts today are not about making a living, jobs, daily necessities, or priorities, nor do they have anything really to do with time management, home and work conflicts, parenting questions, mothering choices, work at home desires (if that’s the situation) or outside-of-the-home careers (if THAT’S the situation).  

My thoughts here are ONLY about keeping life in perspective and feeling good about decisions you make when you make the best decision you can.  

Will you always make the best decision, make the best choices in life?  Maybe sometimes.  Maybe sometimes you won’t even really HAVE a choice, or have an option even you like.

Just remember this through it all though: 

Your decisions may reflect your situation and thought processes, but who you ARE is embedded in your heart.

What is in your heart right now?  

To be sure, your decisions may not always represent in public what is inside your heart.  Life is full of plenty of choices to make, and you can’t always make some decisions strictly by the heart.  

But that doesn’t mean your heart has no part of you.  

What’s more, your heart is where you will find the best of this world, the most important parts of your life.  Your heart is where you will find the people who make life… well… make life the best life that life can be.  

It’s OK to make wise decisions, and it is necessary to engage the brain when thinking things through.  (Never trust a heart to think through details, lol)  

But never be just too busy for others in your life.   

There are people who need you.  You need them too.   

That kind of arrangement was by God Almighty’s design.    

However, grace is by God’s design too.  

Life’s rewards are not always based on perfect situations.

Good decisions do not result in a perfect life anyway.

However, making time to show the people in your life that you care for THEM will most certainly be one of the best decisions you could ever make in this life. 

Taking time for others will bless them… and you.  

Taking the time to think about others in your life when making decisions will most certainly yield the best decisions you can make.


Dear Lord,

You are with me all the time.  You must be busy!  You have the world on your shoulders, and this world is full of things for you to do.  Yet… you are with me.  

I might call your constant presence and help in my life the most pronounced multi-taking this world has ever seen.  You know what though… that description is far too small to describe your presence.

I think a better description of what you do for me is that you love me.  You LOVE me.

Everything you have done, are doing, and WILL do for me flows from that love.  You do not look down on me.  You intend great things for me.  You exult me.  You are rejoicing in my very being, no matter how small I may feel at any given time.   

You want the best for me.  You are willing to help me, and in YOUR perfectness, you can make all things happen for Good.  

Thank you for being there for me in such love.

Now as I go through life, please help me to love those others you have placed in my life – those always there in my life and those you bring forth for just a while as in seasons in time.  

Help me see when I’m too busy or absent.  Help me to see when those in my life need me.  Give me guidance in how to show my love for those around me. 

Then please cover them… and me… in grace… when I have failed others in some way. 

After all, I realize I am not perfect, but I know you are perfect in all ways.  Your perfection is far above anything I can offer.  

I praise your very being, and I thank you for mine and for those whom you have placed in my life.  

May I NEVER take those “beings” for granted in my life.   May I always make my love for them more important than my love of things in this world.  

Then may I always be ever mindful of Your presence and grace in ALL of our lives when life “things” mess with even the best intentions.  YOU, Heavenly Father, is what makes “it all” work in life.

Thank you for the cover.  I need it.  

Amen and Amen. 


Friends, go and love. 

Bless, and be blessed.  

That, as I mentioned, is God’s design.

But remember, grace… God’s grace… thankfully… is by God’s design too. 

We win. 



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Thank you.  Chris Stevens at The New American Home with Chris Stevens

How Chris Cuomo of CNN Just Spoke to THIS Woman

Cup of coffee

What should good Christian men and women do when they are mocked for having an opinion that differs from someone with power or authority? Is there even any good answer to that? Consider this.

What SHOULD a Christian do when they are belittled or defiled by the world? 

I watched CNN this morning as Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo hosted a morning news show called “New Morning”.  

I wasn’t watching for anything in particular this morning.  I had just turned CNN on to catch the daily “drift” of current events and watch any political “sensations of the day”.  

As I sat there as a relaxed morning couch potato just sipping my coffee and munching a flax seed muffin I had just whipped up, I saw Dr. Ben Carson… shall we say enter stage.  

Dr. Carson was there to be interviewed by the male host of the show “New Morning”, Mr. Chris Cuomo.

While the first questions Mr. Cuomo had for Dr. Carson were about Donald Trump, the 2016 Republican presumptive nominee for President of The United States and a New York Times story that had been refuted earlier in the morning by one of those quoted in the article, Mr. Cuomo seemed to gear off message before even 5 minutes were up.  

Well, you know… I’m not in TV journalism land, and I was just sitting there as a mature (over 50) woman with a cup of coffee and a flax seed muffin in hand, but it kind of appeared to me that when Dr. Carson equated what he determined as misquotes in the NY Times article with the struggles he had with saying one thing and seeing it reported “out of context” (as Dr. Carson fairly much described it generally speaking), Mr. Cuomo seemily seized upon an opportune moment without hesitation and perhaps without even wisdom or control.   

Dr. Carson:  

(Referring to times he has felt his words have been misquoted) 

“… and they take a portion of it and make it into a headline when it’s completely the opposite of what you’re intending.  … And they (journalists) do this purposefully.  That’s what’s so bad.  

I appeal to people in the press and particularly the younger generation to reject that.  It may be tempting because maybe you’ll get a promotion and maybe you’ll be the big man on campus, but we’ve gotta start thinking about our nation. 

Chris Cuomo:

“… You should be judged for what you DO because we are not a part of a big gang; I promise you there is no communication, ah, ‘inter-mural-ly’ between different journalists to collude on stories, but often, the reason that you get taken, a way you don’t like, as a politician, is because what you said doesn’t come out the way you WANTED it, Dr. Carson, and you’ve had that experience as well, Dr. Carson.  It’s not always the reporter when you get caught out there saying something you shouldn’t have or didn’t want to say.  Right?” 

Ben Carson:  

“Ah, I wouldn’t say always, but there are clearly people who have an agenda, and they will CLEARLY take things and distort them, or over blow them.  

I mean, I could give you MULTIPLE examples (chuckles), and it’s just, it’s absurd, and people know that, and that’s one of the reasons the American people don’t trust the press as much as they used to.  

It used to be…. 

You know… I remember when I was growing up, and you would turn the TV on, and you would see Walter Cronkite or somebody like that, and you know, you could really trust them.  Even though Cronkite was a left wing radical, you would never know that.” 

Mr. Cuomo responded in defense of Walter Cronkite whom he called his “mentor” and said he believed he (Walter Cronkite) did the job the right way upon which Ben Carson said:

“He did a very good job.  We can agree on that”.  

You can see that and the entire interview here. 

You can also see the full interview here:  



Disturbed by the above words which felt to me as as either an opportunistic slam on Dr. Carson’s communication skills or perhaps a stress vent which resulted in a still-perceived mocking of Dr. Carson’s communication skills, I tweeted the following comment and tagged Mr. Cuomo in it.  


I received this reply from Chris Cuomo shortly after that tweet:  


And I responded, but let me be honest about my feelings first.  

I felt like I had just been shamed!  I was upset Mr. Carson was treated as he was.  I said something, and I felt as if I had just been shamed.  I was angry.     

Oh, I’ll admit, while not a horrible response, my response was not AS controlled as some might feel it should have been.  Let’s remember though, I’m not the one who is supposedly the professional journalist here either.

I DO profess Jesus Christ as my Savior though.   I have that label of “Christian” which I carry.

Consequently, while I am not bound to any professional journalist’s take of me, and being spoken to abusively should NEVER be tolerated, I AM bound to the Heavenly Father who is always shaping and molding me in a direction of retrospection and growth. I can at least now be retrospect as to how I could have best handled the undignified description this man gave me as a response to my complaint.    

Here was the conversation after I received a message from Mr. Cuomo saying I was no more savvy than my Twitter handle “@Padoozles”.


And as one more jab to make my point, I sent a follow-up tweet to CNN:



And this (just for the record so I’m not accused of not telling you I said this too):


But alas, all my re-examination, rehashing, and recapitulation was for naught.  

I was not spoken badly to…..  I guess…. 



I should be able to take a joke… I guess…. 



At this point, I had at least begun the process of determining how to quiet a man who had NOT supposedly made me a victim of shaming and who had “just — made  —  a —- joke”, so I responded:  

@ChrisCuomo Will it make you feel better if we can what you said a joke? 🙂 @CNN

OK, so now I realize I misspelled the word “call” and incorrectly typed it as “can” in the tweet above.  You see, Mr. Cuomo, when you tell a women she isn’t any more savvy than the word “padoozles”, you really DO make them self-conscious.  And I am, but at least I lighted it up enough that you felt you won, and I figured you might at least then leave me alone.  

I received this finalized statement from the winner, or perceived winner.  

To which I informed him, in the tweet below, I indeed WOULD explain.


@ChrisCuomo I WILL explain, and you’ll get a copy. Oh yea, it was BEFORE Dr. Carson mentioned Walter Cronkite, just for the record you know.


So there you go, Mr. Cuomo.  That was a lot of your time wasted (and mine as well) on some little morning couch potato with a cup of coffee, a flax seed muffin, and an opened mouth watching in disbelief and disgust of what I perceived as outright mocking of Dr. Ben Carson.  

That was simply a lot of wasted time.

However, since you seem so dedicated to following up on one woman’s complaint over how you spoke to Mr. Carson, your response to my complaint so eerily similar to what I perceived as your response to Dr. Carson’s this morning, I took the time to “explain”.  

Mr. Cuomo, I STILL don’t like the way you spoke with Dr. Carson.  I felt like you used his ‘complaint’ as an opportunity to mock him.  

Furthermore Mr. Cuomo, you DID mock me.  Calling me as “savvy” as my Twitter name @Padoozles DOES make me a victim, not a victim in the sense of a rape victim, but a victim in the sense of feeling mocked… and yea….  feeling like someone was trying to “shame me” so that I would “shut up”. 

When you shame a woman, when you shame ANYONE, that is wrong.  

And just so you know, Mr. Cuomo, my name is Chris Stevens @padoozles, and padoozles is THIS website where I write to women every day about being the best kind of women God has created them to be… even in a tough world, with hard decisions, through mistakes, or with people who want to silence the woman’s voice when it’s convenient for them to do so.  

Wishing you well now, Mr. Cuomo.  I pray you will see where you might be at this time of your life and that you may come to understand something you had not realized before.  

If you can do that, I will consider this time worthwhile on my part.  

With that said….

What should good Christian men and women do when they are mocked for having an opinion that differs from someone with power or authority? 

I’m not sure I know the right answer.  I have been honest here with how I first responded in anger to degrading words but then how I went on to try to control my own actions through the anger.  

More importantly, I at least took responsibility for my part in what I could do to keep the situation from escalating once I realized I would not win, if for no other reason than another seemed intent on never letting me leave unscathed in some way. 

Most importantly however, I remember now that I am a precious child of God and that God exults in me no matter what mean or silly things someone might say to me or call me.

In other words:

  1.  I made my point, a valid one. 
  2. When I perceived a degradation, a non-winning situation, I chose to use whatever actions were available to me to de-escalate that bad situation.
  3. I moved on, ever encourage by my faith.

Hopefully I’ll be able to encourage others along the way even more now too because of what I’ve learned from this event.

You’re right, Mr. Cuomo… I am NO victim.  I am a strong woman, and my Lord God loves me.  I am NO victim.

And I’m going to hold Christ Jesus in my heart and remember that love no matter what ANYONE says or does to me.

Maybe for this time anyway, that’s the best thing I could be doing.   

If you have been shamed or just feel badly about yourself in some way, please read the article I JUST WROTE this morning, long before I knew anyone like Mr. Chris Cuomo would make their way into my life today.  

The Lord Will Exult Me? | A Look At Zephaniah 3:17

Yep.  The Lord has great timing, doesn’t He? 

The Lord Will Exult Me? | A Look At Zephaniah 3:17

I’ve always expected God to love me, but would He exult me?  That seems a little far fetched, but hey, I’m open to it.  Are you?  Check this out. 

Zephaniah 3:17 goes like this:

Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.

There’s the Scripture for you today to ponder with me, a daily devotional reading of sorts.

Now for those who like visuals, I found this beautiful meme with the thoughts of this Scripture embedded right there for you to see with your own eyes.  The words are slightly different, but the meaning and sentiment are still the same.  


Zephaniah 3:17 The Lord Your God Will Exalt You

The Scripture has five major components to it.  That basic premise is pretty easy to see.

They are all promises too, and here are those promises:  


1.  The Lord God is with you.

Whether you “feel” Him there at the time or not, He IS with you.  Jesus Christ assured us God would be with us always through His Spirit.


2.  Through Him, you are saved.

It’s a good thing we aren’t saved through our own actions, but Christ has the right stuff to do so! 


3.  God is so happy when you are happy.  He rejoices in that!

Isn’t it just down right cool to think about the happiness our Heavenly Father has when He sees His children are happy! 


4.  During those not-so-happy times, we are covered with God’s love. 

We haven’t even begun to experience the depth of God’s love yet.  When we face those tough times here on this earth though, His love will be available to us so that we can find peace in it all. 


5.  God will exult you. 

The translation in the visual states this as God rejoicing over you.


I don’t know about you, but that last part kind of tripped me up!  

Oh yea, we’ve been taught all the other things throughout life, and they come naturally to our belief systems.

1  God’s Spirit is among us.  Check.

2  Christ came to die, rise again, and we are saved.  Check.

3  God is there is good times.  Check.

4  God is there in bad times.  Check. 

5  I am exulted.  Huh????


Those first four promises rely on the goodness and grace of God Almighty, something we can easily justify since God Almighty IS so good and great and gracious. 

But He will exalt US? 

That doesn’t seem to be just speaking highly of HIM.

Isn’t that saying something about US?  

See, here’s my confusion with this.  

That #5 promise above is STILL a promise. We can see that as a promise.  It’s just the exultation over me that has me asking “But why?”   

God will (WILL) exult.  He says that.  



Does God NEED a reason to exult us?

Maybe that’s the key. 

OK, I really need to get hold of this because it just doesn’t fit so easily for me into those other four promises, mostly because this one seems to have something to do with you and me, not just God. 

…he will exult over you with loud singing.

So perhaps we should investigate what “exult” means?

Merriam Webster defines “exult” as “to leap for joy” or to “to be extremely joyful”. defines “exult” as to show or feel lively or triumph joy. says “exult” is to feel great happiness or joy. 

And finally, the the thesaurus gives these synonyms for the word “exult”:

Be delighted

Be elated

Be overjoyed




I’m not sure you are seeing it yet, but I’ve finally come to see something I had not realized at the beginning when I first saw this Bible verse, and that is:  

He gives no reason there as to WHY He exults us.

God does not NEED a reason to exult us.  

Zephaniah 3:17 simply says He exults us, no qualification listed. 

You know, you (and I) must be pretty special as God’s creation, and His creation alone, for Him to rejoice in our being, celebrate our being, cheer our being, be overjoyed in our being, be elated in our being, be delighted in our being.

While God is all those wonderful things, even without any qualification or standards at all, we are precious in God’s sight, so precious He sings in mighty joy that we exist. 


Well, I guess I did stumble upon ONE qualification.  We EXIST.  

However, that’s not such a high standard to live up to though, is it?  … to “exist”… to “have been created”…  

The point is, you may have human standards you try, don’t try, live, or don’t live up to. 

You may be a success.  You may feel like a failure.  You may BE a failure by earthly standards.

The Heavenly Father above may rejoice in your accomplishments here for sure.

But He exults over your existence no matter what – simply because you are HIS accomplishment, and you are His child.  

And THAT is not saying anything about what you have done or not done.

It’s just saying God made you, and He delights in you, HIS creation, the child He loves. 

So the next time you feel as if you fall short of the glory of God, just remember that you ARE the glory that God exults.

It’s that simple.  

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for creating me.  

I was not just some twinkle in my parents’ eyes.  I am a direct creation of design by YOUR HANDS.  You made me; You wanted me to exist, and you made me just the way You WANTED to make me.  

You knew who I was, knew what I would be, knew what I would do and knew what I would mess up along the way long before I was aware of any of that myself.  Yet You still made me, and you exult over me, your creation. 

I’m so lucky, so fortunate, so blessed, so appreciative, so thankful, so grateful right now, Lord.  I sure haven’t done much to deserve the joy You are telling me that You have for me.  I sure haven’t done what I would think would be worthy of Your exultation. 

And yet, You exult over me.  You have said so in Your Word!  

Your character is above mine, and Your knowledge and understanding are beyond mine.  You are excited in the simple idea that I have come to “be”.  Wow, how blessed I am!  

Praise be to You that You are so gracious and so good. 

I still want to honor you though, Heavenly Father.  I want to be more, Lord.  I want to do more.  Please help me become more of that person You created, using my time, my life, my ME you created to do more and to live up to all that is possible in my life.

In the meantime and also no matter what…  it’s nice to know I’m that important to you, even if… especially SINCE… everything is completely dependent on Your goodness and grace… and not me… nor my works… and certainly not my successes of which I usually mess up pretty much most of the time. 

PS, It’s pretty cool thinking about the idea of You jumping for joy and singing loudly for me up there in Heaven.  That actually gives me hope.  

Thank you, Father.

Thank you.

In Christ’s name I pray for myself and for all reading this, 


New Season, New Thoughts, New Goals

Finding a vision

Finding a vision

New Season, New Thoughts, New Goals: When a Christian Senses a Distant Calling

It’s a new season here in America.  

Autumn, with all its beauty and invigorating temperature changes, just seems to create the perfect atmosphere for changing up what needs a little lifting.

It’s also a new season in my own life.  I just got off the presidential primary campaign ride of a lifetime.  Now I think it’s time for a new season in my personal life as well.   

I figured:

“Well, I’ve been working to help America become a better place.   Now maybe it’s time to go more personal in people’s lives, to help them make life a little better… not just in some big way as in a presidential race or even politics… but up close and personal.”

Yes, it is a new season all around.  I have some new thoughts I need to work on, and I have some new goals yet to be determined.  

Have you ever had a time when you suspected, or knew, the Lord had a new path for your travels, yet you weren’t quite sure what that new path would look like?  

Well, that’s where I have been.

I went to the Bible for some inspiration

And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.    -Habakkuk 2:2-3 (ESV) 

 Autumn Leaves and Bible

OK.  I have to admit I wrote that first part of this post a few days back.  Right above this paragraph and photo is where I stopped, and I just couldn’t get started again.

I knew I should be seeking the path for my “vision” of doing something good for others.  That even seemed confirmed when I almost immediately found that Scripture from Habakkuk above, telling me what to do with my vision. 

Write it down.

Make it plain.

Be patient.

Keep working on it.

The problem was, I had no idea what exact “vision” to write down even!  

So I put this post “away” in my top computer drawer hoping the Lord would somehow show me that new vision for my life.  

“Come on, Lord.  I’ve got the basics.  I get the gist of it all.  I just don’t see the vision.  Tell me, please, Lord.  I can handle it.”


No magic words came to mind for me to write down in any plain fashion.  

Today, I sat down at my computer determined the Lord would show me that vision for my life – what goals I should be working towards if I want to put my desire to help people into a different working goal.  


“Is this where the patience comes in, Lord?  Apparently, it seems so.  I’m going to keep working on this though, if you don’t mind, Lord.  I’m not giving up on thinking about what you have for me to do now in my life.”  

Finally I did a google search on this exact phrase:

God will give you a vision

(Notice I was very positive in my search for the Lord’s direction there.)  🙂 

Hummmm… The very first search result spoke to me immediately.  

I was looking at a devotion from “My Utmost For His Highest” with the title “Visions Become Reality”. 

That specific devotion was all about finding what God wants us to do with our lives….  His goals for us and how he gets us to where he wants us to be – ie The path He puts in our life travels so that He assures we will begin striving for those goals He wants us to work towards, in all effect HIS vision in OUR lives.   

Well, that spoke to me for sure.  I kept reading.

Patience was the first operative word I really noticed.  

“Again?  Awe, come on, Dear God.  Are we really into this patience thing again?”  

It appeared so.

If I may, let me share just one little part of that daily devotion I was hoping would help me find a clear vision for me…. today…. not tomorrow… right now!  


God gives us a vision, and then He takes us down to the valley to batter us into the shape of that vision. It is in the valley that so many of us give up and faint. Every God-given vision will become real if we will only have patience.


“Not today, Lord?  STILL not today?” 

One more paragraph down, I saw perhaps why I don’t have the exact vision yet.  


Ever since God gave us the vision, He has been at work. He is getting us into the shape of the goal He has for us, and yet over and over again we try to escape from the Sculptor’s hand in an effort to batter ourselves into the shape of our own goal.


And then it all pretty much made sense to me when I read this excerpt at the very end of the devotional reading: 

Allow the Potter to put you on His wheel and whirl you around as He desires.

Excerpts from “Visions Become Reality“, My Utmost For His Highest”. 

Setting new goals

I know there IS a vision.  I can sense it so strongly!  It’s just not a plain and simple vision for my life yet.  Therefore, to make life goals is a little difficult.  

Once that vision is plain and simple and oh-so clear in my thoughts, I’ll be able to set new goals and make life changes.  I know that new season is just around the corner though…  The Lord has given me at least that much as a token of His hope (in exchange for my patience). 

However, as noted in the devotion above, God DOES give visions to His children sometimes yet withholds the specifics, or the full picture of a vision in its entirety, while He molds those children into more-fully-formed disciples who can fulfill the goals, or the new goals, He has to complete on this earth.

I guess, from what I can tell right now, I’ve got a glimpse of a vision.  I just don’t have the full glimpse of it at a far distance down the road.  

It seems perhaps the best thing right now is to just keep traveling the path the Lord has given to me today while I keep my eyes on the path He has for me to walk.  Of course, while my feet are moving down the road with expectation, and even little goals along the way will help my daily walk, my eyes will be attentive to that horizon down the pathway.  

With attentiveness to God’s direction, a willingness to go further in His Will, and a little patience as the Spirit molds and makes me into the person I need to be, I am confident the Lord will begin making that now seemingly-far-off vision into more-clear thoughts and more-concrete goals which can then be simply and succinctly written into stone. 

All in God’s time.  

In the meantime, at least I know I’m still being productive by letting the Lord whirl me around as needed.  

And I’ll patiently keep my eyes open with great expectations. 


Do you have a testimony of a time you could feel the Lord guiding you but yet didn’t have an explicitly clear understanding of where you were supposed to go?  

If so, and you have some words of encouragement or wisdom to share with others, please feel free to write YOUR story in the comments section below.  

Thank you in advance for sharing so freely with others who need a lift today. 

A Thanksgiving Prayer for All Time

A Thanksgiving Prayer

A Thanksgiving prayer isn’t just for Thanksgiving Day, and it’s not just for times of thanks. A prayer of thanks is for any time, any day, any reason and at any hour or moment of the day.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. -1 Thessalonians 5:18

Dear Heavenly Father,

You give us so much!

Sometimes the things you give us are wonderful. We thank you for those things!

Sometimes the things you give us don’t look so good to us. It is a struggle to say this, dear Lord, but thank you for those things too because we know deep down that you give us all things for GOOD. These seemingly not-so-good times and events of our lives are not bad things in your eyes.  You are working something wonderful during those times, and you are with us in it all.

May I rest in your goodness and perfect Will.

Prayer of ThanksgivingAnd then there is this:

Sometimes the things we have in our lives hurt.

How can I thank you for those things?

I can thank you because I know you love me. That’s the ONLY way I could thank you sometimes! I thank you because I know you love me and you are with me on this journey. 

You never wanted the hurting things to happen. You gave us a world where those things would NOT happen. Then evilness entered the world, and we have to wait to be in that perfect world once again.

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I will thank you for being right there with me through those things that hurt.

Dear Lord, I do ask that you make Your love known to me in my broken world here… Make that love you have for me, for me PERSONALLY, known to me, FELT by me, that I see you in so many different things right now.

If I have to have the pain, or the hurt, or the sadness, and I know those things will be, I know I want YOU more than ever. Be near me. (I know you will.)… And let me FEEL you near me. I need that.

Because of Your love, I can thank you even in the hurting times. I am thankful I have YOU.

Thank you that you I have YOU. Thank you for being my Lord and God. Thank you for being my everything. Thank you for BEING everything.

Yes, I will declare it right here, right now. You… Lord… are my EVERYTHING. For without You, I would have nothing anyway. 

Lord, I am so thankful I have you because good things come and go, and bad times want to overcome, but you…. YOU will always be there, and your love will overcome all.

When I have You, and when I know You are ALL I have, I have blessings beyond imaginable.

Praise God! I am blessed.

What Can I Pray to God When I am Hurting

Thank you, Heavenly Father.

Thank you for all the wonderful things you give.

Thank you for working something wonderful during those times that don’t seem so great. And thank you for being so wonderful when it hurts.

We give thanks. We really can give thanks!  

May our Thanksgiving Day prayers this year honor all you are and all you do in our lives, and may we remember your goodness and grace every future day of our lives.

Through Jesus Christ we come to you, both now and forever more,


A Thanksgiving Prayer

Happy Thanksgiving from

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