E-file Your IRS Form 2290 Easily Through TaxExcise.com

E File IRS Form 2290
E File IRS Form 2290

Filing with the IRS just got quicker and easier for those who need to submit IRS form 2290.
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News About the IRS Tax Form 2290

The process of filing for an IRS Form 2290 just got easier. To file now, you’ll need nothing more than an internet connection and conceptual information on your business to be able to make the best use of this facility.

The IRS 2290 Form can be filed in several ways. TaxExcise.com is one of the many ways of filing for the Form 2290.

For your information, TaxExcise.com is the first e-file provider (for Form 2290) authorized by the IRS. As a matter of fact, using TaxExcise.com is much easier than finding a reputable non profit debt consolidation company. There just aren’t the same hassles that you commonly face when dealing with your debts.


Understand what is available to you now and how to e-file IRS Form 2290

Using TaxExcise.com

You’re not going to face any troubles while using TaxExcise.com. Everything right from the login process to going about the website is very easy. The system is so designed that it breaks the tax form into sections that are comprehensible enough to the layman. You won’t face any complicated tax jargon when you e file, but rather questions that you won’t find difficult answering.

Methods of payment

TaxExcise.com uses 4 methods of payment as of now. The following are the 4 methods of payment that are presently in use:

# Electronic Funds Withdrawal
# Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)
# Check
# Money Order

Although credit cards are not accepted by the IRS for the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax payments, you can always pay the filing fees charged by TaxExcise.com with one.

Schedule 1 download

If you have filed the IRS Tax Form 2290 through TaxExcise.com, you will receive email notifications letting you know that the Schedule 1 is all ready for you to download. The Schedule 1 can be downloaded using the link provided in the email or by visiting the TaxExcise.com website.

You can also go for the Text Message Reminder or Fax Copy option. These steps will improve the way you receive notifications. These options can also be used to notify your contracting company once the payments are made. There are no additional charges for the notifications to the leasing/contracting company.

By: Patricia Garner

Debt Management – Successful Tips to Manage Your Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is the most common financial problem facing many people.

Late or delayed payments could drastically increase interest rates and monthly repayments.  The effect of these late payments creates a negative chain reaction, and people find it extremely difficult to deal with the higher interest rates.

For many people who cannot afford these payments, their situation results in severe credit card debt and a negative impact on their credit history.

If you want to stay on a good financial track and are asking “how can I manage my debt better”, a great place to start is with how to manage your credit card debt.

Here are some tips that help to manage credit card debt:

Debt Management

Hey, if I manage my debt better, I’ll have more money for good things my family would enjoy!

Pay your bills on time: This is one of the most important things to be considered.  Try to pay all your monthly bills on time, and stay current with all your bills.  This will help you to recover from future credit card debt and can also have a positive impact on your credit report, even increase your credit score.


Get out of debt: Because the interest rates on credit cards are usually high, it is very difficult for most people to pay off their credit card debt, but by following the tips below, you can manage payments, protect your credit score, and eventually eliminate credit card debt.


  • Make a list of debts you owe: If you owe multiple credit card companies, then try to put them all on one sheet.  Include details such as their interest rates and the outstanding balance on each card.


  • Pay minimum first: Use the debt snowball method to pay off your debt.  To do this, you need to pay the smallest balance first, followed by the larger balances. This is the step by step process by which you need to start with paying off the minimum balance first, adding more on only as money is available in savings or freed up from other loan pay offs.  The advantage with this approach is that you can pay off the minimum balance very easily, thus reducing some stress and saving your money on further penalties that would have been imposed.


  • Repeat this process: You need to apply the same process for all your credit card debts. So keep some additional money in your budget to pay them off, but if you are unable to fund them, consider taking personal loans where you can pay them off and work to eliminate debt that way.


  • Negotiate with your creditor: Talk to your creditors so they can understand your financial position.  Explain the financial hardship you are facing, and see if they could provide suggestions for you to resolve your debt effectively. If possible, they will facilitate debt repayments by considering your debt accounts and a debt management plan you can work with.


  • Take out a payday loan: When you are met with some financial emergencies and you are not able to source cash loans to fund these because of your bad credit, don’t worry.  Try considering payday loans.   These are unsecured, short-term loans that are easy to get.  Even a person with poor or bad credit can get cash with this loan as they don’t require any credit check and serve as an ideal option to resolve your financial emergencies.


Author Bio:

My name is Alicia. I am a tech writer from the UK. I am into finance. Catch me on Twitter @financeport

7 Ways to Get Help with Payday Loans

help with payday loans

It may have been a tough time for you and your family, but you do have resources, tools, and help with payday loans now.

I repeat…  Yes, you CAN get payday loan help!

Here are the 7 paths to getting help with payday loan debt that could give you that debt relief you need.

help with payday loans

Payday loan help is around the corner. Don’t give up hope!
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 7 Ways to Get Help with Payday Loans

1.  Consolidate your payday loans through a payday loan debt consolidation company.

If you have multiple payday loans, those renewal fees are taking your family budget into negatives before you even pay your regular bills.  Payday loan consolidation can combine those loans into one account with one more affordable payment.

Here are two examples of payday loan debt consolidation companies where you can consolidate payday loans:

Solid Ground Financial at:  http://solidgroundfinancial.org/payday_loan_relief.html

Delray Credit Counseling at:  http://www.delraycc.com/

These two companies provide help for payday loans but also for other bad credit loans as well.

2.  Consolidate pay day loans on your own with an installment loan.  (And don’t count this out yet.  Keep reading!)

If your credit is bad enough to have gone with a bad credit cash advance loan to begin with, you may be thinking you can not get an installment loan, but that is not necessarily the case.

If you own a car outright (no car payments left to make), you might check into getting a car title loan.  While you are putting ownership of your vehicle at risk, a title loan in and of itself is no different than just purchasing a vehicle and paying an auto loan.  Plus the interest rates for title loans are usually much better than rates for those emergency cash loans. With the right loan, you’ll be paying much less each month.

A home line of credit or second trust might be available to you if you have some equity in your home, even if you have a poor credit score.

You should also check out finance companies and credit unions, calling and asking if they offer cash loans to people with bad or fair credit.

Finally, if you are retired military or joined the military as an active duty service member with debt that eventually got out of hand, Pioneer Services offers personal installment loans with much more leeway in qualification standards than many other lenders.

An excellent benefit for military families with financial need, you can find Pioneer Services (Pioneer Military Loans) at:  http://www.pioneermilitaryloans.com/ (Great installment loans for military families with less than perfect credit!)

Even one or two payday loans can become a problem, making it difficult to ever pay off debt.

Whether you have one payday loans or several, here are some financial options which can provide freedom from debt:

3.  Settle payday loans using a payday loan debt settlement company.

If you have several loans, this is still an option as these companies will consolidate your loans and work with you to work with the individual payday loan lenders.  Some may even work directly with the lenders, providing the utmost relief to you and peace in your home.

If you have just one payday cash advance out, a simple settlement agreement will be reached, and your settlement company will advise you as to what exactly they want you to do.

Do NOT, do NOT listen to anyone else except a true representative of your settlement company if you go this route.  If someone from a payday lender’s office, or some other collection company, calls you and tells you anything different than what your settlement company has told you to do, do NOT listen to them.  Do as your settlement company instructs.

So long as you have a professional payday loan debt settlement company, you need to trust them.  To do otherwise could cause grief and lost money if you end up giving money to someone else who tricked you.

4.  Settle payday loans by yourself.

This can be done and IS done on a regular basis by those who are up for the job.  It is legal in all states to work out an arrangement that is acceptable to both parties when one party has legitimate financial difficulties keeping them from fulfilling a previous arrangement.

It would be advisable to find a good forum on the internet where you can talk with others who have settled debt themselves at an earlier point.  They will have good tips and hints for you, and if the site is big enough, you even have a good chance of finding someone who has worked with your exact same payday loan company.

Debt Consolidation Care has an excellent forum you can read through or jump into to ask questions.  You can find that at:  http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/paydayloan/forum/index.html

5.  Explain your situation to your lender and see if you can work a different but full repayment schedule out.

This may be difficult to do, not only because it requires you to talk with a lender used to working with bad credit risks (they don’t always budge a lot) and also because these lenders are using to working with bad credit risks and don’t always budge a lot.  However, some will work with you if you can demonstrate a real problem and a real solution.

If you chose this route, you should have everything in writing and even better, do everything by mail.

Send a letter with an explanation of what is going on, what you will pay back, and HOW you will pay it back.  Also inform them to speak with you in writing only from that point on.

If you’re willing to work with a debt settlement company if need be, it might also help to inform them that if the two of you can not work with an arrangement, that you will gladly work with them through a professional debt settlement company.

Offer that “extra assistance to them” kindly and politely so as to more likely gain their acceptance without undue annoyance.  If they have the choice of working with your full repayment schedule or face a professional debt settlement company who will push them to take even less, they may just work with you.

Make sure you include the stipulation that you require a response in writing.

E-How Money has a great page on how to settle payday loans yourself here:  http://www.ehow.com/how_5525321_settle-payday-loans.html

This can be a tricky route since the payday loan company already had a check from you with your total amount due and your signature, and you gave them the right to cash that check in full if you don’t make payments.   However, with some cooperation and clear goals, this could be one of the least intrusive methods of getting help and relief.

6.  Consider Bankruptcy.

If your family is truly suffering and you are in a corner with law suits and collection companies threatening to take you to court and garnish wages, payday loans can be placed into both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

7.  Personal Payday Loan Debt Management – AKA – If you can, pay down debt but do so slowly.

Find any amount of extra cash each month to start paying down payday loan principle(s) and snowball your principle payments by reducing your finance fees each payday.

The more you can pay, no matter how little that is, the less your refinance (aka renewal) fees you’ll have to pay the next time around.

If a friend or family member can give you some money to help with payday loan payoff on one loan, or with part of one loan to start, you can more easily focus on the rest or on the other ones yourself then.  If you can sell something on Craigslist or Ebay, you can pay down part of your principle to where a renewal fee the next time is more manageable for you, allowing you to pay a little more on principle the next time you can do so.

Really… I mean REALLY… paying even just $25.00 or $50.00 extra to reduce your principle each time really does make a difference.  Paying $100.00 extra on your principle makes a big difference.  You’ll FEEL the difference the next time you go to make a payment!

And if you can do this one or two payments in a row but do not have the additional principle payment the next time, then just keep your payment to the minimum and continue paying down your principle the next pay period.

Going this route may be possible only if you have the family funds to handle it, but if you can do this, knowing it might just take longer but that you CAN get through it eventually, you’ll have a feeling of accomplishment you can feel very proud of down the road.

And you will have practiced a virtue called financial discipline, something that will help you for the rest of your life.


Proverbs 1: 5 says:

A wise man will hear and increase in learning, and a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel.

And remember the best wise counsel and assistance comes from an Almighty God who will not turn His back on you, even if you have made some mistakes.

 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. 

James 1: 5

Now that’s REAL help with payday loans, and everything else in your family’s life too!

It’s OK to seek help when you are overwhelmed or unsure, and there IS relief available, even for those who have payday loans.  Payday loan help is only a step or so away.  Take that first step, and you will start your family’s journey to real financial recovery…  and then victory.

How to Consolidate Pay Day Loans

consolidate pay day loans

Pay day loans are a service that can be appreciated when a family is facing a financial problem.

They are also expensive.

Paying back payday loans as soon as possible is great, but if you are still strapped when your pay day rolls around; your loan payments are due; and you are faced with paying high finance fees which allow you to do nothing more than refinance those loans back into more bad credit payday loans with more high interest and extraordinary finance fees to pay, you might want to consider debt consolidation for payday loans.

If you don’t know much about how to consolidate payday loans, don’t worry.  It’s not hard to do it yourself, and even if you need professional help, there are good companies that consolidate payday loans for you.

Here’s a look at several ways you can consolidate pay day loans, some good and some not so good but available for your use.


consolidate pay day loans

Give your wallet a healthy boost by consolidating those payday loans!
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How to Consolidate Pay Day Loans

Search for better pay day loans online, get one, and combine your small loans into the one best pay day loan you can find.

These kinds of loans to pay off pay day loans may still be expensive, but if you find a good lender that offers better rates than the one you took in a time of emergency when you really weren’t looking at terms so closely, this might be an option that could make enough of a difference to help.

Look for no credit check pay day installment loans that might be at least comparable to, and hopefully better than, your individual cash advance fees.  Then use that cash IMMEDIATELY to completely pay off your small payday loans, and keep the installment loan where you can actually pay off debt as you go.

This might be an option for saving money overall if you can find a pay day loan lender with an installment plan with rates that beat what you have.  It is also an option for those who are more concerned with getting the principle paid off than just the monthly or bi-monthly payment amount.

While no credit check installment loans are still expensive, you might shave a little off your payments if you get a better rate (not always smaller payments though since there is principle now included), AND you’ll be able to pay off pay day loan debt instead of just paying finance fees and refinance costs every pay day period.

Contact and compare some bad credit finance companies and see if you might be able to get a secured personal loan  (with either collateral or a co-signer’s signature) to cover repayment of your payday loan debt, and see if what they offer works better than what you have now.

There are still some bad credit finance companies that can provide acceptable no credit check installment loans or even bad credit personal loans with collateral.  If you can make the payments with such a loan, and you have something to provide assurance to the lender you can and will, the lower payments might be just the pay day debt relief you need.

Speak with your local credit union, or even a national-level credit union, to see if they might offer no credit check loans or debt consolidation loans for people with less than perfect credit.

It’s worth your time to do some searches and speak with a few CUs, even if you feel like you have egg on your face while you’re talking with them.  There are SO many good and decent people who have simply been through rough financial times that you might be surprised just how many lenders may have some sort of option for you!

Seek out help from pay day loan debt consolidation companies.

These companies are going to know the ins and outs of cash advance pay day loans, what exact obligations you have with your current loans, how to handle pay offs with online pay day loans and cash advance stores, and what rules apply to each one (and which don’t).

Many also know how to settle payday loan debt and can give you a choice as to whether you want to simply consolidate your loans or if you might want to look at payday loan debt settlement as well.

You can see examples of these kinds of companies here:

Pay Day Loan Debt Assistance and Payday Loan Debt Helpers and PDL Debt Solution.

The question isn’t whether you can consolidate pay day loans or not.

You CAN consolidate pay day loans!

The question is what path will work best for you and your family.

Getting a no credit check pay day loan with bad credit and during a time of emergency doesn’t mean you have to have bad credit and pay day emergencies for the rest of your life!

Start now with a small step that will help you eat that entire elephant someday soon, and you’ll begin experiencing that sense of relief you need so you can enjoy your family… and life itself… a little more.

This is the 11th article of a series of articles on no credit check loans for people with bad credit. 

The first article with links to subsequent articles begins here:  Do You Need Cash Loans with Bad Credit?  Read This.

Please also feel free to check our related posts below for articles in this series or search our site for more articles that will help you with your family’s finances, lifestyle, faith, and home.


When Payday Loans Go Wrong

help for payday loans

This was never your intention, and now you have a real dilemma.   Those payday loans have caught up to you, and you’re broke.

Do you know what you face?  Do you understand what can happen?  Do you have an idea what you can do?

Let’s take a look and see.

help for payday loans

Wondering what to do about those payday loans and what can happen if you don’t have the money to repay them? Read below and know what you can do and what lenders can NOT.
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The most important thing to remember is that the check you wrote in advance for your loan is NOT considered an illegal check.  You did NOT break the law writing that check to a payday loan lender.  A lender can NOT claim any sort of “illegality” issue concerning that check you wrote.

In an effort to permit payday loan companies to give guaranteed cash advances to people with bad credit who have urgent situations and in a an immediate crisis, laws have developed around the area of payday loans where future income, future money in a bank account, could be drawn upon in advance, and done so legally.

The lender understands you don’t have money in your bank account now.  If you did, you wouldn’t be getting their payday loan.

Additionally, you have not purchased items you wrote a check for which would have signaled (untruthfully) to the seller you had the money in your account to cover.

What DID happen was that a bad credit lender allowed you to take a loan til payday based on what money you will have in the future, and they knowingly accepted a check on an underfunded bank account now as detailed and permitted by the laws under which they operate and you are therefore serviced under.

So…  Is it illegal to write a check in advance for a payday loan, even if you don’t have the funds then to have written that check?

As you can see above, this action is permitted by law.  No illegal action was done on your part.

Can you go to jail for not paying back a payday loan?  Can you be arrested?

This was a loan – a LOAN.  Nothing illegal was done, and nonpayment of a loan is a civil matter, not a criminal one.

You will not get arrested; you will not go to jail; you will not have to face the police if you do not repay a loan.

There are consequences for not repaying loans, but going to jail is not one of them (except maybe in a good game of Monopoly).

What is the most likely thing I’ll encounter if I don’t make payments on a payday loan?

First of all, you may get a collection call from the lender later in the day of which your payment was due, asking if you are still coming in.  If you talk to them before they do anything else, you might be able to get a little leeway in getting your payment to them late.

You may not always get a call though, particularly if the lender takes other options they have at hand which was detailed in the contract you signed with them to get the funds.

Minus working something out with your lender first, if you have online payday loans, and your bank account is the same listed with them and is active, you’ll probably see the full amount due on your loan automatically debited from your bank account.

If your account is short, you’ll be dealing with non-sufficient fund penalties with your bank then.  This could all happen later in the day on the very day your loan (or at least minimum finance fee) was due!

You may see the exact same scenario if you borrow money from a payday cash advance store in your community as well.  You will have an automatic deduction from your account, something your lender received permission from you to do in the event you missed a payment.

You may then ask “What if I just don’t have money in my account to cover what is due on my payday cash loans?

If your account is active, and you are simply short of the funds in your account to cover an automatic debit, you may see the check come through with insufficient funds due as well, OR the lender may try other routes to recoup what is due.  They may try another debit from your account, have their collections department call you, or submit your account to an independent collections agency.

If you have closed your bank account, knowing you have a check still out, then your lender can only assume you wrote that check and have no intention of honoring your commitment to repay your loan at which time you are verging towards more problems with them.  You will most likely face whatever collections actions that lender has available to them or even a civil law suit.

Good payday loan lenders will follow proper and legal procedures for collection purposes.  Some of the not as great ones may display more hardball tactics.

Know your rights when you are late on payments and facing collection proceeding.  Here is a great article on “Debt Collection Practices:  When Hardball Tactics Go Too Far”.

Can lenders for no faxing no credit check payday loans contact an employer if I don’t repay my loan? After all, isn’t “privacy” a part of the deal of these kinds of loans?

Privacy is a part of the deal so long as you make your payments.  If you can’t pay and just skip out on them, they may feel obligated to investigate, or they may speak with your employer about garnishing your wages, an action which is available to them by law as in any unpaid loans that can not be collected in other ways.

With wage garnishments though, remember that a lender can not just call your work and get a garnishment on your wages without formally suing you in a civil case and getting permission from the court to do so.  Any lender who claims they will take all your wages immediately by just calling your employer is using one of those “hardball tactics” which is not permitted by law.

Can a payday lender garnish wages for a cash advance I got from a payday cash advance store?  

Yes, but only after they sue you first and get permission to do so by a civil court.

Can a payday lender sue me and garnish wages for my online payday loans? 

Yes, again but only after they sue you in a civil court and get permission.  There is a difference here though.  If the lender is operating nationally but does not have a state license where you live, it will be much harder for them to get a court order against your wages.

Can you be sued for nonpayment of a bad credit payday loan?

As you can see above, any lender can sue you for what you owe to them, and while the process may take some time for them to get a case to the courts, you can very likely expect to be sued in a civil court for nonpayment of a payday loan, just like you could with any bad debt where you have not worked something out that is workable for you and satisfactory to the lender.

Will a payday loan go on my credit report?

Payday loans are “no credit check loans”, so they don’t go on your credit report so long as you pay them off.

If you stop payments, the lender may then put that debt and a negative remark on your credit report.

Are the people who collect on payday loans as mean as I think they might be?

First of all, even payday loan lenders need to honor the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  If they do not, then it is YOUR right to sue THEM.  Read the law, and know what lenders can and can not do when you are late on loan payments.

Aside from that, any lender can have collections people who are pretty good at making people feel pretty bad, even within the law.

However, if you are truly strapped and in trouble, talking with your payday loan lender might be easier than you think it might be.

After all, any good business person understands you can’t get water from a rock (unless you are Moses).  So as long as you communicate with your lender and do all you can to work something out, you have a good chance of coming to some sort of compromise with your payday loan company.

debt relief from payday loans

Yes, let’s get something different here. I need a break!
Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotosnet

Are there groups or organizations that can provide real help for payday loan problems?

If you need professional assistance and relief from debt, search for payday loan consolidation companies and payday loan debt settlement companies to work with.

Make sure any company you chose has people who specialize in debt consolidation and/or debt relief from payday loans and cash advances so they will understand exactly how to work with these kinds of lenders.

A great website with lots of debt relief information and referrals from others who have gone down your same path before is Debt Consolidation Care.

If your plans include filing for bankruptcy, a professional bankruptcy attorney (or your community’s legal aid service if you qualify) will be your best source of guidance and direction and will be able to provide protection and peace for your family until you can be released from those debt obligations that have gone too far for you to handle anymore.

When payday loans go bad, it can be a bad situation, but it is not the end of the world either.  Such times of weakness can make you stronger.  They certainly help you to understand just what is important and not important in life.  Your family is important.  Your life is important.  Your faith is important.  Your future is important.

Don’t let this situation get you down.  You’re already down!  Let this help you find the strength you need to get back on your feet, whether it is your inner strength to hunker down and get things right… or the strength of another helping you through until you can stand again with your face up and your chin high.

The real question is not what will happen if you can’t pay your payday loans, but what you need to do next.

Find what you can do NOW, and keep going with encouragement knowing you are now doing the best you can for your situation and the ones you love most of all.

This is the 10th article of a series of no credit check loans for people with bad credit.  See the list of articles here:  http://padoozles.com/do-you-need-cash-loans-with-bad-credit-read-this/

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