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On Going Vegan

.On Being Vegan

How I’m finding health through plant based nutrition

On Being Vegan

I am setting goals and experiencing empowerment these days! 

It feels good taking control over food and my health. It feels good working on something positive. It feels good expanding, learning new skills and learning new foods, new ingredients, new recipes, and new ways to cook and eat.

It is exciting discovering more and more all the good foods the Lord has provided over all His creation.

The color in this world seems to be exploding in front of my eyes.  Did you ever think there may have been a reason God made fruits and vegetables so lovely to look at?  I love walking into the grocery store seeing the colors of all the good foods I can eat!!!  

When you see and experience the good that is possible from eating healthy, real food as a proclaimed, dedicated vegan, you realize what you set aside is inconsequential compared to the joy and excitement of doing good things for yourself. I just don’t count the changes as discipline. I count the changes as blessings.

I don’t know about you, but I wanted those blessings.

Going vegan wasn’t actually that hard for me. 

I needed to lose weight.  Boy, did I need to lose weight! 

I’ve been on a low carb diet, thinking I was eating healthy, for close to a decade (or more).  Yet… while I found good weight loss for a while, I found myself having more and more difficulty with my weight.  I FELT like I was eating healthy and in fact, in many ways, I was. If you go back and see what I posted on my social media accounts, could see what I read, heard my conversations with my husband and kids, etc., you would know I ALWAYS have had health on my mind. 

I knew all about (and worked hard on) the ideas of macronutrients, micronutrients, nutritional supplements, natural cures, natural healing, all kinds of natural protocols, superfoods, gut healing, bone broth, green cleaning supplies, homemade olive oil skin sprays and coconut oil products, organic foods, and diets (specifically low carb diets or lower carb diets including the Paleo Diet, Keto or Ketogenic Diet,  Wheat Belly Diet, Low Carb High Fat Diets, cooking based on the Low Glycemic Index, using recipes for Diabetics, (I’m not diabetic but the recipes are lower carb many times), the Atkins Diet, etc, etc, etc.). 

I was also incorporating the Trim Healthy Mama meal plans idea too more recently.  However, I was so mentally disrupted by the idea of carbs that I loved the Trim Healthy S meals (the lower carb recipes) while shunning the Trim Healthy E meals (the ones that were a little higher in their carb count.  Tons of Trim Healthy Mama S meals (with few to no carbs and fat to satisfy) and no energizing E meals (with some healthy carbs and lower fat) is not how Trim Healthy Mama works its magic!  LOL 

Yea, I was a good carb watcher.  I told people we “watch our carb intake”.  In reality, I was obsessed with living the low carb life.

Yet, I started gaining weight throughout the years, and I started experiencing health issues. 

I wrote those two things in that sentence above – gaining weight and health issues – together in that sentence above, and in many ways they are connected.  Yet, in some ways, I’m finding them to also (I say ALSO) be two separate issues.  For the sake of simplicity here, I’m just going to combine the two issues here, and I’m sure that will make sense to many.

I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism 7 or 8 years ago, one of the “faces” of an auto-immune disorder, auto-immune disorders seemingly-exploding health issues for many today.  

Here came the Armour Thyroid prescription.  I felt OK with that at least, thinking my doctor was leaning towards the more-natural prescription treatment for those with hypothyroid disorders. 

Then, during one of those every-six-months blood tests and physicals I was enduring to monitor my under active thyroid, my doctor informed me he was seeing early stages of a fatty liver.  He suggested a liver detox and a period of taking Milk Thistle supplements. 

Oh, I’ve always been a big guru on health supplements, at least still at that time, and another supplement to clean out the junk my body was accumulating seemed good to me. 

Yet with the not-the-best-but-not-the-worst plan of action, I never felt any better, and nothing seemed to get better (or worse)… on paper anyway. 

I pretty much blamed it all then on an aging endocrine system, messed up hormones and, in all actually, that probably was playing a part in my life and health therein.  Unfortunately, I was accepting the concept that I had to grow older and thus had to deal with age-related deterioration.   (I’m learning now life doesn’t have to be the way I thought it would be.)

On Going Vegan

I pigged out on a recent breakfast buffet at a hotel during Christmas… and I did not gain a single pound over the trip thanks to the plant based food I ate!

Back to my thyroid diagnosis and my battle with faulty what-evers…. 

A small light came on and some change of thought came when a new thyroid test revealed my thyroid was actually producing the proper amount of thyroid hormones.  It was just that my body was not properly converting the T4 hormone from my thyroid into a T3 (an energy) hormone to be sent throughout my body, the rest of my body simply rejecting the hormones I actually had to use. (That’s called Reverse T3 or Reverse Triiodothyronine.)  No wonder I was still tired all the time!  

I said to my doctor…  actually I said to myself….  so why am I taking more of a hormone product (even though it was a natural hormone product) when I already have that hormone and just can’t convert it? 

I’ve GOT to get my body in better working order, I was thinking. 

I’ve GOT to start losing weight, and WHEN THE WEIGHT IS OFF, my body will start to heal itself, I was thinking. 

I’ve got a story to tell about how I became a vegan and some insight as to how to start eating vegan, how to become plant based, at least in the way I started.  I believe I have some learned lessons and insight as to how to get healthy eating habits and even now some about how to lose weight as a vegan. (I’m still getting there, but I do have some already to offer others.) I think I may have to save that for another day, or other days, more likely 

However, before I leave here, I would like to share with you all that you don’t need to lose weight and THEN start your journey to get healthy.  You can begin to heal yourself, heal your life and start getting healthier AS you eat more plant based food.  

But is that easy?

Plant based recipes and plant based products abound.  You can easily buy plant based products online or at your local health food stores (many in even regular grocery stores).  There are tons of recipes that are vegan and even recipes that are vegan and gluten free on Pinterest and in vegan cookbooks. 

You may be thinking salad, salad, salad, bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinner and salad for dessert… but really… being vegan encompasses the world of real, whole foods that abound on this planet. 

If you don’t believe me, check out vegan cookbooks.  There are tons of vegan cookbooks for beginners even to help you get started in a strong, plant based way.

Here’s one!  (Click to see more).


If you are thinking about starting a vegan diet, a diet that excludes meat, animal by products, dairy products, and eggs… or even if you are just wanting to move to a plant based diet somewhat to reap the health benefits that come with all those healthy foods, you should know veganism is not only healthy, it is actually fun… and exciting. 

Yes, the science for plant based nutrition and health through nutrition IS there.  God’s pharmacy is incredible! 

All science aside though, if you have been functioning on what many now call the “Standard American Diet”, you have perhaps come to overlook the beauty and taste… and joy… of eating of the abundance God placed on this earth for our needs (and enjoyment).  

What’s more, if you’re eating the Standard American Diet, my guess is that making a change to eating plant based foods, or at least eating mostly plant based foods, will open your eyes and expand your skills as well as desires.  Really!  

I am certainly not the only one who has come to discover how wonderful it feels to take a step such as my husband and I have.  Yes, my husband and I are both vegans and yes, we are both losing weight on a vegan diet (although I have a lot more to lose then he does).  I read a great article today that really reflects the great changes I have gone through since changing what I eat and changing how I live life in the kitchen (and elsewhere). 

As I read the article, I kept thinking…  I want to share my own joy with those I know. 

So here we are!  🙂 

It’s actually fun feeling more in charge.  

It is FUN getting healthier.  

And it’s fun to eat great food. 

It’s easier to do than you might think too.  

Don’t worry, I’ll have another post on that idea.

However, before we go….  

Here’s the article I saw today which I still want to share.

You can read it at the link here: 

EAT THE RAINBOW The philosophical case for going vegan is about pleasure—not preachiness

     -by Sandy Grant, Philosopher, University of Cambridge  

Going Vegan

I can not emphasis how great that article above is.  Please read it if you have the time.  (Link above)

As I mentioned above, I better get going, at least for now, but I will be back, and I will share some more about this topic with you (along with other topics, just like we always have). 


Chris Abercrombie Stevens

Editor and Publisher of The New American Home 

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11 New International Version (NIV)


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Finding The Truth About Coconut Oil – Is Coconut Oil Healthy Or Not?

Finding The Truth About Coconut Oil

Finding The Truth About Coconut Oil – Is Coconut Oil Healthy Or Not?

Well? IS Coconut Oil healthy or not? We’re hearing conflicting messages. Maybe it’s time to go to the source to see what’s true and what may not be so much.
This is such an important learning time as this could affect so many in so many good…or bad…ways, depending on who you believe or what you choose to do.
If you are concerned about your overall health, deal with high cholesterol, are concerned about heart disease or have been told you may be at risk for heart disease, are overweight and want to lose weight, are striving to cook healthier foods, or find yourself simply just confused about what some of today’s so-called health organizations are telling you to do, or NOT do, regarding coconut oil, please read this article (link below) from Trim Healthy Mama founders Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison.
Pearl and Serene’s “take” on things is from a CHRISTIAN point of view and includes Biblical perspectives as both Pearl and Serene are not only well versed in health and medical research but are strong in their faith and draw their wisdom from Biblical principles as well as Scriptural teachings.
Finding The Truth About Coconut Oil

Is Coconut Oil Bad For You?

While Pearl and Serene’s insight into coconut oil as a healthy food vs. danger is extraordinary, there is more to learn here in their insight.  There is a teaching opportunity, a learning opportunity… a teaching “moment” as my husband and I used to call many real time events during our many home schooling years.  
 The teaching opportunity (or teaching moment) here comes not just about how to tackle high cholesterol, battle diabetics, or even just discover new healthy habits, although we should learn all we can in those areas!.
We can, and SHOULD, learn so much more in this “moment”.   It’s there.  Want to know what it is? 
I believe the most important teachable moment here could very well be the confusion surrounding coconut oil use and our ability to see and understand how information is sometimes given and even sometimes manipulated in ways you might never have imagined.
We are sometimes given (naively) incorrect or outdated information. Sometimes though, we simply get a corporate message.
Listen friends, God won’t give you a manipulated narrative, and HE is not into our bodies for His financial gain.
While the teachable moment here, right now, is this most recent AHA announcement, the learning opportunity here is to learn to depend upon the Lord’s provisions, love, and guidance… and NOT mans’ notions, ventures, or schemes. 
See what Serene and Pearl have to share about coconut oil, and consider how the Lord Almighty Himself may have had a part in what they have to say.
After you have put some time and thought into the article here (below), I would like to hear your thoughts.  
Here are a few questions that might arise as you consider what Pearl and Serene wrote. 
  • What do you think about the American Heart Association coconut oil recommendations?
  • Do YOU believe the American Heart Association (AHA) narrative that coconut oil is bad for you and canola oil is a better option when cooking with oil?  
  • Do you adhere to a low fat diet, and how is that working out for you if you are?  
  • What are YOU doing for YOUR high cholesterol count, and is it working or not?  
  • How do you feel about public health organizations providing research and medical or health recommendations based on paid and/or sponsored studies?  
  • What are the health benefits of coconut oil you have experienced or have heard about, if any, that most appeal to you?   
  • What insight most struck you from the Trim and Healthy Mama article on coconut oil?  
  • Did God bring any thoughts to your mind as you read what Pearl and Serene shared about the AHA study on coconut oil? 
  • What Scripture, if any, can you find which helps in your own decision as to whether or not to use coconut oil in cooking and/or for other basic needs?  
Oh, those are maybe just a few of the many thoughts you may have had after reading Pearl and Serene’s article on coconut oil.  You may have had others!  Whatever thoughts that flood your mind after getting this info though, make the most of it and learn a lesson…. or two…. and please feel free to share with us here if you like.
Here is Trim Healthy Mama’s response to the idea of whether or not coconut oil is good or bad for you… and WHY.  Read it below.   PLEASE……..  READ…….  
Coconut Oil Article by Trim Healthy Mama

Please read this article on coconut oil below!

Coconut Oil… So, Now It’s Bad?!?!?
By Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett
Wishing you well.  
In Christ,
Chris Stevens
The New American Home With Chris Stevens 
The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at the proper time. You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.  Psalm 145:15-16 New International Version (NIV)

Love Grown Cereal Review – I Ate Beans For Breakfast Today!

Love Grown Cereal Review Collage 2

I was at a new Natural Grocers Store in Fort Worth, Texas yesterday, and what did I find but a cereal made with beans. I wondered. I bought. I ate. Now I give a review of Love Grown Cereal.

If you are like me, totally naive about cereal made from beans, you may be a little surprised (as was I) to see such a product.  I had never seen such a thing before which is probably WHY I purchased the box of Love Grown Polar Puffs cereal which I did.  OK… that AND the fact that the store had an overstock and marked some of the boxes down to move them out quickly.  

I’m a sucker for beans, and I’m really a sucker for saving money!  

I really wasn’t sure what to think when I purchased the box, but I was hopeful.  I had great success in the past when I first saw and tried Beanitos Bean Snacks (low glycemic, some vegan, all vegetarian and all non-GMO gluten free snacks made with beans).  I loved the Beanitos Black Bean Chips in particular… (but I also loved them all)… so seeing bean cereal was not SUCH a far stretch that I figured I would at least give them a try.  

Bean tortilla chips seem more natural to me than cereal bean products though, especially kids cereal products.  

I almost put them back on that second thought, but I finally convinced myself. 

Come on, Chris.  This is a healthy kids cereal.

The cereal is made with navy, lentil and garbanzo beans.  

There are no corn or wheat ingredients in it.

It’s a gluten free kids cereal.  It’s a vegan kids cereal.  It’s a healthy, non-GMO cereal.  

And… AND…. it’s supposed to taste like blueberries and vanilla.  (Remember, I hadn’t tried it yet, so I wasn’t completely sure of that!) It was SUPPOSED to…. fill in the blank…..  

OK.  That did it.  It was in my cart.  

Actually, I really didn’t go through all of that thinking.  

I was actually EXCITED to try such a cereal.  

I was also excited to say “I will eat beans for breakfast tomorrow morning!”   

That’s just the way I am.  🙂 

Well, my bean shopping excitement was yesterday.  I did try this cereal this morning.

Love Grown Polar Puffs Cereal


I poured some of the Love Made Polar Puffs into a bowl, and I added some milk.  I was out of both almonds and coconut milk, so my regular milk had to do today, (sorry vegan friends), but I added the milk that was available, and I had my first bite.  

You can see a horrible photo of me here below eating my first bite.  I wasn’t prepared for a glamour shot, but I wanted you to see my first bite of cereal made with beans.  Whatever my face was going to be, I wanted you to see it in its true form.

Chris's First Bite of Bean Cereal - Love Grown Cereal

It was wonderful!  

The sweetness was just right.  It was sweet enough to satisfy any child’s hankering for something sweet.  It was not TOO sweet.  

The Love Grown Polar Puffs actually had a great blueberry and vanilla taste too.  I mean that too!  I mean…  I could taste a blueberry flavor.  I could taste a vanilla flavor.  The two flavors were each very flavorful, and each flavor seemed separate, distinct would be a good word, but they were also very complimentary of each other.  

And no… in case you are wondering… There was absolutely NO flavor of beans in this cereal.  

I’m not sure if a bean flavor would be welcomed by children in the morning.  

I’m pretty sure, for all my love of beans, I wouldn’t want too much of a bean experience in the morning hours either.  

But hey, to each his own. 


Cereal Made With Beans - Love Grown Polar Puffs Cereal

From the back of my Love Grown bean cereal box. It says it’s cereal made with beans! 🙂

The cereal stayed crunchy for quite some time, most likely longer than what your kids might take eating their bowl of this on any given morning.  

I ended up taking a l-o-n-g time eating my bowl of cereal because I kept trying to take more photos of me hoping to get a better selfie.  I never did.  You got the original one.  

By the way, it’s really HARD to take a selfie while you’re holding a bowl of cereal in one hand and lifting a spoon of cereal up to your mouth to eat in the other!  I’m SURE God must have given me an additional hand to take this photo.  It may not be glamour on display, but it’s me, and what’s more important, it’s me eating beans in the morning!  

The point is, it took me a long time to eat my cereal. 

Fortunately, my cereal stayed fresh and crispy all the way through my “photo shoot”.  

So the taste of the Polar Puffs Cereal by Love Grown was great with no bean flavor and plenty of blueberry and vanilla taste. 

It was as sweet as I would have wanted it to be so I’m guessing as much as it would take to satisfy a picky child in the morning.  (I like some sweetness, just some, and I’m like a picky child in the morning… and sometimes at other times as well.)  🙂 

Add to all that the fact that it stayed crisp and edible for a LONG time for me.  

You’ll never have to deal with soggy cereal if you eat this every day of your life!  

But you won’t do that, will you?  

I asked because Love Grown has numerous other products that could keep every day new and exciting for you and your family members.  

Love Grown Cereal For Kids - Love Grown Polar Puffs

Love Grown Cereal has Love Grown kids cereals as this was.  They also have other cereals that would be appealing to adults as well as kids (Hey give me kids cereal any day).  Plus Love Grown products also include a variety of granola, hot cereals, and even some seasonal cereal products like the chocolate and strawberry heart shaped cereal which, well… you can figure out what day or days that kind of cereal might be really popular.   

The Love Grown company says their cereal (and thus your day) is “inspired by love and powered by nutrition”.  

It seems that is their passion too!

Maddy and Alex, the founders and owners of Love Grown Cereal, write right on their Love Grown website, About / Our Story page, that they wanted to change the world, to make a difference, to make clean, healthy food available to as many people as possible.  

They do what they do out of love for people.  

It looks like they are working to stay true to their clean eating, high-value nutrition pledge too.  

While not all their cereal and/or ingredients in cereal products are organic, they have gone through the process of non-GMO certification for most of their cereal products.  (Check each product individually if you’re concerned with any specific cereal or specific ingredient in a cereal.)   

Why are they not produced as organic cereal?  The FAQs of their website say they chose to make their cereals as cost effective as possible so as many people as possible could benefit.  

Their heart is dedicated to providing wholesome, natural ingredients for all their cereal products.   

They DO use only natural flavors and natural colors.  

All their cereals are either lightly sweetened or completely sugar free. 

All of their cereals are vegan except the Love Grown Power Os.  ALL are vegetarian friendly. 

Furthermore, all of their products, including the granola products are made with gluten free ingredients, specifically certified gluten free oats, and all of their products are inspected and shown gluten free before being shipped.

As always, check each product for ingredients if you have any allergies or medical conditions.  


Shown Above

Love Grown Polar Puffs, Blueberry Vanilla, 6.5 Ounce by Love Grown (at Amazon)


What I can tell you though, by no uncertain terms, is that my Love Grown Blueberry Vanilla Polar Puffs cereal this morning was totally worth buying and a totally wonderful breakfast experience. 

They tasted great.  

They filled my desire for a sweet-but-not-too-sweet vanilla and blueberry breakfast cereal.  

They did not get soggy.

I felt as if I was benefiting from a healthy cereal (made with love).  I feel so loved. 

Oh, and a bonus point here:   I felt full all morning long!  I’m loved AND satisfied.  That’s a great combination!  

If you haven’t tried a Love Grown cereal yet or just want to buy gluten free cereal (or buy a vegan cereal)…. (or buy a healthy cereal period)… I urge you to give one of the Love Grown cereals a chance. 

If the rest are anything like my Love Grown Polar Bears, the conclusion of my Love Grown cereal review  here says I think you’ll be very happy with your purchase. 


Love Grown Cereal Review Collage 2

Should I review other Love Grown products?

The question might better be, what are YOUR reviews of Love Grown cereal going to say? 

Give Love Grown a try if you haven’t yet, and let us know what you think! 

Here’s to all you great readers here… having 3 hands to take photos… good tasting cereal made with beans… and great companies like Love Grown.  

Have a healthy day! 


Diatomaceous Earth And Arthritis | How To Heal Arthritis Naturally

John and Chris Stevens

Diatomaceous Earth And Arthritis 


The surprising story of how food grade Diatomaceous Earth helped my damaged knee.  

If you have had joint damage or just plan arthritis, you need to read this! 


My personal story: 

I drink a glass of water with FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth every morning and have noted tremendous effects.

I began drinking it to help with my metabolism (normal aging but also a thyroid disorder which can offset the metabolic process – an effect of ANY thyroid problem).

I began feeling “better”, more energic and sharp, but what really surprised me was the vast amount of pain reduction of the severe arthritis in my right knee (from a rip in my meniscus a few years ago).

I had never considered DE for the arthritis, but I was not doing anything else for it at that time. I wondered if the DE could be what was giving me such relief and started reading more about it. Sure enough, I discovered FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth had minerals and qualities that could help with joint health – joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

If you’re interested in this, let me share a couple things.

Using Diatomaceous Earth For Arthritis


1  First, you MUST use FOOD GRADE. Food grade is pure and natural. If it is NOT food grade, you have the industrialized version which has been processed for swimming pools, cleaners, etc. Don’t drink that!  THAT is NOT for human consumption!  ONLY drink FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth!

2  Secondly, don’t expect healing or even the glimpses of such overnight. I was drinking my morning “dirt water” (as I affectionately call it) every morning for weeks before one day, I just realized I was walking in ways I never thought possible again. My knee felt really good.  I felt really good! Getting to those noticeable places in life takes time though.

3  Finally, make sure you drink lots of extra water when drinking DE with water. Diatomaceous earth can be dehydrating. If you don’t drink enough water along with your DE water mixture (I drink an extra glass of plain water right after my glass with DE and then more plain water all day long), you could find yourself being constipated, and that’s not good for you.

Oh, and one post note here:  

I may call this “dirt water”, but you might like to call it “chalk water”.  Yep.  It has a slightly-white appearance, and it tastes like it looks.  It’s OK.  Really!!!!  Consider it a daily reminder that you are working towards good health naturally!  

How To Heal Arthritis Naturally With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

1  Again, remember to always use FOOD GRADE.

I actually found my food grade supply close by at our local Russell Feed and Supply store. Some farmers and ranchers give food grade DE to animals or spread it on their skin or fur for natural parasite control, both internal and external.  (Use food grade for pets as well when doing this.) 

You can also find food grade DE easily online.

2  Start with just a little each day, maybe a teaspoon of food grade DE in a large glass of water (followed by another plain glass of water) until you are drinking up to 1 Tablespoon of food grade DE in water, still followed by more plain water afterwards and throughout the day.

Expect good results in your bowel movements, even better than before maybe) if you’re drinking enough water. Expect constipation if you are not drinking enough water with your dirt water, after your dirt water, and throughout the day.

3.  Keep drinking your food grade DE every day then, or at least every day you can.  If you miss a day, don’t worry.  Just keep going.  It is consistent and long-term efforts that help our body heal naturally, no matter what natural health protocol, remedies for athritis, or good habits you are working on! 

My success story does not mean you should drink food grade Diatomaceous Earth at the exclusion of all other plans of action or healthy habit building.  You should always be seeking information on healthy life style changes, holistic health ideas, medical help, or other functional or integrative health practices you could benefit from.   

I just wanted to share MY story with you here. 

John and Chris Stevens

John and Chris Stevens

Does Diatomaceous Earth help arthritis? 

I believe my success story DOES show promise for some of you who may want to give this one daily step a try to see if it might help you in some way.  

Want to try Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?  

Here is one I recommend:  


Nature’s Wisdom Diatomaceous Earth 1 pound 

Have you used Diatomaceous Earth for anything?  If you have, please share your story in the comments below!  


Chris Stevens

The New American Home With Chris Stevens @ padoozles.com 


Recommended additional reading by Chris:

6 Proven Diatomaceous Earth Uses and Benefits by Dr. Josh Axe 

5 Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth by Dr. Edward Group 

Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth by Dee McCaffrey, CDC

Ready to buy Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?  Buy it here:  Buy Diatomaceous Earth on Amazon 

5 Great Gluten Free Snacks for Kids

gluten free snack for kids

Gluten Free Snacks to Buy for Kids


Your kids will love these gluten free snacks when they’re ready for an afternoon snack or just need a pick-me-up. All listed here are Non GMO and kid approved.

These gluten free snacks for kids are perfect for packing in lunch boxes, sports bags, back packs, suit cases, or mom’s purse.

Just make sure you don’t eat them all yourself, Mom.

1. Van’s Simply Delicious PB&J Sandwich Bars

With peanut butter and blueberry jelly, these tasty little peanut butter and jelly bars are usually a favorite of all kids big and small. They have no artificial flavors or preservatives and are made with real peanut butter, actual blueberries, and gluten free oats.

They are also listed as dairy free, nut free, egg free, Non-GMO, and Kosher. 

The con: Those with peanut butter allergies will be left out on this one. Sorry guys and gals!


2.  Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks

Gluten free fruit snacks for the fruit lovers in your home

Annie’s Homegrown Organic Fruit Snacks are organic fruit bites made with real fruit juice and with no artificial colors or preservatives.  

Not only are they gluten free and non-GMO, they are considered vegan and, as with Annie’s as a whole, produced with organic ingredients and with an eye for good environmental principles.  

They come in individual packages with each package providing a whooping 100% of your child’s daily Vitamin C needs. 

For those children with allergies to food dyes, this product could be a welcome addition to your child’s snacks arsenal! 



3.  Snyder’s of Hanover Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks

Gluten Free Pretzels can be a lifesaver for some kids.  

Besides being gluten free, Hanover’s pretzels are non-GMO, dairy free, egg free, and low fat. 

4.  Old Wisconsin Turkey Sausage Sticks

Old Wisconsin Turkey Sticks makes for a filling, high protein snack that can help satisfy hungry tummies, especially when meal time might still be a little far away still.  The company Old Wisconsin makes their sausage sticks with no fillers or binders and fortunately no MSG.  

Con:  It’s hard to find turkey or beef sticks prepackaged in individual servings, but it’s also very easy to package servings yourself in little snack bags, keeping them refrigerated once opened until ready for use. 

5.  Gluten Free Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies by Pamela’s Products

These Pamela’s Products Gluten Free Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies are nice to have to give your child that once-in-a-while chocolate chip splurge.  Besides being gluten free, Pamela’s Products Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies are dairy free, nut free, soy free, made with organic ingredients, and labeled Kosher.  And yes, they are NON-GMO. 

But wait!!!!!

(Am I sounding like an Infomercial yet?)  🙂 

Not only does Pamela’s Products have Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Cookies, they also have Extreme Chocolate Gluten Free Cookies, Ginger Snaps aka Ginger Snapz Gluten Free Cookies, and Gluten Free Snickerdoodles, all mini cookies, all perfect to send or serve, and all delicious.  

You can check out all the flavors at my Amazon Affiliate link above to see which one you want… or eat all four flavors.  #Yum! 

PS, You’ll need to bag these in individual servings yourself, guys.  Don’t cheat!  


In addition to the packaged gluten free snacks to buy listed above, many of the below listed healthy gluten free snack ideas can be found right in your kitchen

1. Boiled Eggs

Yes, many kids really do like boiled eggs.  Cut them in half when serving if that makes them even more appealing to your child.

2. Most fresh fruit or veggies like apples, tangerines, radishes, carrots, and celery., etc.

Look for organic, non-GMO produce to avoid the nasties that come with pesticides and all that yucky GMO stuff we keep hearing about.

Extra Hint:  Serve cut veggies with a Gluten Free hummus for an even fuller veggie snack.

Check this list of gluten free foods to see a larger list of fruits and vegetables your child might like to munch on. 

3. Gluten Free DRIED Fruit!

Here’s a nice list here:  https://nuts.com/gluten-free/driedfruit/

Disclosure, the above is a link to nuts dot com.  This is NOT an affiliate link, just a link that shows how many great dried gluten free fruits there are.  Additionally, while nuts dot com is aware of the high market calls for non-GMO products, they are still in the process of finding non-GMO farmers for all their products.  Please check the listings at this site carefully before assuming any specific product is a non-GMO product.  

4. Gluten Free Yogurt.  

Read this article on Which Yogurts Are Gluten Free, but as with anything you buy in the grocery store, make sure you double check the label before purchasing.  Again, check the labels to make sure your yogurt has no added hormones and is not connected with genetically modified organisms. 

5. Many (but not all) nuts are gluten free.  

Check the label for any possible gluten or GMOs. 

And THEN…..  

There are also many recipes for gluten free snacks on blogs, websites, and Pinterest. 

Here’s an example of a really easy one.

Mix 1 cup dry roasted peanuts, 1 cup dates, and 1 pinch real salt in a food processor and process until it stops.  Roll into bars or balls, and serve. 

Getting Gluten Free Snacks for children doesn’t have to be a hard thing to do.  With so many children (and adults) diagnosed with Celiac Disease or even those who discover they have sensitives to gluten sensitivity which can cause any number of symptoms including gas, bloating, constipation, leaky gut issues, or other digestive disorders; thyroid problems or hormonal imbalances; migraine headaches, inflammation, mood swings, or ADD, etc there are now many snacks that are gluten free that all your family members can enjoy throughout their happy days of work and play.  

Note: Gluten Free snack foods are generally tolerated well by most folk whether or not they have a gluten sensitivity.  However, many Gluten Free foods (not all, but many) are somewhat higher in their carb count than typical low carb diet foods.  If you are on a doctor-directed low carb diet or other diet such as a keto diet etc, check with your doctor first before adding any gluten free food that may have a higher carb count.  

If you think you may have a gluten sensitivity and would like to be tested, your medical health professional has tests you can take to find out and help you determine your best path to nutritional wellness.

Eating journals can sometimes be very telling as well.  


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