Enjoy A Family Thanksgiving Movie Today!

happy thanksgiving movie

First of all…  Happy Thanksgiving! 

happy thanksgiving movieI’m getting ready for my own Thanksgiving dinner (at my daughter and son-in-law’s home this year), so I’ve got to hurry here a bit.  Still, I wanted to pop in and wish you all well today. 

As a Thanksgiving gift and a tip on saving money, I’m passing this YouTube video on to you.

Did you know you can find FULL movies at YouTube?  

There you go.  Now you know.  Saving money can sometimes be as easy as learning to use the free or cheaper tools you have at your fingertips.  YouTube is most likely at most of your fingertips already.  USE IT!  

In fact, there are lots of holiday movies online, many for free.  

But hey, you really need to utilize YouTube much more thank I bet most of you have.  

Oh yea, and be sure to download the YouTube app on your Roku or other streaming media box if you want to watch vids online on your television.  You don’t HAVE to do that if watching movies on a computer works for you or if you have a computer connected to your TV in some other fashion.  

If you want to watch these on your big screen (TV at home) though, a streaming media device connected to your television is an easy way to go.  

Get 7 days of (no-commitment, non-cable Sling TV FREE with the purchase of a Roku Express Streaming Media Device from Roku. (Limited time only, so check the listing before you order to see if the free Sling trial is still offered) See here: Buy Roku Express.

I’ll tell you more about those things later… if you need more info on doing that. 

In the meantime….  

Watch A Family Thanksgiving Hallmark Movie here on YouTube.



If you watch the movie (at this link to follow or above), A Family Thanksgiving Movie from Hallmark, you’ll see some Hallmark Christmas movies on YouTube at the related video list at YouTube as well.  

What’s better than a Hallmark movie for Thanksgiving?  OK, a Hallmark movie for Christmas is.  But both are good!  



Have fun.

You’re welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving!

… And God bless you all.  


Chris Stevens

The New American Home @ padoozles.com 

Beautiful Christmas Dinnerware Sets for Your Christmas Holiday Entertaining

Buy Christmas Dinnerware Set by

Sometimes we just want to make life pretty, and these beautiful Christmas dinnerware sets are just the way to add beauty to your Christmas holiday entertaining. 

That said….  When we’ve got a good excuse to spend a little extra to add some additional beauty into our home, such as an upcoming holiday entertaining event, it pays to purchase Christmas dinnerware sets in advance and from the comfort of your own home.   

You can find just the right Christmas holiday entertaining items for your needs, likes, or budget that way. 

It is in that thought that the following Christmas Dinnerware Sets are listed here for your viewing.

The following holiday dinnerware sets are all from Amazon and do not include the entire inventory available. 

I’m presenting some of the most popular and best selling Christmas plates and dinnerware sets on Amazon here.  OK, I might just like these too.   

Take a look, and see if you like any of these.  Feel free to check out others on Amazon as well.  We don’t all need or want the same things in life!  

Please note that going to Amazon from a link in this post will be taken to my Amazon Affiliate store.  If you so choose to purchase anything during your visit, a small part of the profit goes to my Amazon associate account of which I am grateful for.  Don’t worry though.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra!  

On to our Christmas holiday dinnerware extravaganza!  


This Gibson Home Christmas dinnerware set has all the traditional winter scenes we all love to enjoy during the holiday season without the specific markings of Christmas Day dinner.  In other words, you can use this traditional dinnerware set for Christmas but then take advantage of it all through the winter months too if you wish. 

This Toile dinnerware set is absolutely stunning with it’s beautifully-traditional Americana-style images, and its subtle overall tones will blend very nicely with just about any color or holiday decor you might coordinate with it.  

Personally, I would love to bring some of that green out, but these holiday dinnerware plates would look absolutely royal with some gold dining accessories too! 

Quite frankly, this set would look stunning with anything! 

Click here to see this Gibson Home Christmas dinnerware set for 4 on Amazon now.

Nice, yes, but let’s not leave Gibson Home dinnerware just yet.  

If you are more interested in a specific Christmas dinnerware set with the traditional markings of Christmas, Gibson also has the best selling Gibson Christmas Tree Trimmings 20 piece dinnerware set that covers exactly that, dinnerware with Christmas trees filled to the rim with Christmas toys, teddy bears, gingerbread cookies, and candy canes.  

You can’t get much festive than this beautiful but whimsical holiday dinnerware!

Click here to see this Gibson Christmas Tree dinnerware set seen above.

For those Martha Stewart Christmas fans, Miss Martha doesn’t disappoint with the Martha Stewart Holiday Garden 4 Piece Place Setting.  


Nice……..  🙂  

Just one note on the Martha Stewart setting above though.  This is a 4 piece place setting.  In other words, when you order this product, you are ordering a setting for one person.  You’ll need to adjust your quantity as you want, need, or desire. 

One of the most eloquent Christmas dinnerware sets on the market right now is the Royal Albert Old Country Roses Christmas Tree Place Setting.

While you can buy other Royal Albert china from England at much higher cost than this Royal Albert Christmas dinnerware by Royal Doulton, the absolute beauty and quality of this dinnerware set is unquestioned! 

My favorite classic holiday dinnerware on Amazon is the Mikasa Holiday Traditions Square 48-Piece Dinnerware Set Service for 12.

While the initial cost of this set seems a little more, consider the fact that this set comes in a larger quantity as well.  


Tip:  Always consider the number of settings you will get when you order Christmas dinnerware sets for holiday entertaining!  Dinnerware sets can differ in how many people they serve.


With that in mind, just look how pretty those red berries are inside that traditional green holly garland, not to mention the very subtle red link border outside the holly and berries pattern of the Mikasa dinnerware above.  This is just simple eloquence at its best, and considering the price, this is also an elegant holiday dinnerware set at a reasonable cost per setting.  


The above are just a few of the Christmas dinnerware sets on Amazon.  Your favorite may be right here on this page.  If it’s not, spend a little time online, and you’ll find just the right choice for you. 

You CAN buy Christmas dinnerware sets that will satisfy your needs and budget as well as your dreams and desires! 

A Thanksgiving Prayer for All Time

A Thanksgiving Prayer

A Thanksgiving prayer isn’t just for Thanksgiving Day, and it’s not just for times of thanks. A prayer of thanks is for any time, any day, any reason and at any hour or moment of the day.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. -1 Thessalonians 5:18

Dear Heavenly Father,

You give us so much!

Sometimes the things you give us are wonderful. We thank you for those things!

Sometimes the things you give us don’t look so good to us. It is a struggle to say this, dear Lord, but thank you for those things too because we know deep down that you give us all things for GOOD. These seemingly not-so-good times and events of our lives are not bad things in your eyes.  You are working something wonderful during those times, and you are with us in it all.

May I rest in your goodness and perfect Will.

Prayer of ThanksgivingAnd then there is this:

Sometimes the things we have in our lives hurt.

How can I thank you for those things?

I can thank you because I know you love me. That’s the ONLY way I could thank you sometimes! I thank you because I know you love me and you are with me on this journey. 

You never wanted the hurting things to happen. You gave us a world where those things would NOT happen. Then evilness entered the world, and we have to wait to be in that perfect world once again.

Trusting God Day by Day: 365 Daily Devotions  (Amazon Affiliate Link)


I will thank you for being right there with me through those things that hurt.

Dear Lord, I do ask that you make Your love known to me in my broken world here… Make that love you have for me, for me PERSONALLY, known to me, FELT by me, that I see you in so many different things right now.

If I have to have the pain, or the hurt, or the sadness, and I know those things will be, I know I want YOU more than ever. Be near me. (I know you will.)… And let me FEEL you near me. I need that.

Because of Your love, I can thank you even in the hurting times. I am thankful I have YOU.

Thank you that you I have YOU. Thank you for being my Lord and God. Thank you for being my everything. Thank you for BEING everything.

Yes, I will declare it right here, right now. You… Lord… are my EVERYTHING. For without You, I would have nothing anyway. 

Lord, I am so thankful I have you because good things come and go, and bad times want to overcome, but you…. YOU will always be there, and your love will overcome all.

When I have You, and when I know You are ALL I have, I have blessings beyond imaginable.

Praise God! I am blessed.

What Can I Pray to God When I am Hurting

Thank you, Heavenly Father.

Thank you for all the wonderful things you give.

Thank you for working something wonderful during those times that don’t seem so great. And thank you for being so wonderful when it hurts.

We give thanks. We really can give thanks!  

May our Thanksgiving Day prayers this year honor all you are and all you do in our lives, and may we remember your goodness and grace every future day of our lives.

Through Jesus Christ we come to you, both now and forever more,


A Thanksgiving Prayer

Happy Thanksgiving from padoozles.com

Praise God for All Things Not So Good

Praise God at Thanksgiving

Are you thankful this Thanksgiving Day, or are you asking questions instead?

If you are dealing with struggles on this earth, and I mean real STRUGGLES, read here to see where we found thankfulness and to see if you can find something good too this upcoming day of thankfulness.

Praise God at Thanksgiving

What’s going on in your life right now?

I’ll tell you my husband and I have had some pretty bad times these last few years.  After 25 years in the military, my husband retired, and we packed our bags and went to seminary.  We didn’t think it would be easy, but we also didn’t think it would be the end of the world as we knew it.

Let me just say this now.

We faced troubles like you wouldn’t believe.

As required by the Army at that time, my husband submitted his 9 months notice to retire, and we immediately began putting the work into getting our house into tip top shape to sell, thinking we would sell it and go live in the lower cost of living state of Texas with great ease.    We even had these great plans of buying a little, low cost house in Texas with cash and living frugally throughout my husband’s seminary training.  We could do that!  Right?

And then that $330,000 home in that nice, further-out Washington DC suburb fell to where we couldn’t even sell it to break even around $160,000.  We lost not only tons of potential equity but thousands in actual equity.

Not able to sell our home, not able to pay for it ourselves anymore on a retired income, a retired enlisted income in fact, and feeling all the obligation in the world for our word (your yes means yes, you know), we rented our home there in Virginia for more than two more years at more than a $700.00 a month loss (what we owed each month vs. what we could get in the rental market where our home was), hoping (dreaming) the market would eventually come back to where we could at least sell our house back home.

Remember, we had never lived through such a housing burst before.

The market never did come back.

We sold everything we had of worth or value, from large to small value in fact, to keep making those monthly payments and to put even a meager amount of food on our table, selling ALL we had of worth except for a few family items we knew our family back east would be upset if we parted with.

We did without.  We lived without.  We sold plasma.  (I still have the scars in the crooks of my arms.)   We knew any extra need would have to go untouched.  We learned to not even have any wants.

We sometimes only had the food we received from the seminary’s weekly food ministry to eat, supplemented only at times by $10.00 to $20.00 a week at the grocery store (and that included funds for purchasing grooming and household items needed).

My husband cashed out what little 401K savings we had which had only started shortly before he put in his retirement papers.

We eventually realized our “yes” to that house back home was going to mean “no” to the small house here in Texas we had purchased and were living in here in Texas (with a mortgage since we didn’t have the funds we thought we would have to move here to begin with).

We begged the mortgage company back home to work with us… for a reprieve… for some kind of help… just to do SOMETHING… ANYTHING to work with us.

We subjected ourselves to being an open book to them.  They knew every single thing we owned (or did NOT own by that time), every penny we had go into and back out of our bank account, and every large or small intention or thought we had throughout the time my husband’s retirement, relocation, and everything before, in between, and afterwards.

After several weeks of what seemed like a whirlwind couples relationship and almost-marriage and also the sale of our only decent remaining vehicle to make another monthly housing payment, the mortgage company gave us a financial worksheet to complete.  After competing it, they came back and said they were sorry they could not help us because we did not have enough income or assets.

We were broke, and we couldn’t get help because we were broke.

Oh, there was plenty more going on there at that time, and things only got worse for us throughout the next few years.  I have said many times , “when God gave us a calling, He sure didn’t make it an easy one.”  And He didn’t.  He really didn’t.

I’m sure we had difficulty many days being able to say even some of the kinds of  “I’m thankful for…s” you see on Facebook these days.

We really had nothing much to feel thankful about in the sense of seeing or having things we were thankful for.

But we came to understand there was ONE thing we had, and that was Jesus Christ.

Oh, God didn’t set us up with lots of comforts or even assurances for several years, but we had Jesus Christ Himself.

And what was even better to learn, we came to realize that no matter what else failed us in this earthly life, no matter what else we lost, and no matter what else we did not get, or did not have to survive even, NOTHING could take Jesus Christ from us.

I could fill you in on the rest of the story, and maybe I will someday so long as we don’t get the “you were just stupid or sinful” talks.  We know what we did wrong and what we did right.

So perhaps, PERHAPS, I’ll fill you in a little more sometime… if you want and if it makes a point I want to make someday.

(Disclosure:  our troubles and worries didn’t end there, but neither did our journey of faith and ultimate blessings.)

But for the time we have together now, I want to remind those of you who are dealing with a difficult time or very difficult situations, that if you have Jesus Christ, you really do have what counts the most of all on this earth.

There is nothing more awesome and which brings a person more to life than when they get to the point to where if Jesus Christ is really all they have, that Christ Jesus is enough.

Chew on that this Thanksgiving, and you’ll have blessings many others on this earth have no inkling of.


Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Praise God for all the toils we know.

Praise God we know more pain than most,

For we can claim the Lord foremost.

Ahhh—- mennnn.


Best wishes for a blessed Thanksgiving Day filled with Jesus Christ.



Chris Stevens

Editor-in-Chief, Padoozles.com


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree – Just How Did You Come to Be?

The History of Christmas Trees

December 1776. The feeble new nation known as the United States of America was fighting for its life. It was losing.

The winter of 1776 had brought brutal defeats and bone-chilling cold to George Washington’s ragtag Continental Army.  Both had taken a severe toll. It seemed as if the upstart revolutionaries might soon be back under the British thumb, the dreams of independence and freedom rendered nothing but a bittersweet memory.

But it was Christmas, and Washington saw an opportunity. Britain’s paid German mercenaries, the Hessians, were encamped about 30,000 strong at Trenton. And on the night of December 25th, they were celebrating the holiday. Lots of food, lots of singing and drinking, all centered around a symbol of Christmas that they had brought with them from Germany: the Christmas tree.

Washington’s army braved the historic nighttime crossing of the frigid Delaware River. His troops attacked and routed the befuddled Hessians at dawn. And the Christmas trees that had been a focal point of the Hessians’ night of celebration bore silent witness to the rebirth of the American Revolution.

Christmas trees were not yet popular in America. But they played a part, if only symbolic, in the birth of the nation that would one day produce more than 40 million Christmas trees every year.

The History of Christmas TreesIt Came Upon a Midnight Clear

The history of Christmas trees can be traced back to long before the birth of Christ. Ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and Romans treasured evergreen trees and shrubs as symbols of life. They would often decorate the interiors of their homes with boughs and wreaths cut from evergreen foliage.

But the concept of the Christmas tree is thought to have begun in 16th century Germany, where entire evergreen trees would be brought into homes and decorated to help celebrate Christmas.

In fact, the German reformationist Martin Luther is often credited with being the first to add lights to a Christmas tree.

As the story goes, Luther was walking home through a snowy forest on a frosty, crystal-clear Christmas Eve night. As he passed by a group of evergreen trees, the beauty of the snow-dusted foliage gleaming in the moonlight enchanted him. And as he looked to the sky, he was taken by the sight of the myriad twinkling stars that seemed to be adorning the branches of the evergreens.

Arriving home, he was inspired to recapture the beauty of the forest by setting up a small fir tree in his home, and lighting it with candles – the first Christmas tree lights.

Christmas Trees Become an American Institution

During the 16th and 17th centuries, the tradition of the Christmas tree became more widespread throughout Europe. German immigrants – along with the Hessian soldiers – introduced the Christmas tree to America in the 1700’s.

But the Christmas tree didn’t enjoy widespread acceptance among Americans in the beginning. In fact, many rejected the Christmas tree outright because of its roots in ancient pagan religions. Some communities even declared Christmas trees to be illegal, and levied substantial fines against those who displayed them.

The opposition was short-lived, though, and by the mid to late 1800’s Christmas trees were widely accepted as Christmas traditions. By the early 1900’s most American families were displaying Christmas trees every year.

Edward H. Johnson, an associate of Thomas Edison, created the first electric Christmas tree lights in 1882. And in 1883 Sears, Roebuck & Company sold the first artificial Christmas trees.

Christmas Trees Have Come a Long Way…

It’s estimated that Americans spend more than 1.5 billion dollars every year on Christmas trees, both real and artificial. And with the new LED-based lighting that’s available, decorating those trees in spectacular fashion is more exciting, safer, and more energy-efficient than ever before.

These days, most American families wouldn’t consider going through the holidays without setting up a tree. Christmas trees have become a firmly established tradition in America – a nation that might never have come to be without the distraction that Christmas trees helped to provide to a group of reveling Hessian soldiers on a cold Christmas night in 1776.


Jason Woodward is Director of eCommerce for ChristmasDesigners.com, a leading supplier of Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and Christmas decor. Christmas Designers caters to all Christmas enthusiasts, including private homeowners and professional installation contractors. You can also find Jason on https://plus.google.com/107416719753702625652/posts.

By: Chris Delker

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