Cool Kids Night Lights

Kids Night Lights

Cool Kids Night Lights To The Rescue! 

When it comes to kids bedroom accessories, necessities, and decor, sometimes fun needs to be as important as functionality, at least to the young individual residing there.  If you are looking for a good kids room night light, you might want to check these models and styles from Amazon first.  

Note:  The links on this page to Amazon will go to my Amazon Associate site.  You won’t experience any increase in your cost, but if you purchase any item, a small portion of that cost will be credited to my account. 

Oh, you’ll still get an honest opinion and reflection from me regarding all nightlights for kids I mention here.  

I simply enjoy all the companies, styles, options, and savings at Amazon and love sharing all those with you!

Below are some, and I repeat SOME, of my favorite nightlights for kids from Amazon.


Disney Kids Nightlights

Disney Projectables Frozen LED Plug-In Night Light, Image Projects Onto Wall or Ceiling

This Disney projection night light is great for either your child’s bedroom or the family bathroom.  With clear and distinct LED projections of Elsa and Anna on the wall when the lights are off, and a soft hue from bedtime to morning, this Frozen movie night light makes a very reassuring yet safe night light for a child.  The con of this sweet product is that it runs on electric.  Therefore, if the electric goes out, little Elsa and Anna will be sound asleep if your little one happens to wake up in the midst of a power outage.


Disney SoftPals Mickey Mouse Nightlight 

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to Micky Mouse as they fall asleep!  This Mickey Mouse nightlight is actually a softpal your child can hold, snuggle, walk around with, and fall asleep holding.  You charge up.  He lights up for up to 6 hours afterwards.  

Since Softpals glow for only up to 6 hours or so, they are not your traditional “nightlight” that light your pathway in the middle of the night.  They are however, a nice bedroom accessory for a child, helping them to feel all warm and comfy as they fall asleep each night. 


Disney nightlights don’t end there at Amazon.  There are some pretty cool night lights for those older Star Wars fans and Cars the movie night lights, Toy Story night lights, Sophia Softpals and more for younger guys and gals.


Nursery Room Night Lights

Ohuhu USB Rechargeable LED Vase Lamp Table Lamp, Nursery Night Light for Bedroom/Kids Room/Living Room Decoration

The Ohuhu Rechargeable LED table lamp and night light is a perfect addition to a nursery!  You can always use it as a stunningly beautiful but simple nightlight for the nursery, but its usefulness lives longer then as a beautiful lamp for any room then down the road…. or just keep it in your child’s bedroom if you don’t need stars or Star Wars or Spider Man on the walls. 

The light has three levels of illumination from soft light mode to medium light mode up to high light mode, all using a rechargeable base that can keep going up to 40 hours (on the soft light mode).  

What’s really cool with this one is that you can even charge it via your computer or laptop.  It even comes with a USB cable to do so.  

I think I even hear some college students clicking to Amazon to see this one!   How versatile! 


Zitrades Baby Night Light Rainbow Baby and Toddler Nightlight

You can’t get much cooler and cuter than this rainbow toddler night light by Zitrades!  

After all, a smiling face and a random display of soft changing colors makes the perfect friend to a young child trying to settle in to a peaceful sleep.  

This rainbow night light is a plug in, but it is energy efficient and is produced to never get hot to the touch.


Battery Operated Night Lights for Kids

Silicone Night Lamp Battery Operated with 7-Color Mood Light, Sensitive Tap Control for Baby, Kids, and Adults

Yep.  I’m an adult, and even I want one of these!  However, the appeal of colors in this battery operated night light will make this a great nightlight for a child’s room for sure.  At just the touch, this cute little guy changes to a different soft and subtle color, an entertaining benefit in addition to being a quality nightlight.  

The pro is that this little battery-run guy is that he’ll be lighting your child’s way all night long through rain, snow, or power outages.  

The con is that… well…. if I were a kid, and it were ME….  I would stay up a little longer, losing a little sleep, changing his color over and over again.  🙂  


Projection Night Lights for Children

What could be nicer than stars projected onto your bedroom ceiling?  

You know… like this Galaxy Night Light Projector Lamp below?  Yea, that’s quite nice, isn’t it!  

How about this?

Starry Night Light Lamp, 3 Modes Colorful LED Moon Sky Dreamer Desk Rotating Cosmos Starlight Projector Night Light for Kids

With this cool night light, you get stars OR you can have the ocean.  You can even change it up to say “Happy Birthday” and change the settings to have a light show with side effects and slow fades.  

I think this one might interest a wide range of children from birth to school age to mommy and daddy age!   


Plug In Nightlights for Kids Rooms and Bathrooms

Of course, we don’t want to forget those more-traditional plug in nightlights that have worked throughout the years.  We don’t just have the old fashioned covered Christmas light bulb any more either.  There are some really cute and cool plug in night lights now.

Sunlighte’s LED Whale Night Light, Plug in Wall Lamp for Kids (below) has an auto on/off, dusk to dawn sensor, so it’s there all night long when needed.  However, its use of LED power saving technology means this isn’t going to be a drain on the electric bill budget.  It comes in a pack of two as well, a nice selling point at its low cost. 


While there are many other night lights for kids bedrooms at Amazon, I’m hoping this will give you a good idea of some of the cool night lights available now for your children and grandchildren.  

If you’re like me, you might even be thinking about one of these for yourself.  

After all, everyone needs to go to the potty at nighttime sometimes.  Why not smile with the delight of a child as you go?    



Quilted China Storage Cases Offer China Protection With Style

Quilted China Keepers

Are you looking to buy quilted china storage protectors for dinnerware sets and serving accessories?  These quilted china keepers should be on your radar then! 

For nice dinnerware sets that need protection during storage times, these quilted china keepers by Richards Homewares of Oregon may just be what you’re looking for.  While they are not intended for use alone if transporting during a move or tightly packed in a long-term storage facility (without additional bubble wrap and/or a boxed exterior), quilted china protectors are a practical way to protect dinnerware sets from the chipping, cracking, and dust collection that can happen when fine china and cups are not in use.  

The Richards Homewares quilted china storage set of 6 pieces is a starter set that actually accommodates a good amount of china and comes with cushioned dividers to keep glassware from rubbing, a main cause of chipping and cracking and can be loaded from the top for ease of control.  

It comes in four colors as seen below including red, exceptionally colorful for your Christmas and Holiday dinnerware sets….  



Or Natural…

You also have a simple white option with these white quilted china storage cases



Or a more richly-colored choice with these beautiful crimson colored pieces.  


The cost of this quilted dinnerware storage set is quite reasonable and is rated well by Amazon purchasers for its effectiveness for its cost.  


For a slightly higher but still modest cost, this Homewear 8-Piece Hudson Damask China Storage Container Set in tan offers a beautiful way to store dinnerware sets and pieces.  



 While some Hudson Damask China Storage Container reviews on Amazon felt the interior dividers could stand to be a little sturdier overall with thicker dividers than accompany the quilted exteriors, the quality of the quilting itself was deemed high by Amazon purchasers, adding to the set’s overall sturdiness for its reasonable cost.  


For an even higher quality and larger set which includes 2 china accessory protectors, this Homeware 8-piece Hudson Damask China Storage Container Set comes with soft quilted microfiber and accommodates a dinnerware set for 8 plus serving plates.



Hudson Damask also has a very nice long stemware quilted storage container.  



As you can see, the Goblet Stemware Storage for 12 Glasses matches quite nicely with the above kit! 

For those with exquisitely fine china needs who are looking for the best quilted china keepers to buy, this Marathon Housewares KW030008 Deluxe Quilted Damask China Storage Case Set of 6 in Ivory may be more to your liking.  The quality and sizes of the containers are promising.  Of course, the cost is higher though too.  


Even the finest of china can have a place of protection with the Marathon Housewares Deluxe Quilted Storage Set above.

As you can see, you don’t have to forfeit style to protect your beautiful china when the pieces are not in use.  Whether it’s your holiday dinnerware, special dinnerware sets, or family treasures. you can protect those special dishes with care as well as by “design”. 


The above products links to quilted storage protectors for china are Amazon affiliate links.  While they are just a sampling of what you can purchase on Amazon, should you purchase anything during your visit to Amazon from any one of the above links, or discover and purchase another product during that time, it will not cost you anything extra but will help maintain this site and bless the owner / writer / publisher of The New American Home with Chris Stevens.  (That’s me.)  🙂 

Beautiful Christmas Dinnerware Sets for Your Christmas Holiday Entertaining

Buy Christmas Dinnerware Set by

Sometimes we just want to make life pretty, and these beautiful Christmas dinnerware sets are just the way to add beauty to your Christmas holiday entertaining. 

That said….  When we’ve got a good excuse to spend a little extra to add some additional beauty into our home, such as an upcoming holiday entertaining event, it pays to purchase Christmas dinnerware sets in advance and from the comfort of your own home.   

You can find just the right Christmas holiday entertaining items for your needs, likes, or budget that way. 

It is in that thought that the following Christmas Dinnerware Sets are listed here for your viewing.

The following holiday dinnerware sets are all from Amazon and do not include the entire inventory available. 

I’m presenting some of the most popular and best selling Christmas plates and dinnerware sets on Amazon here.  OK, I might just like these too.   

Take a look, and see if you like any of these.  Feel free to check out others on Amazon as well.  We don’t all need or want the same things in life!  

Please note that going to Amazon from a link in this post will be taken to my Amazon Affiliate store.  If you so choose to purchase anything during your visit, a small part of the profit goes to my Amazon associate account of which I am grateful for.  Don’t worry though.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra!  

On to our Christmas holiday dinnerware extravaganza!  


This Gibson Home Christmas dinnerware set has all the traditional winter scenes we all love to enjoy during the holiday season without the specific markings of Christmas Day dinner.  In other words, you can use this traditional dinnerware set for Christmas but then take advantage of it all through the winter months too if you wish. 

This Toile dinnerware set is absolutely stunning with it’s beautifully-traditional Americana-style images, and its subtle overall tones will blend very nicely with just about any color or holiday decor you might coordinate with it.  

Personally, I would love to bring some of that green out, but these holiday dinnerware plates would look absolutely royal with some gold dining accessories too! 

Quite frankly, this set would look stunning with anything! 

Click here to see this Gibson Home Christmas dinnerware set for 4 on Amazon now.

Nice, yes, but let’s not leave Gibson Home dinnerware just yet.  

If you are more interested in a specific Christmas dinnerware set with the traditional markings of Christmas, Gibson also has the best selling Gibson Christmas Tree Trimmings 20 piece dinnerware set that covers exactly that, dinnerware with Christmas trees filled to the rim with Christmas toys, teddy bears, gingerbread cookies, and candy canes.  

You can’t get much festive than this beautiful but whimsical holiday dinnerware!

Click here to see this Gibson Christmas Tree dinnerware set seen above.

For those Martha Stewart Christmas fans, Miss Martha doesn’t disappoint with the Martha Stewart Holiday Garden 4 Piece Place Setting.  


Nice……..  🙂  

Just one note on the Martha Stewart setting above though.  This is a 4 piece place setting.  In other words, when you order this product, you are ordering a setting for one person.  You’ll need to adjust your quantity as you want, need, or desire. 

One of the most eloquent Christmas dinnerware sets on the market right now is the Royal Albert Old Country Roses Christmas Tree Place Setting.

While you can buy other Royal Albert china from England at much higher cost than this Royal Albert Christmas dinnerware by Royal Doulton, the absolute beauty and quality of this dinnerware set is unquestioned! 

My favorite classic holiday dinnerware on Amazon is the Mikasa Holiday Traditions Square 48-Piece Dinnerware Set Service for 12.

While the initial cost of this set seems a little more, consider the fact that this set comes in a larger quantity as well.  


Tip:  Always consider the number of settings you will get when you order Christmas dinnerware sets for holiday entertaining!  Dinnerware sets can differ in how many people they serve.


With that in mind, just look how pretty those red berries are inside that traditional green holly garland, not to mention the very subtle red link border outside the holly and berries pattern of the Mikasa dinnerware above.  This is just simple eloquence at its best, and considering the price, this is also an elegant holiday dinnerware set at a reasonable cost per setting.  


The above are just a few of the Christmas dinnerware sets on Amazon.  Your favorite may be right here on this page.  If it’s not, spend a little time online, and you’ll find just the right choice for you. 

You CAN buy Christmas dinnerware sets that will satisfy your needs and budget as well as your dreams and desires! 

Unique DIY Indoor Herb Gardens That Inspire

Recycle Vintage Tins

How many ways can you grow your own herbs inside?  There are plenty of ways apparently.  Who knew!  Be unique.  See how to build your own herb garden here!  

Pioneer Settler, a very nice homesteading and self sufficiency website has 15 different indoor herb gardens you can create using items from mason jars to file drawers to tea cups.  

If you like to recycle and re-purpose, or if you simply want a hanging herb garden chandelier in your dining room (I’m NOT kidding, lol), you might want to take a look at the article “Indoor Herb Garden Ideas” at the Pioneer Settler website. 

A couple of my favorite from that article include:

The tea pot herb garden here:

Tea Pot Herb Garden


And the gutter indoor herb garden here:

Gutter Indoor Herb Garden


 For simplicity sake, and just because so many people love mason jars, the mason jar herb garden is worth a mention here too.  

See it here:

Mason Jar Herb Garden 

Links to instructions for all 15 unique herb gardens are included at the article, so you will have all you need to get started!  

Oh yea, the chandelier herb garden?

Here it is!

Hanging Herb Garden


Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide: 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow, and Use (Amazon Associate Link) 


The website at Applied Health provides 19 MORE innovative and creative ways to build and/or set up an herb garden.  Now some of these ideas are for outside herb gardens, but a lot of them show how to grow herbs indoors, and even some of the outdoor ideas could easily be applied to an indoor setting.  

If you have some old chairs you might like to paint in some bold, soft, or whatever-other-way possible, you could always place a couple of them in the corner of a room alongside a small painted table to create a stunningly natural garden indoors.

Like this:

Stand for indoor herb garden

How about re-purposing a desk to create a very different kind of indoor garden for growing herbs?

Like this:

Repurposed desk for indoor herb garden

Or you could just recycle some vintage canisters or vintage tins for your herbs.

Recycle Vintage Tins

Whoa.  I just realized how pretty an arrangement like this would look on the slide out shelf of my prized yellow Hoosier cabinet!  I’m in!  

You can see the above plus tons more ideas at the Applied Health article here:  Up-cycling Ideas to Make an Indoor Herb Garden.

The website “Life On A Balcony” has some great instructions on how to build an herb garden using a wooden shipping pallet.  

Isn’t this cute?

Herb Garden Made With Wooden Shipping Pallet

Really, the instructions at “Life on a Balcony” are great.  Go see!  You can do it!  I know you can!  

Floating Plant Shelf

You could also create a beautiful indoor herbal garden in your kitchen window.  

You can be simple with a floating plant shelf (see the photo here), insert glass or wooden shelves in the kitchen window, or just set a few different-sized and shaped pots with herbs near or in front of your kitchen window.  

Find the easy-to-follow directions to make this floating plant shelf here:  

DIY Floating Plant Shelf


A DIY ladder garden might work if you have enough room indoors.

DIY Ladder Garden

Or you could just purchase any size or shape ladder garden for whatever works in your home.  

This wooden A-frame plant stand would work quite nicely for arranging pots of various herbs.  (Amazon Associate Link) 

This plant stand for a corner might be just right instead.  (Amazon Associate Link) 


You could even use a white metal plant stand for an herb garden AND to create a living room divider if the area you’re thinking about has enough light for your plants! 

Can you see it now?  

(Amazon Associate Link) 


Whatever the look of your home or however cute, unique, traditional or natural you might like, you can find an option for creating your own beautiful indoor herb garden!  

Happy herb growing! 

How to Get a Great Deal on a New Gas or Electric Cooktop

My new GE Electric Cooktop

I’m very excited!

I just purchased a new GE cooktop!

What’s even better, I only spent $85.00 for it at the Habitat For Humanity Resale store!

Here, take a look and see why I needed to replace my cooktop:

Old cooktop that needs replaced

Oh dear! This cooktop needs replaced for sure!

Not only was my appliance here looking pretty worn, I had started a crack right in the middle of it a month or so ago when I tried to break a chunk of ice on the counter, accidentally hitting my cooktop here.

I discovered porcelain cracks can go pretty long and far with just one injury!

At first we could still use the left side, the crack (cracking) being in the middle and into the right burners.  We KNEW we couldn’t use those right burners with cracks in them when we turned those right stovetop burners on and saw flames spurting up from them!

Oh my. Let me warn you now…  If you ever crack a burner like this, don’t use it!

So we’ve been using our left side burners, and all has been fine…

Except that we’ve been watching the crack in the middle stray further and further to the left.  That crack eventually took over that back left side as well, leaving us only one little front burner to work with.

That was not a good option for our family!

I had looked at store ads.  I had looked at Lowes and Home Depot.  I looked at the Sears Outlet online and Amazon too.  I had even been looking on Ebay and Craigs list to find a good cooktop, new or maybe even used.  Either I couldn’t find one close to what I wanted or they cost an arm and a leg.  I am a picky buyer when it comes to kitchen appliances, and as far as cost, I didn’t have both an arm and a leg to spare!

Needless to say, I was a little slow in moving, but when that crack spread itself into our last large burner, I knew I would need to find a replacement for my glass cooktop pretty soon.

I was just about to settle myself in on my computer once more to either see where I could find good deals on cooktops or figure out how to get a new one at any price almost when I strolled in the Habitat for Humanity Resale Store one day.  I was wasting time waiting on my husband to finish a class and just happened to stumble in there and hen stumble upon some electric and gas cooktops, some older and some new, all good looking, and all tested and marked with the store’s tester’s name and the store’s promise that all parts were in working order as of the time each item was tested.

What was nice too was the store had also posted a store refund policy, a 30 days return policy should my purchase not work.

The used cooktops there were $55.00, the new ones $85.00.  ALL were tested and subject to a 30 day full refund should they not work correctly.  That price, by the way, is a far cry from the $600.00 to $1200.00 electric stovetops I had been looking at.  A new one for $85.00?  I was sold!

The 30 day refund was good for only store credit, but with the tester’s name listed right there and a huge store of paint, lumber, windows, flooring, plumbing supplies, etc, etc, etc, that we could use just in case we needed to get a store refund… not to mention we could simply exchange that one if needed for another stovetop range there, I figured the purchase was worth what little trepidation I had about purchasing a stovetop from a “resale” store.

So I went for it, and here is a picture of the kind of cooktop I purchased:

My new GE Electric Cooktop

That’s my new GE Profile Radiant Induction Cooktop!

Now remember, I purchased this for $85.00, and I did purchase it from the Habitat for Humanity Resale Store, but the retail price for this little gem is a little over $1,100!

It’s a little nicer than the previous one I had too.

Plus it’s new.

Oh, I’m going to make a few cosmetic changes to it.  I’m taking the white border fram off, leaving the underlying stainless steel frame, and I’m purchasing some new black knobs, hum… maybe stainless steel knobs, from the GE Appliance Parts store on line, but when those easy changes are done, this little beauty is going to look very nice with my built-in double oven with its black frame and stainless steel doors.

Needless to say, I’m a happy camper now!

That said, I can also say I have learned a little about how to purchase a new stovetop for cooking.  I have specifically discovered a few ways to help you get a good deal on a new cooktop.

If you want a good deal, here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a new electric, electric induction, or gas stovetop…

The best time to purchase appliances is also the best time to purchase cooktops.  “And when is that?”, you might ask.

If you are not in a hurry, purchase a new cooktop in the months of September or October.

The best time to buy appliances are during these two months because the stores are trying to clear out the aisles for new models coming out for Christmas time shopping.  Stove tops are no different!  You might need to get a current model instead of next year’s preview, but you’ll be getting a great price on a new cooktop for your kitchen!

Know what to look for when purchasing a new cooktop, and more importantly, know what you need.

Don’t waste your money on buying something you don’t need when you purchase a cooktop!  If electric coils are fine with you, don’t spend the extra for induction cooking.  If you enjoy grilling outside, don’t worry about not having a separate grill on an electric or gas cooktop stove.

A cooktop range is for cooking wonderful foods, and you can do that without all the bells and whistles if bells and whistles are out of your budget!

After all, I bet many of us had grandma’s and great grandmas who cooked really good family meals, and some of those may have been on woodstoves!  It takes love to cook for a family… not fancy smancy stuff.

What it all boils down to is this:  Look for what works within your budget, not what the manufacturer added to market his product.   Then just be happy when you find one at a good price, and cook to your hearts content!

 Be an informed purchaser.

Even though it’s a smaller appliance, a cooktop is still an important purchase.  You’ll be wise to read consumer reviews, electrical precautions, and safety considerations of the various models of gas and electric cooktops.

If you’re purchase a used cooktop, hiring a qualified, licensed electrician to inspect and install it is imperative as well.  If you get a good deal to begin with, the cost of a hiring a licensed electrician isn’t going to wreck your good deal, plus you are erring on the safe side of things for your family’s sake.

Keep your family members in mind and treat this purchase with respect, and be glad you kept your family’s needs AND safety in mind when making a purchase such as this.

Know when you find a good price on a stovetop, and jump on the bandwagon when both the product and the price suit you.

If you’ve been looking, you’ll know when the right cooktop comes around at the right price.  Maybe that right one will be from a discounted appliance store nearby or from a discount appliance store online.   Maybe it will be from Costco or Home Depot, or maybe directly from a manufacturer’s website.  Maybe it will be from a moving sale or auction.   Hey, maybe it will even be at a Habitat for Humanity resale store!

If you keep an eye on things, you’ll know when the right one comes along.

Looking for the right cooktop for your kitchen is fun.  Finding a great deal on a cooktop is even better!

I got a great deal on my GE Profile Cooktop!  I’m so happy!

Here’s to finding a great deal on YOUR new gas, electric, or radiant cooktop now too!


And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4: 19 (New Living Translation)

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