Kids Cupcakes: Fun Cooking for Kids

Kids Cupcakes - Fun Cooking for Kids

Making kids cupcakes is definitely one of those fun activities a mom or dad (or grandma as in this case) gets to do.  Decorating cupcakes with kids is even more fun!  

It is just plain old fun cooking for kids!  

If you are wise, you will cherish these kinds of fun children’s activities and make use of every moment of that precious time you spend with your child.  These moments are a time for sharing life together in a way that is important to your child and which your child understands.  They can also be a time for sharing, for healing, for teaching, for encouraging.  They are a time of bonding and a time of building.  

When your little boy or girl feels affirmed as important to you, you have taken them a little closer to understanding how important they are to their Heavenly Father as well!  

And so we should not be like cringing, fearful slaves, but we should behave like God’s very own children, adopted into the bosom of his family, and calling to him, “Father, Father.” 16 For his Holy Spirit speaks to us deep in our hearts and tells us that we really are God’s children.  – Romans 8:  15 – 16 (TLB) 

Plus the joy on a little face and heart is worth the time you put into having those specially-devoted moments.

Well, I kind of covered two grandchildren’s joys yesterday.

My youngest grandson Sam had his second birthday yesterday!  Yea!  

I was watching both Sam and his older brother Liam for a couple hours in the afternoon while their mommy went to a doctor’s appointment.  (Little boy #3 will be here around Christmas.)

While Sam was taking a quick afternoon nap, my 4-year-old grandson Liam (Sam’s big brother) and I baked up some kids birthday cupcakes for Sam.  

Here are the cupcakes Liam and I made together and then decorated for Sam’s birthday.

Kids Cupcakes - Fun Cooking for Kids

Liam and I did not spend a lot of time baking and decorating.  We did not buy fancy cake decorating supplies nor did we devote countless hours to perfection or detail.  

We just baked up a batch of cupcakes in cute cupcake muffin liners I found at The Dollar Tree, placed them on a colorful plate that I had found last week at a thrift shop, and topped them with some edible decorations (candy sprinkles and gummy candies).  

The two gummy candy pieces on the middle cake were Liam’s idea.  It worked!  

By the way, our cupcake recipe batch made up 24 of these cute cupcakes.  Shown above are the ones we pulled out last night as we all sang “Happy Birthday” to Sam.  There were only a few of us singing and enjoying our cupcakes last night – Sam, Sam’s mommy and daddy, grandma and grandpa, big brother Liam, and Sam and Liam’s baby brother to come (inside Sam’s mommy’s belly right now still).  Since we had so many cupcakes left over, I am wondering if Sam’s mommy may have enjoyed one of those 24 cupcakes this morning at breakfast!  Not saying so…. just wondering.  (smile)

Sam was thrilled to see his birthday cupcake.  It was just right for him.

You could also see the self confidence Liam had when he handed one of the cupcakes to Sam last night, one he had helped make and had decorated in expectation of celebrating his little brother’s birthday.  

Me?  I smiled, knowing I had had a few of the best moments possible with my grandson Liam that afternoon.  It is not always easy showing someone just how much love you have for them inside your heart, but when those special moments come, and you have a chance to show at least some of it, it’s a blessing beyond measure.  

You see…. God’s gifts do not always come in elaborate forms and in big events.

Sometimes they are captured through birthday cupcakes for kids, a little time spent together, and a heart that appreciates any moment shared with a loved one.  

15 Cheap and Fun Things to Do on Memorial Day

Things to do on Memorial Day
Things to do on Memorial Day

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Does Memorial Day bring thoughts of a fun day at the beach or perhaps a happy picnic in a nearby park?  Maybe Memorial Day is a more solemn day for your family, a time to remember those we have loved in this life but have since lost from this earth.

Sometimes it is just nice to remember how much God has blessed us with in this country we live in!

No matter how your family celebrates the day, there are things to do on Memorial Day which can make your family’s day a little more special.

Here are 15 of them, all pretty cheap and all lots of fun.


These are great things to do on Labor Day and the 4th of July as well, by the way!

1.  Have a Memorial Day picnic in a state park you have never been to before.

2.  Go camping in a national forest.

3.  Go hiking in the mountains or take a walk along a nearby lake or river.

4.  Enjoy the day at a city park sprayground.  Yes, I said “spray” ground.  Got one in your neck of the woods yet?  Many cities now have them, and many cities have free admission to them as well!  Take a packed lunch with you, and you’re set for the day!

5.   Rent a paddle boat, canoe, or kayak at a nearby lake.

6.  Plan a shopping trip to an unusual store you love but don’t get too very often.  Ikea or Bass Pro Shop seems to come to my mind!  Do you have a store like that too?

7.  Go to a dollar movie theater, and stay for at least two movies, maybe three or four if your kids are old enough.

8.  Go to a free, local museum of art or science.

9.  Visit the closest National Cemetery, and put flags on those grave sites which indicate a veteran is buried there.  If you don’t live near a National Cemetery, go to the nearest historical landmark, battleground, or living museum.

10.  When you get home after a visit to a National Cemetery or historical area, collect clothing and household items you no longer use, or even loose change around the house, and go together as a family to make a donation at the nearest thrift shop benefiting veterans, active duty military, or military families, or give your donation to another good cause related to your day’s visit.  Be creative to match your trip with your donation, and it will mean even more to your children!

11.  Install a new American Flag pole (big or small) at your home, and purchase a new American flag for it.  If you’ve already done that, work as a family to do some patriotic landscaping at the base of the pole, or do some kind of patriotic landscaping somewhere else around your home.   Did someone say red, white, and blue work gloves?

11.  Make some American flag tee shirts like the ones you see here pinned by Teka Boshell on Pinterest at  American Flag Tee Shirts

Aren’t they cute!

12.  Speaking of Pinterest, take some time before Memorial Day comes to find some cute red, white, and blue food, and then have a patriotic meal on Memorial Day, inside or out!

13.  Plan a family study to learn about one of the family’s ancestors, and then go see where that person used to live, or learn a skill that ancestor may have done when they were alive.

14.  Get a place where you have a good view of your nearby city, and pray for it!  Ask the Lord to watch over the leaders, whomever they might be, the people, its churches and businesses, and everything God has provided to your community.

15.  Take a lunch, dessert, or casserole to someone you know who could use some food, a hug, or just someone to show they care.

An Extra Thought:

You can also invite someone over to your home for some homemade lemonade on your porch or homemade ice cream in your backyard, or even just take them to McDonalds for an ice cream cone or coffee and a chat.

It’s OK to remember those who have left this world, those we have loved and those who have loved us enough to lay down their lives, but let’s be mindful of those God still has in our lives for us to STILL love and care for.   You never know when you might never have the chance again to show that person they are loved by God, even in their time here on this earth.

We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers.   We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Thessalonians 1:2-3

8 Games Your Babysitter Can Play with the Kids

Kids Games for a Babysitter

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Once you find a babysitter, then what?

While the TV and iPad are great ways to entertain your kids, you hired that babysitter for a reason!

Instead of having him/her watch TV with your children, have her play some games to change things up a bit.


No, I’m not talking Monopoly or Hungry, Hungry Hippos, but instead, it would be something more creative such as these eight kid’s games:

Kids Games for a Babysitter

#1 Have a Carnival – If the weather is nice, bring the party outside. Set
up a few booths with simple games such as throwing the baseball against
some pins or squirting a water gun at a target. Have them use their
imagination. For every game that they win, give them a raffle ticket that
can be redeemed for candy or a prize.

#2 String Tail – This is a simple game that any child can get the hang of
quickly. Cut some rope so that it is long enough for the rope to drag
along the ground. Once cut, tuck three pieces of rope in the back of the
child’s pants. After that is done, you will have the children run around
trying to stomp on the rope to successfully take it out. The last one
standing wins the game.

#3 Scavenger Hunt – A scavenger hunt can be done in many different ways.
Before you give the children a checklist, you can either try to find
things outside without them knowing or even hide things throughout the
yard. Remember, don’t make it too challenging or they may get a little
frustrated. Generally, the older they are, the more challenging a hidden
objects game should be.

#4 Water Limbo – For those hot days, water limbo is a simple way to cool
off and have fun. Grab the water house and squirt a steady stream ahead.
Using that stream, have the children limbo underneath without getting wet.
Just like limbo, keep moving the water stream down until they can’t do it

#5 Bubble Pop – If you’re going to watch children under the age of three,
popping bubbles with a racket can be a blast. Be careful, though, because
most children tend to get rather wild with their racquets. While you can
turn this into a game, many toddlers just have fun chasing bubbles through
the yard.

#6 Create Slime – While this isn’t really a game, it’s a great hands-on
project that children of all ages really enjoy. What you’re going to want
to do is grab corn flour, salt, water and food coloring of your choice.
Mix these ingredients in a bowl and mix. After you mix, you should have a
big pile of slime that creates fun for hours.

#7 Hide and Seek in Groups – No, this isn’t your hide and seek you’re used
to. Instead of having everyone hide and having one person count, you will
do the opposite. Have one person hide and when each child finds him/her,
they will join them in that hiding spot. The last person to find the
group loses! This is a great way to switch up the hide and seek game we’re
used to.

#8 Skits – For older children, this is a great way to keep them
entertained for hours. Gather up some costumes, set up props and have
them complete a small play. This play, obviously, doesn’t have to be a
piece of art, but instead, it should be something to allow them to be
imaginative and help pass the time.

These are all great games for kids that you can play the next time you watch
children of all ages.  Remember, when you are babysitting, always provide
supervision to prevent the situation from getting out of hand. Parents need
to trust their babysitters to keep their children safe as well as happy!

Does anybody else have games they would like to add to this list?

What did you play with your babysitter as a child?

Hannah Munson helps run the website HowMuchIsIt, a website that helps
consumers around the globe find prices on complicated matters such as answers to questions such as, “How much do you pay a babysitter?

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