An Open Letter To Michael Reagan | And To Ourselves

Rick Perry and Michael Reagan
Dear Michael Reagan, I am a supporter of Rick Perry for President in 2016, and I’m here to tell you off.  However, I’m here to give you good news too.  Listen up now, Mr. Michael Reagan, Son of Ronald Reagan, the other man of passion (and more importantly hope).
As some of my personal friends and family know, I’ve been working hard recently in the effort to help Governor Rick Perry’s 2016 campaign in his efforts to become the Republican nominee for President of The United States of America.  
It’s not an easy emotional task being part of a presidential campaign.
It’s even harder when what-you-think-is the winning team is behind in the polls and being either bombarded or ignored by either the people you don’t like or the people you want to like you.  
This morning, I awoke to the following Facebook text messages in a group conversation thread I had been a part of for a few days prior to today.
Here are the kinds of text messages I was seeing. 
“Did you see Michael Reagan’s Facebook?  Go look!”  
“I gave him my mind.”  
“How dare he?  How CAN he?”  
My friends were writing about a new Newsmax article entitled “Michael Reagan:  Trump Has My Dad’s ‘Passion’“.  
At first look, when you read the article (and maybe the title helps to create this idea), you feel as if Michael Reagan, son of Ronald Reagan and a man who has politically stood with Rick Perry and who has been his friend for many years, had moved over to the land of Donald Trumpville. 
I was horrified.
It has already been very difficult for every-day folk like me, those with no pay for time given and time lost but lots of love for our country and its future and an apparent taste for getting tossed all around all the time, to deal with what we all have had to endure these last few weeks.  
Now we had to see those honorable people (or so we thought) who had stood with us, those who gave us hope if only by a quick, unnoticed pat on the back, walk away.  
We little normal people feel your unnoticed-to-everyone-else pats, and we feel your kicks too, big important people.
This morning, that article felt like one of those kicks, and here is the gist of what I wrote on Michael Reagan’s Facebook page.

My Open Letter to Michael Reagan 
Dated:  August 1, 2015
Mr. Reagan: 
I was just becoming a young adult when your father took his first oath of office.  
I went to school during the Cold War, practicing those drills where we lowered our heads to our lap in first grade to protect ourselves from some “bomb” we never understood but knew would kill us with our heads in our laps.
I went through high school and then college through Jimmy Carter, growing up thinking that messed-up time was “life”.
I experienced the hope in life as I graduated from college, got married, followed my husband to the beginning of his military career, a 25-year-long military career, and went out into this world as a young adult.
I KNOW what that change from those days to the “good” your father blessed us with felt like. I could FEEL that good for the first time in 1981.
I saw that chance for “good” again within reach again beginning in 2016, but I know there is no “good” in Donald Trump.  
I am so saddened you have chosen to so demoralize all of us who dream of something we know is worth standing for, caring so much we have been doing all we could to help America again have that better day, the “good” your father gave to us all when I was that young adult.  
You and the rest of you who seemingly take bribes, be they bribes of money or even power, prestige, easiness, or convenience,  instead of standing tall for good, decent, hopeful, and noble ideals and actions, have turned us into something worse the Jimmy Carter years.”  
Jimmy Carter at least was a time period your father took us from.
People like what we see in that article are driving us all towards Hell, and Mr. Reagan, there is no return from Hell.  
My heart is now broken. If even someone as worthy as you want what we get from this article, what chances do the good guys even have anymore?  I can hardly even find hope anymore.
Mr. Reagan, I will always remember the good your father brought back to this country, to our LIVES… But you will now have to live with the knowledge you are breaking and demoralizing all of us who ever thought we could have the good of 1981 come back again.  I would say that is yours to now live with, but you know, it is now a destiny which America has to live with now too.
May God bless us and protect us through that time.


I’ve had a little bit of time now to toss this all around in my head.  While I still stand by what I wrote to Michael Reagan above, and I want to remind Mr. Reagan once again of what scenarios like I just spoke of do to good little folk like me and all those who fight for good candidates, I CAN now see an additional message for those of us who just felt kicked in the behinds and booted off and away.

So here is my open message to ourselves now.  

My Open Letter to Ourselves 
Good people,
It is time to kick back.  

And I’ve got a message for our candidate now too.
Mr. Candidate of Ours, 
First, please understand this all is really hard on us, so help us keep kicking.
But more importantly, if it’s not asking too much (and it apparently it’s not because it is needed right now), please kick even harder than us and knock someone’s teeth out too because America is depending on you to win. 
Make sure you take out the right set of teeth, but any tooth busting efforts would help right now.
America needs a fighting chance.
And that’s not going to be until the good guys win out. 
So please… start kicking.
And kick hard.
The good guy’s team. 
The Essence of a Mission:


The Essentials of the Path:


Should Our Congress Keep Their Salaries During the Government Shutdown?

Government Shutdowns and Congressional Pay

Should we pay Congress during a government shutdown?

I feel like saying this.

Personally, I think Congress should still get their pay even during a government shut down.  I know our country’s laws are set up for them to do so, to continue getting their salary even during a government shutdown, and they are getting their paychecks apparently, or will be, (unless they voluntarily don’t take it or give it to charity as Senator Ted Cruz says he will do), but there is a big push, lots of polling, etc, and even some Congressmen publicly ditching it for PR purposes, leading us towards a national call to take our Congressmen’s and Congresswomen’s salaries away during the government shut down.

After all, some say, if some government workers don’t get paid, why should our Senators and Representatives?

I say let’s remember this:

It’s not that we don’t want government at all, and to change things abruptly in the heat of any moment seems unwise.  Instead…  We want to cut out the WASTE of government.  Most ALL Americans, on whatever side they stand on, want to cut government waste, and many of us don’t want such a big nationally-sized, one-size-fits-all government, hoping we can move some of the large organization of a large federal government to other venues such as states or for some things, back to business and the private sector.

So whether we want a smaller government or just want one that is working well and without fraud and abuse, or both, in some form or fashion, we want the WASTE to be tossed out.  OK, perhaps some of you feel some of those Congressmen may fit that description, lol!

My point is that work SHOULD be compensated, and we should honor the hard work these men and women do in Congress too.  (Yea, even the ones we don’t agree with are working hard… If they weren’t, we would all have an easy time of it, right?)

And think about it.  How would you feel if you had to go to a hard job, do hard work, get lots of insults from everyone, those who don’t like you and those who even sometimes do, and be told your work isn’t even worthy of compensating anyway.

Yes, jobs should have compensation, and if and until we ever restructure our Congress’ jobs differently, they accepted the huge roles we gave them and are working in their current jobs as we told them they would be.  As honest citizens, we should strive to live up to a high standard of honor… whether or not we feel, or know, others do… or do not.  We gave them their current jobs with our good word, agreeing to pay them what we agreed to for their work.

But even more, we want our Constitution, our country’s framework, our history, and our country to survive.  All those things include the system we have that includes our United States Senators and our Representatives, the voice of the people.

So even if we don’t like our specific leaders now, I’m pretty sure we don’t want to get rid of the very government system our country’s framers set up for us.  To defund our own Constitutionally-given leaders on a whim seems almost as unwise as defunding our own military defense.

Oh, I understand.

We may not like each and every one of them.  Some of us may not like any of them at all.

But they are OUR Congress, one of the three branches of our government,  a foundational body that is part of what makes America what it is —  a free Republic; a system of freedom to vote in and freedom to vote out those who work out our vision and law; a representation of normal Americans who have a right to disagree, to speak, and to be heard; and a place where we would STILL rather be probably more than any other place on this earth.

Should that model be worth something?

So as long as they are working, I say pay Congress for their work.

It seems like continuing to pay for the work our Congress does for us is a way to honor our word and the land in which we live.

When it all boils down, they’ll get by with or without getting paid, but we may be hard pressed to ever find another system of government (other than Heaven’s design itself) that is as great as the one we now have.   So long as they are working for that government we are so blessed to have, and so long as there is money to still pay for their work, I say pay our Congressmen and Congresswomen.

Then change things for the better as and when you can if you still want.

At least then you can say you were true to your word and an honorable employer.

First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.   1 Timothy 2: 1-2

Was There Voter Fraud in the Latino Community in the 2012 Presidential Election?

Was There Voter Fraud in the Latino Community in the 2012 Presidential Election?

I think the question deserves to be at least asked before we, as a country or any specific party, decides what to do from this point on.

Voter Fraud in the 2012 Presidential Election

Where do we go from here?

I hope some wonder and investigate.

The Latino American voters supposedly came out in droves to be the deciding factor in getting Barack Obama elected in 2012, a surprise defeat for Mitt Romney in so many eyes and after so many predictions otherwise.

My question now is:  Did Hispanics come out in droves, or did the Obama campaign team know where to get fake votes in?   Could Obama Democrats have registered under Hispanic names that they were fairly confident in would not vote for anyone at all?

It is at least worth looking at those votes as we consider what happened to get these 2012 presidential election results.

I am suspicious.  Prince William County, VA went strongly for Obama.  Prince William County is FULL of Hispanics, probably one of the few places in Virginia that even has a Hispanic / Latino population other than a small part of Fairfax County which I believe went for Obama as well.  However, that Hispanic population in Prince William County consists of mostly illegal aliens, undocumented workers.  For the most part, without any illegal vote, Prince William County is pretty conservative as a whole.  I used to live there and still have many friends there.  NO ONE there, for the most part, expected anything but a Romney-Ryan victory.

By the way, aside from the secluded illegal Hispanic community in one large area of Prince William County, Virginia, this relatively-conservative county in what was a valued state prize in this election is also dominated by the military bases, military families, and the homes of educated and experienced military officers and non-commissioned enlisted officers, the conservative military vote.  Those kind of military families usually DON’T vote Democrat, EVER.  Oh, and those not military are FBI agents from Quantico, VA.  They’re a rather conservative bunch too.

We might look at a couple of things.

Did the Hispanic population in Texas, a state Barack Obama did not need, come out and vote in droves like the Latino  population supposedly did in battleground states like Virginia… or Colorado or Ohio?

Or… Did Latino voters ONLY come out in droves in battleground states, enough battlefield states to get enough votes for an Obama win just where needed and just over the line to win?

I don’t know if this happened, but here is a possible scenario and one that would be easily accomplished and would take President Obama over the top while being under the radar.

It would be an easy fix for Obama, an easy way to get just the votes in just the right places.

Some who want Obama in office could either register Latinos who wouldn’t vote anyway and have another Dem vote for them, or some individuals could register someone else, a white or black non-hispanic even, IN another’s Latino’s place and have another person vote for a non-voting Latino that way.  Many of the Latinos who live in Prince William County are illegals and undocumented voters.  Some are indeed legitimate voting citizens with a very conservative leaning.  Basically, the ones who are legally in the country and rightly vote are generally among the rest of the population and do not have immigration on their minds and hearts to the point where they could garnish so many out-of-the-ordinary votes.  The votes just don’t jive with me.

Here’s the deal.  Here’s the scenario some good journalists, pollsters, and at home researchers need to consider:

Could the Obama team have used some non-existent, non-voting, or even illegal Latino votes to cinch this presidential race?  All the Obama team needed to have done was to fake enough Latino votes in just the right areas that they would sway the states they needed to go just over the top for Obama.  That’s ALL they needed in a scenario like that.

And “why not?”, some liberals might think.  If these poor Latinos with no voice to vote WOULD vote, they commence, they would vote for their right to stay in America.  IF they WOULD vote. If they COULD vote.

“We’ll vote for them and be their voice for them” perhaps says one (or several) liberal white guys.

And we’ll win this election for Barack Obama along the way.  That’s a win-win for us.

Republicans, Romney Democrats and Independents, and even Hispanics from all political parties and persuasions need to look at where the Latino vote won this presidential election for Barack Obama and determine whether or not those Latino votes were from actual voting Latinos or were manipulated votes in their honor.

If they were real votes from legitimate Latino voters, then there is a real need to see where the GOP disconnect is there.  Latino voters and the GOP should have a lot in common when it comes to conservative values.

On the other side, if someone else unlawfully voted FOR a Latino, illegal, legal, or otherwise, then there has been a real travesty done to our election process, American Hispanic citizens, and the American people overall.

Thomas Aquinas is quoted as saying:

As a manner of honor, one man owes it to another to manifest the truth.

Let’s look and see what the truth really is here.

May God bless us, protect us, and come to our aid at this time.


Happy Election Day Results Dinner for a Conservative Family

We’re waiting for election results, and it’s so exciting!

While I may be biting my nails (OK Mom, I’ll stop that), I really hope we’re going to have a new American president from this 2012 presidential election, and that new president would be Mitt Romney.

OK, so it’s only 6:16 PM my time in Texas (that would be 7:15 PM in the east), so I don’t know for SURE, but just in case, and because I’m hoping we’ll see a Mitt Romney – Paul Ryan win tonight, my family is getting a GOP dinner!

All right, so I’m not paying too much attention to making dinner right now, or even eating it, but I thought ahead, a little anyway, and we’re having a Republican Red State Dinner that was simple to put together in advance.

It is an easy dinner, REAL easy, both to make and to eat, so we can all sit here and enjoy the election results.  But believe me, my thoughts on on the color “red” tonight.

Here’s my family’s Election Day dinner and the quick and easy recipes I used so we could be on a GOP watch tonight!

Oh, and hope you don’t mind, but since I’m watching the first bits of news coming in with the first of the polls closing, my recipes will be REAL short.

Pink Shrimp with Red Salsa with Muli-Grain Crackers

Easy Shrimp Salad Recipe

This easy shrimp salad recipe is just the thing for a busy night like tonight! 

Just grab a frozen 1-pound bag of pink shrimp and mix it with a couple cups of fresh salsa.

Add a couple teaspoons garlic power and a few shakes of red cayenne pepper, and stir.

Let thaw in refrigerator until ready to serve.

We’re using Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Wheat Crackers, but any crackers would do just fine.

Republican Red Jello Salad With Tropical Fruit

Red Jello Salad Recipe

Combine the following in a bowl:

1-12 ounce container Cool Whip

1 small package red Jello, I used strawberry, (just the powder, don’t actually make the jello)


1 can drained crushed pineapple

1 can drained mandarin oranges

1 cup shredded coconut

2 cups miniature marshmallows

When all combined, store in refrigerator until ready to serve.


Popcorn While We Watch the Election Results

I know… I know…

Popcorn isn’t red.  However, I made it in my red popcorn popper!

Popcorn for election night


I think we’ll have some iced  green tea then too, but don’t think that means I’d put my money into Solendra.  It’s just that green tea is a healthy drink, that’s it.  :)

OK, gotta get going so we can actually eat and watch the results roll in!

Before I go, i thought I would add that I am also kind of thinking we’ll be eating Ann Romney’s recipe for buttermilk pancakes tomorrow morning.   Yea, that sounds like a real good idea!

I wish you all a happy Election Day.  However, if your (or my) candidate is not the one to win, I pray the Good Lord will still bring us all together as we continue in life and work together for a better tomorrow.    No matter who wins, our Heavenly Father is really the One in control.

But as for me and my house tonight…  Go Mitt!



It’s 10:45 PM CST where I live, and many of the media outlets have called the election for President Barack Obama.  There are a lot of votes left still to be actually counted, so we’ll see.

I stand by what I said earlier though…  that regardless of who is President of The United States, the Lord God is in control.

Dear Father, Thank you for your wisdom which is far superior than ours could ever be.  You know what you need to happen for your perfect Will to be enacted.  You also know what we can handle, and you provide the strength we need when we are weak.  Protect America and your people; bless The United States of America, and bless each one of us, our families, our jobs, our children, our selves.

If there WERE any mistakes made, please make them fully evident, and may a correction be made.  If this was your Will, show us our way with the president that we will have, and please do not forget your faithful people.  And maybe more importantly, we need to not forget YOU, Heavenly Father.

For those of us who may not understand this election, keep these verses in your hearts:

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.  Jeremiah 29:11

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.  Deuteronomy 31:6

Cast your burden on the LORD, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.  Psalm 55:22

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.   Matthew 11:28-29

And I retire with this in my mind, knowing that we have already received the blessing we REALLY need:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  John 3: 16


It’s hard to say this; it’s hard to think this is the best path, but those of you who are disappointed, perhaps concerned, go in peace knowing you STILL have an Almighty God that is with you.  You are not alone.  You are not alone.

Good night to all.

Our God Given Potential | A Lesson From the DNC Platform

I’ve been writing a series of articles geared towards family finances and have two more articles to complete my series.  Did I want to finish that up before I went on?  You bet.

However, yesterday’s fight at the Democratic National Convention got me side tracked a little.

Or perhaps an Almighty God sidetracked me.

For all intents and purposes, whatever or Whoever sidetracked me did so for good reason because I learned something really important, and I felt led to share.

Here’s what I learned about God from the floor fight over His name at the Democratic National Convention 2012.

democratic national convention 2012 god in platform

The DNC doesn’t always look like this.
Free image courtesy of

Our God-Given Potential and the DNC Platform Fight

At first I thought the DNC platform fight was about God Himself; my concern being that the leaders of the Democratic Party right now did not even want God in their party at all.

With so many faiths involved in American politics and in this presidential election, I can at least empathize with any party who is trying to lead people of all faiths in a political system that includes many people of many different faiths.

But then I looked at the “God” wording that was left out of the DNC 2012 platform again this morning, and I saw it.

I don’t believe the delegates of the different faiths had a problem with the word “God” at all.  After all, even the previous platform described a very generic god.  Without mention of Christ Jesus and with only a reference to “God”, any delegate of any faith could have related to the earlier platform in that very specific sentence which said “… everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.”

(See the entire wording at:

Now while an atheist may have been less likely to have related to a God given potential, most people of any faith at all could have related to this.  It sounded like we had a whole lot more than God-dissing dissenters there though.  There had to have been people of “faith” who objected.

But without a reason of religion for those people of faith to be so objectionable to the wording, what then could be the problem?

That’s when I saw something today.

The DNC 2012 platform wording concerning God that changed HAD read:

“… everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.”

That specific wording changed to:

“… each one of us should be able to go as far as our talent and drive take us.”

Here is what I saw today…

I saw a different kind of fight and it was:

God’s  Potential for Us Verses Our Own Personal Drive

I think that’s where the problem really lies with many.

The feeling that we shouldn’t expect something from others; the assumption that maybe some people just don’t have any talent or skills at all; the philosophy that we shouldn’t make a person feel obligated to do as much as they are capable of; the idea that if someone doesn’t HAVE the drive, they shouldn’t be expected to do anything more than they feel like doing, are all foundational beliefs that could cause a person, even of a faith, to disregard the idea of having to work towards a God-given potential.

The thing is though, we ALL have some kind of God given potential!

Our Creator instilled in us something that is ours and ours alone to use on this earth.  No matter where we have come from, where we will be tomorrow, or what we have or do not have as far as earthly possessions, we all have something to offer… to contribute… something to give away… something to do.  Something to DO with what we have, regardless of our “drive”.

We have a Heavenly Father who has given each one of us something special just to our own selves, to our very own beings, be that some package of talent, skills, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, opportunities, friendships, relations, passion, personality, opportunities, or place in life.

When God gives you something, you better believe He expects us to do something with those things!   “Drive” should NOT be an issue.  “Drive” can keep us down if we don’t have it.

We need to look PAST drive and just do our driving!

Proverbs 12:24 says:

The hand of the diligent shall bear rule; But the slothful shall be put under taskwork.

That’s from the American Standard Version since I felt it made the point so well.

If we work hard, things happen.  If we don’t have the drive and do little or worse, nothing much at all, we end up becoming slaves.

We may be slaves to something, lifetime laziness, inability to break free from a sin, inability to break free from bad feelings or thoughts, or government help.

We may be slaves to others and consequently end up with a lesser view of ourselves as human beings created for a purpose, an attitude which is less than what God intended for us and less than what we deserve as we are all special in God’s eyes.

We could even end up as slaves to ourselves, never being all that God intended of us with the removal of an obligation to do something with what God has given us, regardless of what is is that we have actually be given as our very own.

But if we rely our our own drive alone sometimes, we risk being a slave to someone or something else.

god given potential

Let me out of here, and you’ll see just what I can do!
Free image courtesy of

It’s not easy living up to our God-given potential.  It’s hard work doing that, and for some, a life work may be harder than for others.  That doesn’t give us a pass to do just what we feel like doing though.

In fact, living up to our God-given potential forces us to believe we can do something and to work hard for whatever it is that we have that possibility of doing!  We have to become responsible beings using every bit of our being!

That kind of sounds like conservative politics to me, and some may disregard the connection or disregard the entire idea.

But I’ll tell you what… If you believe in a God at all, and you believe He has a plan for you, I hope you know Him enough to believe He loves everyone enough to have a plan for them as well.

If you can do that, then just take it one more step to the realization that God never creates plans to just be thwarted by someone’s drive, or lack thereof.  God expects us to succeed in His plan for each of us, regardless of our “drive”.

I’m a Republican, a conservative GOPer, one of those #tcot people on Twitter.  But I have Democratic roots too.  The two people that brought me into this earth had two different political leanings, one Republican, one Democrat, and while I went the political path my mother took, I was my Democrat daddy’s little girl.

I am not trying to belittle what we saw yesterday with the DNC delegates.  I’m just trying to call out a reminder and a challenge to those who may not always best help the people of our country find that God-given potential that IS possible in their lives.

Give credit to a God who provides potential in ALL people.

Give honor to a God who expects all to work towards their potential.

Expect it all to be hard sometimes.

Give a hand when needed.. sure… but NEVER give an excuse to keep things as they are.

I’m guess I’m saying I think it is OK to encourage ALL people to have a drive – to find a passion and to have a drive, to expect people to DO something and not just stand back.  Perhaps this is where my conservative political leanings come in.

But I still feel there is a lesson to be learned here, both from the DNC platform and FOR the DNC- EVERYONE has something to offer.  EVERYONE has a God given potential.

Don’t take away the God-given potential of people away because you want to leave the drive out of the equation!

Can you step up now and expect us all to work at that God given potential even if it is hard to do or they don’t feel like doing it?

As I mentioned at the very beginning of this article, I was in the process of another task, a task which I had set for myself.

But I felt led to another task, a different potential goal than I had for myself.

I took the step I was given to do, regardless of my own drive at the time.  I’ll now trust the Lord to do what He can do with it.  At the very least, I believe taking on a God-given potential is better than just letting myself be a slave to my own desires and ambitions.

My own drive would never get me anywhere good at all.  No, never.