Cheap Bunk Beds – Are they safe enough for your kids?

Are cheap bunk beds safe for my child

Parents are always considering the best buy for their children and usually it’s ALSO the buy buy at the best price for their children.

BUT… are cheap bunk beds the kind of cheap purchase that a parent can live with?  Are these inexpensive childrens beds all right to purchase, and how do I know if they are?

Find out here.

Are cheap bunk beds safe for my child

Sleep tight! With a little info in hand, you can find bunk beds that you can rest easy with!
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Bunk beds for kids come in all shapes, sizes, and prices.  You’ve got a wide array of product choices from metal to wooden and style choices from futon to triple bunks and loft beds with desk designs underneath.

Finding kids bunk beds that appeal to children is not hard.  Your bigger obstacle will be making sure you get a safe one at your price range.  Don’t worry too much about that though.  Doing that is actually easier than you would think if you know what to look for.

If you follow these simple rules when purchasing a lower cost bunk you can enjoy the quest of a budget purchase AND feel more secure in your childrens’ safety as well.

How to Make Sure These Bunk Beds Are Safe

  1. Metal bunk beds are generally the least expensive bunkbed you can find in the retail market, but they also have a tendency to become wobbly when their bolts loosen up or their frame bends under the stress of children’s play and jumping.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider a metal bunk bed.  Manufacturer’s have come a long way in making all kids beds safer with each passing day.  Here’s what you need to do if you want to purchase a metal bunk.  First make sure your children understand it is unsafe to jump on the bed (regardless of what kind it is).  That should go a long way with keeping the frame in good condition.  Then, make sure you put the bed together well so that all bolts are in place and joints are stable.  Finally, be sure to routinely check the frame to see if there are any loose nuts or bolts that may need tightened.
  2. Wooden bunk beds can be a little more expensive, but some, especially pine bunk beds, can be quite competitively priced and in fact, in line with the price of a metal bunk bed.  Even an inexpensive solid pine frame can be quite trustworthy, but as with the metal frame, make sure your assembly is secure so as to provide a strong, solid base that does not cave in, and inspect the bed’s nuts and bolts periodically.  You probably won’t have a problem with a wooden frame bending, and they don’t rust like a metal frame might, but you will want to make sure all parts are snug.
  3. Used bunk beds can be a great, inexpensive way to get a good deal.  However, look the bed over carefully to guarantee horseplay by a previous owner has not compromised the frame’s sturdiness, and purchase ONLY a used bed that has all the safety precautions that would normally come with a new bed… like top bunk rails, a correctly fitting mattress, and a ladder.  Don’t assume you can just purchase something missing from a used bed just in case you can’t get your missing part in an exact size match (which you want to guarantee safety).  Do assume you need to know what the NEW safety standards are, and if a used bed can perform just like one built to today’s safety standards, it should be a great addition to your kids bedroom furniture.

You can find a summary of the safety standards by the U.S. government at .

Cheap kids beds CAN hold their own to more expensive beds made of expensive woods (like maple, oak, and cherry), and they can be great bedroom furniture choices if the children are taught to treat their beds with respect ( like no jumping on the top bunk) and the parents double check (and correct, if needed) the frame’s integrity on a routine basis.

Taking these common sense steps with inexpensive beds for kids should provide any family the opportunity to enjoy these a good buy on some cheap bunk beds while providing the safest environment for the children themselves.

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