Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney – 3 Critical Things You Need to Know

Talking with a bankruptcy attorney and knowing the answers to these questions will help you find a bankruptcy attorney you can work with and trust.
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Having money problems is hard on any family.  Going bankrupt is even harder, but sometimes it can’t be helped.  However, if you choose a bankruptcy attorney that will get the job done right and help you through the agonizing ordeal, claiming bankruptcy won’t be as bad as you thought.

Here’s a list of the most important things you need to know and the foundational questions to ask a bankruptcy attorney when choosing the personal bankruptcy attorney that will walk with you during this very difficult time of life.

1.  Does the attorney you are considering have a lot of experience representing clients in bankruptcy and bankruptcy only?

Bankruptcy is a court process, and bankruptcy law is confusing and constantly evolving.  If your legal representative does even one thing incorrectly or misses one form, your case could, and more likely will, be thrown out of court.  What’s worse is that, since you just declared bankruptcy, you’ll be left without the chance to declare bankruptcy again for several more years.  No, the court system doesn’t care that you never got the chance to finish this time around.  Do yourself the biggest favor possible, and get a bankruptcy attorney that will keep your case on track and going through to a successful completion.

2.  What are the bankruptcy attorney fees for the lawyer you are considering, and what other fees might or will you be charged for?

Bankruptcy attorney fees can be daunting for an already-money-strapped family, but if you are surprised by additional fees after you fork out an initial large payment, your bankruptcy case may be stalled or stopped completely.  Most bankruptcy lawyers will give you an overall cost based on the type of bankruptcy you are filing (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13) and provide exact quotes on any additional, optional services which might arise.  However, if you get a quote that seems lower than you have seen advertised for other places or were told by another firm, you need to investigate what that lower quote covers and then what other payments you will have due for the other actions your attorney will be required to take.

When you are seeking to find a bankruptcy lawyer which you can feel confident in, find a bankruptcy attorney that is upfront and clear on costs and payments before you go further in the process.

3.  Which bankruptcy attorney personally reassures you the most?

If you are to the point where you are claiming bankruptcy, chances are you have gone through a very difficult emotional time already.  You may have already gone through a foreclosure process, are being sued by major credit card companies, or just experienced a hardship that no one else could possibly imagine.  Add going bankrupt to all you’ve already gone, or are going, through, and you’ve got a case for all sorts of feelings and emotions that won’t help you get past this life hurdle and go on with the fresh start that bankruptcy is there to provide.  It is really important that you choose a bankruptcy attorney that provides peace and reassurance and who helps you remember that you and your family will emerge from this better for the wear.

There are lots of challenges in life, but going through personal bankruptcy is perhaps one of the toughest for families to go through.  There will be a lot of paperwork, a lot of waiting, a lot of fear, and a lot of second guessing, wishing otherwise, and even sometimes unwarranted guilt.  This isn’t the time to stand alone.  The best bankruptcy attorney can be your best friend during this time.  Chose the one you can depend on and trust.  It makes  all the difference in the world.

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