A Christian Bankruptcy Attorney – Godly Guidance or Grief?

Seek the Christian bankruptcy attorney who will bring Godly, professional help to you and your family. It’s time for a blessing!
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Will a Christian bankruptcy attorney be a blessing to you during this time, or are you asking for additional trouble which you definitely do not need or want right now?

It depends.

Christian bankruptcy is a topic which divides the saints across the country.  Some Christian financial counselors have argued that if a Christian says “yes”, then they have said “yes”.  Therefore, for those individuals, Christian bankruptcy should not be an option Christians should even consider.

However, I’ve got this question for you.

If you said “yes” to take care of your family, do you forget THAT “yes” to honor the “yes” you made to a credit card?

If you said “yes” to your spouse, is that “yes” less important than your “yes” to the kind-of argumentative lady in the mortgage company’s loan department?

Most definitely as a Christian, your “yes” should mean something.  Your word should be honorable and trustworthy in all ways and to the best of your abilities.

However, remember where God would want you to give your highest honor and trust to,  and that is first… to Almighty God Himself, and secondly… to those whom God has given you to take care of, those you told the Lord “yes” to when He placed them in your care.

If your “best abilities” do not allow you to take care of all your debt and your family’s needs, you need to trust the Lord’s mercy and grace, and you need to let Him help you get through this time, even if that means making a very tough choice between two (or more) important “yes-es”.


When you start putting the debt over the debtors, your “yes” to the debt has taken first place over both God AND your family. 


So is it OK for a Christian to declare bankruptcy?  I believe it is, and so do Christian bankruptcy attorneys.  After all, as Christians themselves, these smart Christian individuals would not each be a bankruptcy attorney if they thought it was something sinful.  They would not provide Christian bankruptcy services if they thought it was causing you to sin.

Christian bankruptcy lawyers provide Christian bankruptcy counseling and legal services because they truly believe they are being the hands of Christ – to give you ethical bankruptcy representation, to provide a God-given and legally-permitted solution when finances have gotten so out of hand the solutions are above what you can do, and to help you as a Christian should help others in need as a caring and understanding Chapter 13 or even Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.

Might you find a bankruptcy attorney whom you do NOT feel completely comfortable with?  This is a really tough time you know, and it could be even more stressful if you find an individual you don’t feel comfortable with!

The answer is yes.  We don’t always fit well with some others personality-wise.  That’s just life.  Even Christian bankruptcy lawyers are real people with real characteristics, traits, and personalities.

If you find you really don’t like a particular attorney for some reason, you’ll be able to look at your working relationship at your very first, usually free, introductory consultation.  If you feel uncomfortable with someone, keep going and find someone you DO feel comfortable with.  Otherwise, you’re asking for grief during an already very stressful time.

At the same time, you can rest assured that ANY legitimate Christian attorney who practices bankruptcy law will represent you well and will be one of the most important “servants to you” (albeit a real professional but as a Christian, a fellow brother or sister in Christ to you) you may ever come in contact with.

When you have messed up… when you don’t have the strength or ability or knowledge to fix your personal finances yourself this time… when you need a personal bankruptcy attorney… find a Christian who believes in Jesus Christ, who believes in you, and who believes in the value of forgiveness and the joy of second chances, and you will be blessed with the Godly guidance and hand you need right now.

May the Good Lord be with you and your family during this time, and may you find the Father’s loving hand through the Christian bankruptcy attorney He has set aside just for you.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  (Psalm 91 : 1)


  • The first step is two find some names of a few attorneys. In the beginning it's always a good idea to talk to more than one attorney. This way you can comparison shop to find one that you like and trust.
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