What makes a Neutral Cocalo Crib Bedding Set Worth Your Consideration

Cocalo Crib Bedding

Update: Looking for a crib bedding? The CoCaLo company went into bankruptcy in 2014, but there are many other companies which can provide beautiful crib bedding sets.  Let us know what ones you find!  

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Many soon-to-be parents believe they have just two basic color choices in baby crib bedding sets, pink or blue, and variations of those two, but a Cocalo crib bedding set from the Cocalo Company line of neutral crib bedding sets can open up a whole range of additional possibilities for babies today.

Cocalo Crib Bedding

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While Cocalo’s line of neutral baby bedding may be touted as neutral, it’s anything but drab.

Cocalo crib bedding is unique to begin with.  The Cocalo company offers a wide and diverse range of crib bedding and coordinating nursery room accessories that are modern, sophisticated, and colorful.

While pastel baby bedding is still a popular choice for many parents, you won’t find that at CoCaLo Baby.

At the Cocalo company, colors and shapes dominate, materials and texture are combined in ways unheard of before this time, and diverse angles and graphics create a fun yet sophisticated look for any baby nursery.

However, it is Cocalo’s neutral line that takes unique color combinations and tantalizing nursery room decor to new heights of creativity, and all in the name of neutrality.

For instance, the Cocalo Crib Bedding Collection Jungle Jingle, a popular selection in the Cocalo Baby Collections, neutral line, brings cute and friendly jungle animals into your baby girls or baby boys bedroom.  This bedding set integrates an array of green, blue, yellow, and red and includes some brown accents to bring the more colorful combination to a more subtle level, an interesting combination of colors for a baby’s room.

The overall look is very neutral, but it would be possible to draw more on the striking green color or more on the stately yellow or blue colors.  Multi-colored stripes and circles bring out all the colors which can be pulled from to add a touch of boy or girl highlights.  Yet the total effect is calm, serene, and neutral.

When you have a neutral baby bedding set that can include so much color, one doesn’t have to feel choosing a neutral bedding set will be just plain boring!

Another crib bedding set offered by CoCaLo Baby is the Cocalo Snickerdoodle Collection.

First of all, I just love the name of this collection, and I also think it’s one of the cutest collections of all, reminding me of one of those cookies my Aunt Glenda used to make at Christmas time each year!  Aside from that, this collection maintains this company’s efforts to bring diversity and interest to all its bedding collections.

While the Snickerdoodle baby crib bedding does not integrate the bolder colors, instead focusing on simply neutral ivory, cream, and taupe, the combination of these soft colors seems to create an almost multi-level texture.  Add the various materials used, whip stitch details, and contrasting yet coordinating trims, and you’ve got an interesting look to put in any upscale nursery room.

Cocalo has several other neutral baby bedding collections, each with matching nursery accessories.  This company also offer a regular line of baby bedding that shows bold displays of color and combinations that would not be considered neutral.

All are beautifully crafted.  All have intriguing mixtures of fabrics, prints, lines, and graphics.  Any one can be the foundation for either a baby boy or a baby girl.  Adding neutral baby crib sets just opens up your number of choices when deciding what color scheme you want to go with.

You won’t have a problem finding cocalo crib bedding that works for whatever look you are going for in your baby’s nursery.  Settling on just one may be a more difficult task!

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