Confessions of a Real Military Travel Junkie Army Wife

My favorite family vacation was at the Naval Station at Winter Harbor, Maine in 1993.  We stayed the most times in one place in the recreational area cabins at Fort Story, just above Virginia Beach.  We only stayed at a military space available apartment at Wright Patterson Air Force Base because we got drenched camping the night before at Bob Evans Farm in Ohio and had to find a last minute place to dry out along the way back home, but we ended up loving it there, so we prolonged our return home, and we camped the NEXT night, on the base of course.

I still can’t believe my entire family stayed in a full suite at Wallops Island near Chincoteague Island for $6.00 a night, or was that $8.00?  No, it was $6.00, six bucks a night for the five of us.  A few years ago, but still…

Those are true words from a military wife and mother who raised an entire family on military travel opportunities.

We were very pleased with our military lodging, shown here, when we stayed overnight at Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, TX just last week.

In fact, even just last week, my retired Army husband, our 20 year old college son, (our baby), and I stayed overnight at the “Dyess Inn” on Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, TX as part of a short family getaway on the way to Lubbock, TX.  We completed our stay there with breakfast at Burger King… on base.

This past spring we spent a night at the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites in Corpus Christi, TX, a bold move since we went down there with no reservation and just hoped for the best.  We got it.

For both fun family vacations and family weekend getaways and breaks, military Space A travel and other available military base lodging has been the livelihood of our family travel and getaways.  Combined with military base amenities, military recreational areas, and military travel discounts, we have had a lifetime of fun and enjoyable memories.

We’ve been very blessed by the resourcefulness of the military making good use of its buildings; the graciousness, assistance, and support of military lodging staff; and a good Military Space A travel guide or two I purchased throughout the years at the base PX.

Maybe this is a good time to thank all the services for the military discount travel opportunities they have provided which made our family life a whole lot stronger and a whole lot happier.

Thank you Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard!  Thanks to you too, NASA.  We used your towels with the NASA logo on them when we stayed at the Space A suites there at Wallops Island!

Military family travel has not only been one of the highlights of our military family life, it has been one of the best highlights of our entire family’s life.

When we have struggled with the plain old stress of life, when we have felt overwhelmed and needed a break to refresh and bond as a family, when we just needed something special in our lives, and when we needed to make the best use of our budget, we found a resting place and a new start (over and over again) with the military family travel and trips we have enjoyed throughout the years.

Oh, and thank you Navy Gateway Inn at Kingsville, TX for mailing my personal pillowcase back to me when I left it there last time.  As I mentioned then, that old Texas flag pillowcase is one of the few gifts remaining from our wedding more than 30 years ago, save our marriage and each other!  Fortunately, you treated that pillowcase as well as you treated us there.  If you’re reading this, thanks again.  I think you’re great.

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