Family Breaks and Vacations That Fit Your Family Perfectly

Family breaks can be the most cherished of times or the most dreaded of events.  Usually, the kind of family vacations you end up with depends first and foremost on the planning you put into them ahead of time.

Before you make any plans for your next trip, this list of fun family holidays and family vacation ideas should get your juices flowing so you find the family getaways and destinations that are right for those you love.

When making any travel plans, be they short family breaks several times throughout the summer, cheap family breaks on a limited budget, Christmas family breaks with the inlaws a few hours away, or month long excursions over an extended period of time, you can use the category styles below to see which kind of vacation would best suit your family needs and interests.

Feel free to mix and match categories if that works best for those involved, or simply stay within one kind of trip if that works best for your group.

The most important thing is simply to determine the best family breaks for you and your family members.

The Seven Kinds of Family Breaks

A Trip Filled with Outdoor Adventures

If your gang likes to play outdoors or simply might enjoy the blessings of enjoying this beautiful earth, outdoor adventures might be just the area to focus your attention on.

Mountain biking, rock climbing, gorge walking (aka canyoning), kayaking adventures, sailing, and white water rafting could all be the center of any fun time together.

Camping and vacation rentals in national parks, forests, resort areas, or holiday parks are also great ways to experience the great outdoors as a family.

This might even be a great time to try a new outdoor adventure like fishing, a family ski trip, or moose sighting as a family.  Just because you’ve never done some great adventure before doesn’t mean you can start now, learning together as you go!

Would you like some fun family breaks like you see here, or would you enjoy something completely different?

Family Fun Vacations

These may more be kid friendly vacations with mom and dad thrown in, but they are still usually fun for everyone.

The trick is to find destinations and activities that cater towards the age and interests of the children, but once one does that, it’s easy to find places to go.

Amusement parks and water parks are great examples of activities a family break could be based on.  A Disney trip or Legoland might be in order as well.

One could even plan an entire trip around a kids camp or a campground that provides lots of childrens’ activities, lessons, classes, and events.

The way to make this kind of break work best is to find the major childrens’ event or events you will center your trip around and then to augment the time around that event or events with side activities that will bring everyone closer.

We once stayed at a campground that had all kinds of classes and activities for children in the morning.  After class, we ate lunch there and then took off to see some of the sights in the local area, only to return to swim in the lake at the campground every evening.

The trip was geared towards providing our children some fun activities, but we also made sure we included some time together as well.

In Need of Rest and Relaxation Trips

When you just want to go off somewhere and forget about all the trials and tribulations you face from day to day, a calm and peaceful environment is called for.

To have this kind of trip, you need to remember you will need to find the kind of atmosphere that will provide all family members an enjoyable experience (things to do no matter how active or sedentary) while protecting their enjoyable experience (choosing a situation or location where the kids can be themselves and… well… just be kids).

Family cruises, indoor water parks with family hotels attached, and all inclusive resorts are great destinations to provide a restful break while giving your kids a little bit of a mental break from mom and dad’s daily hen pecking.

Beach vacations are particularly nice for this kind of break.

Cruises and hotel family breaks are the most fun when there are great amenities right on location, so do check to see what kind of set up you will have available, keeping in mind that you want as peaceful a stay as possible… for everyone.

Location Specific Travel

Is there a place you would like to experience together?  It’s always fun to discover a new place in this world or experience something you have always heard about but have never seen or touched before!

Breaks like these might include visiting historical sites and homes, touring castles and cultures, shopping and eating lunch at historical downtown areas, or experiencing a new city somewhere, all of these being great destinations to enjoy together.

Working Vacations

Even families can take their work with them while enjoying their off time together if they find a special work for them to do while they are away!

Perhaps your family has a heart for missions and would enjoy going on a missions trip together, or a family with older teens might plan on working with Habitat for Humanity during their summer break together.

Participating in an archaeological dig together, or traveling with a son or daughter who is going to college and wants to check out campuses and cities can be times that are turned into special times together.

Do you think a archeology dig vacation might be a good family vacation idea for your family?

Stretching Your Very Limits Time Together

Is there something you can do together that might be something that will scare the daylights out of you or something you all just want to do but have never learned to do?

Taking time together to learn something new and exciting is a great way to spend time together!

Examples of this kind of vacation might be learning to jet ski, building a raft together (and yes, then actually going out on it), staying on a dude ranch, or touring Scotland by boat.

Whatever stretches you and allows you to grow in some very special way can be a very good focus for breaks taken as a family.  Just remember though… this kind of break works best if everyone is stretching and growing as individuals as well.

Staying with Family Trips

When those cheap family breaks take you to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, you can still make memories by checking out the local tourist attractions close to your extended family members’ home.

Sometimes these short family breaks away from where you are staying for free can provide some of the most cherished memories you’ll ever have together!

Visiting these sometimes smaller or less-well-known places can be even more fun sometimes because you realize these are places you may never have seen otherwise.

When it all boils down at the end, those are probably the places and activities you’ll discover you cherish most of all.


When you take the time to determine what your loved ones need at this time of life, you’ll be able to plan just the right family breaks for them all!

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