Family Tent Camping | Check Your Tent Camping Gear List

I’m itching to go camping!  Are you?

If you’re in the process of planning a weekend family break, looking for something fun to do, or just have a plain old hankering to do some family tent camping, you’ll need to check your garage and verify you have all the camping equipment you’ll need.  I know I need to do that.  It’s been like five years since we’ve gone camping, and well…  I’m just wondering what’s even out there in my garage!

So let’s just think for a quick moment, before you go digging through your camping gear… What will you want to make sure you have?

What camping gear will you need for your next family tent camping trip?

Check our family camping list of items here and see if you have what you’ll need for your next tent camping trip.  You might even think of a few more things in the process too!

You’ll need:

  1. Your family camping tent
  2. A canopy tent or screened canopy for bug free dining (optional, but highly recommended)
  3. Camping supplies to include items such as sleeping bags, air mattresses or pads if desired, a camping potty if you’re going somewhere without a restroom close by or just aren’t sure about it, biodegradable toilet paper (oh no, DON’T forget this important but commonly overlooked item, lol), and a lantern, a flashlight or two, and some camping insect repellent like citronella candles, mosquito coils, bug spray, fly paper or fly traps.
  4. Other camping gear you’ll want to make sure you have includes your outdoor picnic items such as a grill (if not provided on site), grilling utensils, a thermos or lemonade jug, a folding table if you’re not using picnic tables onsite, chairs, a cooler and picnic basket to fill to the rim, and charcoal and lighter too if you’ll need that for your grill.  (Always take new charcoal on a family camping trip so you’re not stuck without fuel to cook when you’re having too much fun to run to the store for new charcoal that still lights.)  Something small to remember too is a book of matches.  Don’t forget the matches!  Even if you take a gas grill, you might enjoy making a pit fire at some point.
  5. You’ll also want to check to make sure you have some outdoor gear to see if you have some lawn games, hiking gear or fishing gear, a battery powered radio, a Coleman coffeemaker, and camping chairs (with some sticks and marshmallows too, of course).  If you ask me, a Coleman camp coffeemaker and some s’mores sounds like a pretty nice combination after some mini golf games and lake swimming!  Even small items like binoculars to watch birds or Frisbees for a quick frisbee game can make a family camping trip much more enjoyable and memorable.
  6. Your tent camping supplies list isn’t complete without a little thought as to making sure you have all the parts you need for your camping gear.  Do you have stakes and a hammer for your tent?  If you have a waterproof tent or if you want to weatherproof your family tent (which you should), do you have seam sealer spray or seamgrip?  Will you want to take along a water hose to use at your campsite should you have water on your specific site.  You might also want to bring a small shovel or digging tool to dig a little trench around your tent when you’re putting it up, and of course, a pocket knife might come in handy for all kinds of outdoor things.  And don’t forget a first aid kit for those ouchies.

Family camping is always a great summer family activity; it’s a great way to have a fun and memorable family vacation, and when it comes to cheap family breaks, you can’t beat family tent camping.

You’ll just want to make sure you have all the camping supplies, picnic supplies, and outdoor gear before you’re there so you can totally enjoy your camping vacation time together.


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  • Deb
    A canopy tent is a very wise purchase and has protected us numerous times at many events.
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