Family Tent Reviews of The Coleman Bayside 8-person Family Tent

It’s plenty orange, and it’s pretty large, and all in all, it’s pretty worth looking at if you’re in the market for a new family tent for your next family tent camping adventure.

Coleman camping gear has always been known for its quality and longevity, and the Coleman Bayside 8-person family tent is no exception.  From its spaciousness to its protection, this is one of the best camping tents around for a family.

The Coleman Bayside 8-person Family Tent: A Large Family Tent For Your Next Family Camping Trip

So what makes this tent better than others?  Here’s a synopsis of family tent reviews that will help you understand why it’s worth looking at this family tent made for family fun.

The Coleman Bayside 8-person family tent is large, very large.

With two separate rooms, plenty of head space, a separate little closet, and sewn-in organizing pockets throughout, you won’t see complaints about roominess with this family tent.  This is a big family tent.  However, as in any tent, if you are bringing your suitcases and personal items inside with you, which many people do, you might want to look at this large tent as a tent for a large family with lots of things but not necessarily pack it full with 8 people.   Additionally, the circular shape of this tent does seem to trim a little extra elbow space off, at least psychologically, for many who have supplied personal reviews of this item.  Other than that, it’s big, people.

Coleman camping tents are also known for their quality construction and durability, and here again, this Coleman family tent is no exception.

With quality stitching and joints, no ground seams, a covered entrance, and a rainfly for added weatherproofing, this is one of those outdoor shelters made for rainy weather.  You can hardly find a complaint among the words of those who have purchased this item about the protection you’ll have with this particular tent.

Of course you’ll still want to weatherproof the seams with seam sealant before you go camping, and due to it’s large size, you’ll definitely need to have at least two bottles or tubes of some sort of sealer.  However, once you put the effort into that routine task, if you’re like every other purchaser who has ever purchased this tent and did that same routine task, you should never have to worry about any leaks, even in the worst of rain showers.

This family camping tent has a few extras as well which will make your stay a little nicer too, regardless of whether you’re on a short family break or a longer family vacation.  The Coleman Bayside tent has a swinging front door (a hinged door instead of a simple zippered one), color coded poles for quick and easy 2-person set up, and extremely economical price makes this a keeper for any family wanting to enjoy themselves.  It might just be the best family tent around if you want the little extra conveniences that come with this tent along with a cost that is as good as discount tents from other manufacturers.

Of course, there are many other tents for families that might be even better for you, and many have their own bragging rights just as this one has its own.  However, if you’re in the market for camping equipment and your family tent camping checklist includes the purchase of a large family tent, the Coleman Bayside 8-person tent is one item you might want to consider.

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