Father’s Day – Gadgets for Men and Other Gift Ideas for Him

Fathers Day Gifts for Him

With Fathers Day coming up, your mind may be going at time warp speed to find some Fathers Day gifts for dad, but never fear…

We’ve got a list of gift ideas for men here that old Dad will love on Fathers Day, or any other day of the year too for that matter!

Gift Ideas for Him

Gadgets for Men

What man doesn’t like gadgets of some sort or the other?  Whether it’s electronic, recreational, or craftsman oriented, there are cool gadgets for men that are great for whatever kind of man you are buying for.

Some of the most interesting gadgets are those items which make Dad’s life a little more fun.

A coffee cup warmer make a wonderful Father’s Day, birthday, or Christmas gift.  In cold weather, add a ceramic mug and some small packets of specialty hot chocolate or tea tucked inside the mug.   As a Valentine gift idea for him, pack the mug with small chocolate pieces like Reese’s Pieces or Hershey Kisses.

Another interesting idea is a Rise & Shine Natural Wake Up Light which gently puts Dad to sleep with a dimming light similar to an evening dusk to nighttime event and which gently lightens up little by little in the morning to simulate the feel of a natural sunrise.  Thought to help provide a restful night sleep and natural awakening, many fathers may just get that better night sleep they so deserve.  The Rise & Shine Light also comes with a timed radio Dad can fall sleep to.

Other ideas include a folding or collapsible computer keyboard, a UV razor sanitizer (available at Walmart), a wireless weather station, neck and shoulder massager, or my husband’s favorite Christmas present from last year… electronic Sudoku games.

For the man who enjoys his computer or who does a lot of work on it, how about a laptop desk for the bed or a laptop stand with stereo speakers?

These unique gift ideas for men are sure to please while adding that bit of excitement to dad’s everyday routine.

Fathers Day Gifts for Him

Personalized Gifts for Men

If personalized gifts for Dad seem boring or mundane, think again.  There are many personalized gifts for him that are will appeal to his individuality as well as add fun or excitement to his life .

A digital photo keychain would be a welcomed present to a father who has someone he loves and loves to look at from time to time.  With an ability to hold 100 photos or so on one little keychain, this nifty little item couldn’t be any more personal.  Add the fact that some of these key chains have USB ports incorporated into their design, you’ve got a great winning present to give to a doting dad.

Digital photo keychains are great for Christmas as well so dad can put all his family Christmas pictures right in his pocket and at easy reach.

Other personalized gift ideas for him include a BBQ grill set and a BBQ apron with his name on it, a custom mouse pad with a picture or special message just for him, a embroidered spa robe and beach towel, and a monogrammed leather ipod case.

Other nice Fathers Day or birthday gift ideas for him would be a personalized steak branding iron, engraved bible, or engraved desk sets, paperweights, and bookmarks.

Fathers Day Gifts for Dad

Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s pretty easy to find a Fathers Day gift idea for Dad, but just in case you need to get your creative juices flowing, here are a few thoughts here.

Anything with a fatherly logo or slogan is always in order for a dad!  Hats, shirts, personalized golf balls, pens, picture frames, or office desk kits that proudly proclaim Dad as the “World’s Greatest Dad” or that proudly blast the words “My Dad is #1” are wonderful birthday presents or Fathers Day gifts from kids.

There are even some homemade gift ideas for Dad that seem to be a hit just because he’s… well… a dad.  Homemade chocolate dipped strawberries are usually well received with men as would be a homemade chocolate cake.

If the chocolate man of the house is watching his diet, consider making a flourless chocolate cake or find a sugar free chocolate cake recipe.

A dad is a special person, and these gift ideas for him will help him know just how special he is to you this next Fathers Day and for every day of the year afterwards.

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