Gifts for Grandma – Mothers Day Gift Ideas for a Grandma

Gifts for Grandma Mothers Day Gifts
Gifts for Grandma Mothers Day Gifts

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Getting gifts for Grandma on Mother’s Day isn’t that difficult if you know some tricks of the grandparenting trade.

To get the hang of grandmothers, remember these three things:

  1. Grandparents love their grandchildren.
  2. Grandparents love their grandchildren’s parents (their kids).
  3. Grandparents want their grandchildrens’ parents (their kids) to KNOW they love their grandchildren (their kid’s kids).

Oh, and when you’re talking about Grandmothers in particular…

  1. If you remember a Grandmother on Mother’s Day, you are lovingly giving a little back to someone who has given you her all, and that will mean a WHOLE lot to her.

OK, with that in mind, check out these nifty grandma gifts that will help Grandma accomplish her grandparenting goals listed above!

Gifts for Grandma

Personalized Gifts for Grandma

Anything that tells the world that this Grandma has some special grandkids is a great gift by any granny’s standard.

You can find many personalized gifts such as:

  1. Personalized picture frames with grandchildren pictures included
  2. Engraved pens with “Grandma” or even just her name engraved on it
  3. Personalized playing cards (Hey, when she’s playing Canasta with her friends, she wants them to know they are not dealing with just any normal Grandmother!)
  4. Monogrammed towels, monogrammed beach towels, or a monogrammed robe
  5. A photo blanket or photo mug of her grandchild or grandchildren

Homemade Gifts for Grandma

Anything a Grandma’s grandchild makes for her will make her one happy lady.

You can create some nice personalized presents for her like some of the following Mother’s Day gift ideas:

  1. Personalized pillowcases displaying the grandkids’ handprints which have been dipped in paint and applied to the pillowcases
  2. Embroidered handprints of the grandchildren
  3. Hand decorated picture frames
  4. Decorated desk pads
  5. Homemade candy
  6. A baby memory book, baby album, or photo album of an older child’s life and activities (ice hockey practice, prom night, dance recitals, and hopefully a few pictures you have taken of the kids with Grandma throughout the year if you can

Unique Gifts for Grandma

Unique gifts for grandma would be gifts that would mean something special just to the grandmother you are giving the present to… something that tells her you were thinking about HER.

While you know the Grandma of your family better than anyone else and would know what she might enjoy in life, here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

  1. Luxury gift baskets with either high quality bath items, bath items from the dollar store, or homemade soaps and bubble bath… Whatever you think she would enjoy and which fits your budget best
  2. Funny pajamas and a box of hot chocolate
  3. Precious Moments figurines or other figurines that would mean something to her
  4. A framed picture or framed poem by her favorite artist or poet.  (My mom used to love Helen Steiner Rice poems when she was still here with us.)
  5. A ticket to do something she has always wanted to do or would just enjoy doing again.  If the grandchild tells Grandma they have a ticket for themselves too, it’s a date!
  6. Grandmother jewelry

As a special note, my daughter Amy (the mom of the cute little baby-bibed guy on the front of my website) makes some beautiful hand crafted jewelry and has started her own crafting business called Liam’s Lamb to sell them.

If you are interested in some special gifts for Grandma, a bracelet or necklace with grandkids birthstones like what Amy designs and makes could be the perfect gift for the grandma in your life.

If you would like to check out Amy’s grandmother jewelry and other jewelry items, please see Amy’s Facebook page for more info


As you see, finding gifts for Grandma for Mother’s Day isn’t that hard, especially when you remember that whatever a Grandmother gets is usually the best gift in the world as far as she is concerned.


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  • Betty Baby
    My grandma is a huge fan of handmade things. My brother and I wrote her a really nice card with a poem in it and decorated some candles and made her a picture frame with the 3 of us in it. I hope she likes it! My parents actually got her a cell phone for mother's day - her first one ever. Its something called the SVC by Tracfone and appearantly only costs $7 a month. Sounds like a deal to me... is it really designed for just seniors or could others use it too? Just wondering :) Happy early Mother's Day to all the mothers reading this!
  • Hi Betty Baby! That is a GREAT idea for a gift for your grandmother! I took a moment to look up the Senior Value Cell Phone, and it looks really good for an older adult. I love that it has a large keypad and is compatible with hearing aids. Most importantly, it is a nice way to keep in touch with each other, and I'm sure that means a lot to all of you. What a fantastic present! Thanks for sharing that idea with everyone here! Chris
  • Betty Baby, I forgot to mention... Thanks for sharing about your homemade gifts too. I'm sure your grandmother will love them. They sound really nice.
  • Amanda
    I heard of this phone for my grandmother. I think it has some great features, like the 911 calling and the hearing aid compatibility. Plus, it's super cheap! Has anyone used it that can give me any advice as to how the phone works? Let me know!

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