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Please take some time to check out blog, but first, we wanted to let you know who we are here for and what you can expect from us.

Parents, we are all about you – your family, your home, your relationships (not just your parent child relationships but all of them), your finances, your health, your dreams and disappointments, your marriage, your time… basically… your life.

Padoozles: Come, Learn, Live, and Love

We know there is more to being a parent than just getting pregnant, managing a home and family, or parenting advice.  We understand that being a parent is about living life.

That’s why we have included all sorts of topics here at… topics that will help you get through life in the best way you can and be the best “you” you can be for your family.

For instance…

Our posts and articles provide lots of information, learning, and insight into home purchases, bedding, family relationships, family holidays, cooking and recipes, family finances, health, and so much more.

From newborn baby clothes, kids furniture, bunk beds, trundle beds, and kids bedding for kids beds, to online jobs, water damage repair,budget insurance, constipation and acne home remedies, choices for finding best loans, and yes, even to choosing a bankruptcy attorney, Padoozles covers it all and gives you the tools to make wise decisions.

And we know you also care about your family’s health too, so we are including some extra things that help with family life like how to cook chicken breast recipes your kids will love, homemade dog food treats, healthy party delights for your children, and diets that work for you and your husband.

We hope that what you learn here will help you make wise choices, better selections, smarter shopping decisions, healthy families, and happy homes.

However, we all know being a parent is more than just making purchases for your home and family and baking healthy cookies for the kids…

We also hope that you’ll find insight and encouragement here, like finding faith and hope during difficult times and knowing that you’re not alone in what you face, regardless of what it seems like you’re up against.

We hope our time together might also provide you the opportunity to feel at home as you seek insight and answers to help you with your home, your family, your kids, your house work, your purchases, your job, your school, your spouse, your time, your health, your money, your friends, your parents, your faith, and yourself.


If it happens in the home or in the life of a family, you’ll probably find out more about it here at!

All in all…

It is our desire is to help you get through, overcome, and grow through daily life as well as tough choices, responsibilities, demands, and developments that arise in daily living.

And if our padoozling here can help you discover something that helps make your life better or your home brighter, we’ll be megadoozles happy for you!

So thanks again for coming to to check things out.  We hope you will find some good article writing and information to help you be good parents and live to your fullest potential as a mom, dad, brother, sister, child, friend, family member, or individual, and when you have learned what you came here for, leave with the knowledge of how to live a better life and love those you care for most.  (Just make sure you come back here again some too! – LOL)

Padoozles:  Come, Learn, Live, and Love

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