Great Deals on Labor Day Getaways for Late Summer Travelers

Deals on Labor Day Weekend Getaways

If you haven’t had your fill of summer fun yet, or if you have and want to take advantage of those Labor Day travel deals or even just the last days of summer, here is where you’ll probably find the best Labor Day deals and discounts for a short family getaway this Labor Day weekend.

Deals on Labor Day Weekend Getaways

Hotel discounts are good opportunities to get great travel deals on Labor Day weekend.

Hotel Deals for Labor Day Weekend

If people aren’t shopping at all the Labor Day weekend sales or having a picnic with family or friends at home, it’s a good chance they are traveling.   Top family travel destinations for the weekend include the beach, state parks, and other places where families can enjoy the great outdoors during those last few days of summer.

Wherever you go, whether it’s rock climbing in Bolder, Colorado, a quick weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland, or even a more indoor activity like a NYC Broadway show, you should be able to find great discounts on hotels where you’ll be.

Check the larger travel sites like Expedia or Kayak online, go directly to your favorite hotel website, or even better, call hotels directly and ask them if they have discount hotel rates for Labor Day.   You’ll be amazed what a phone call can do to save money on overnight accommodations!


Labor Day Weekend Car Rental Deals

Many people don’t realize some car rental companies have great deals on car rentals for certain holidays, Labor Day being one of those times.  These car leasing companies know Labor Day car rental specials can sometimes make the difference between a family staying home or making the decision to live a little during the short family break.

A weekend getaway car rental doesn’t have to cost a bundle if you take a few minutes to check some offers by some of those rental companies that want your business right now!

Yea sure, search Priceline and  Hotwire, but talk to places like Enterprise and Alamo too for weekend car rental specials, and rent a car for Labor Day!

Labor Day Weekend Cruises

Are you hankering to take a cruise but perhaps don’t think you can afford one?  Check out the Labor Day weekend cruises offered by many cruise lines or online travel sites, and see if they might have a Labor Day weekend cruise that might just fit your budget.  Not only are these short cruises which will cost you a little less, you’ll also find some pretty good Labor Day weekend cruise deals that could more easily afford!

From family cruise deals for the entire weekend to a discount for a one day cruise on Labor Day, there are bargains to find and discounts to get.   If you’re interested, take advantage of these opportunities!



Labor Day Weekend Getaway Deals

Sometimes free parks and places make the best Labor Day getaways of all!

Other Labor Day Travel Deals

To find weekend getaway deals, it doesn’t matter if you are staying close to home or traveling a little further.  If you want to enjoy the weekend, you will be able to find events and attractions that are either discounted, cheap, or free to begin with.

Get together with the kids, give everyone a chance to offer some short vacation ideas, and then start calling or getting online to ask what the cost for that event or attraction is over the weekend holiday.  Also check city and country tourism bureaus, city websites, and Chamber of Commerce sites for any city or town that might have some fun things to do over the weekend.  Some attractions may have a regular price tag attached to it.  However, you might just find some fun things to do at discounted prices.

Some tourist attractions are discounted and even sometime free on Labor Day, making it possible to discover some cheap weekend getaways for families to enjoy in those last dog days of summer.

And if you’re REALLY broke, and even these Labor Day discounts don’t seem to make enough of a dent to help you with your family’s short vacation dreams this year, read this:


The Formula for Cheap Family Breaks When You’re Broke


Here’s to a wonderful and fun Labor Day weekend for you and your family this year!

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