Green Tea: Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

I purchased some Rooibos Tea from the UNT coffee shop this morning, and I think my life will never be the same.  

Ahhhhh….. what a cup of tea!   So smooth.  So mild.  So sweet (with no sweetener).  It was perfect.

I had the green tea, but it was really an herbal tea… a kind of herbal tea but really not from an herb plant like you would think and really not green tea, not even “tea” per say. It was just that it was an Green Rooibos Tea vs. Red Rooibos Tea. 

Both are from South Africa and even from the same plant.  Just… well, I’ll tell you later in the article. 

Anyway, I indulged.  It was great.  I started reading about it, especially since I had no idea what I was buying at the time and figured maybe I should find out.  Well… who knows?  It might make me feel great. It might make me heal better.  It might make me age a lot less.  It might save the world!  Really, at this point, just who knows?   I needed to know!  I had better figure out what this African Rooibos Tea was all about, or who knows WHAT might happen!  (…or what I might miss out on if I didn’t know) 

So I sat at my “desk” in the UNT Library, and I did just that.  I read about Rooibos and the health benefits of Rooibos, and where to buy Rooibos.  Well of course, I now want more than the one tea bag at a time that I can purchase at the UNT coffee shop inside the UNT Library where my UNT “desk” was this morning.  

The health benefits of Green Rooibos Tea are far reaching and wide!  

I really DO want more.

The leaves which you steep to make Rooibos Tea are actually the leaves from a legume type plant that grows in South Africa.  Yes, legumes are beans, so while some might call this an herbal tea, remember this drink comes from legume plant leaves.  This tea comes from a bean plant.  South African Rooibos Tea is just a healthy drink made from leaves of a bean plant.

We are not talking about coffee beans though.  We are not talking about the beans at all. We are talking about leaves here, and these leaves have absolutely no caffeine in them.  

This mild tasting hot drink is totally caffeine free.  This makes Rooibos a good addition to make healthy iced tea for the entire family or hot calming tea for stress or sleep.  It is a good hot or cold tea while pregnant or breastfeeding.   It is a nice hot drink to enjoy while cutting down on caffeine or to keep caffeine intake at an acceptable level.  There just isn’t any caffeine.  

In addition to being caffeine free, Rooibos Tea has a naturally-occurring calming effect on the nervous system making it a good choice for dealing with headaches, nervous tension, irritability, sleep problems or disturbances, or even mild depression.   Sounds like a nice cup in the evening would be a rather nice ending to the day!  

It has a good dose of both calcium and manganese which aids in the formation of cartilage and bones and magnesium which helps help boost the immune system. 

It’s inflammatory effects have been noted in numerous studies, making this a good addition to someone wanting natural remedies for arthritis and natural healing for heart health and overall wellness.

It also packs a punch with its healthy dose of antioxidants which help maintain the healthy functioning of all body cells and the absorption and processing of nutrients and hormones going throughout the body at all stages of life.  It also increases enzymes that bully any abnormal cells that are developing, helping the body to naturally fight off cancer cell formation and growth.  Not all bullies are bad, I guess!  

Lesser processed leaves, those that are steamed slightly and dried quickly, make a greener tea (South African Green Rooibos Tea) which have more of the antioxidants and which better preserve the natural enzymes that come with the leaves of this plant. More detailed processing and fermenting result in Red Rooibos Tea, orange-red in color and even slightly sweeter than the already sweet green tea but with much less number and quality of antioxidants and enzymes.  While the health benefits of fermented tea is becoming more widely well-known, in this instance, the benefits of the unprocessed green tea leaves seem to win out.

See… Green Rooibos Tea vs Red… I told you I would go into that, didn’t I!  

 Rooibos health benefits don’t end there either.  

This may be one of the best anti-aging foods available for our use.  Since the leaves naturally contain anti-aging alpha hydroxy acid which promotes the natural formation of collagen and overall healthy skin, you can find or keep soft, wrinkle-free skin as you age! 

On the other hand, Rooibos has healing properties for skin irritations of all sorts and at all age levels and can be applied directly to the skin up to two times a day.  This gem can be a home remedy for severe diaper rash, food allergy or other rashes, teenage or adult acne, eczema, and even psoriasis!  Natural skin care in a wet tea bag!  

What other skin product is good for babies all the way through the teen years and then all the way up through the anti-aging years!  

Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

Here’s a picture of my “desk” at the UNT Library this morning. I was drinking Green Rooibos Tea for the first time in my life, and I loved it! You will too once you know more about it! Amazing… just like my “desk”.

When my husband came to meet me at my “desk” at the UNT Library, I gave him clear instructions NOT to throw my tea cup away.  Instead, we took it to the car at which time I immediately whipped my tea bag out and rubbed it all over my feet.  Weird… maybe, but ahhhhh…. so nice.  

Do you remember when I made basil tea from fresh basil leaves for the first time a couple years ago?  If you didn’t see that, read here:  “How to Make Basil Tea from Fresh Basil“.  I was impressed by the health benefits of basil leaves.  This time, after learning about the health benefits of African Rooibos Tea, I’m beginning to become a true supporter of the healing effects of herbal teas and leaves.  There just seems to be so much nutritional healing and support that come from these little plant leaves!  

Have you ever thought about all the wonderful things God has placed on this earth for our joy, for our pleasure, for our HEALTH?   I know I am learning to praise Him more and more each day! 

If you are in the UNT Library to get a “desk” of your own there sometime, stop by their coffee shop to get some of their healing teas on your way. What?  Not going to UNT in the near future?  Don’t worry.  There are many places to buy Rooibos Tea online and maybe in your own neighborhood grocery store.

No matter where you get it, the point it, Rooibos Tea is definitely worth getting!   


He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth  –Psalm 104: 14 (KJV)

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