A Heated Mattress Pad Provides Warm Bedding and Comfort for a Good Night’s Sleep

Heated Mattress Pad
Heated Mattress Pad

A heated mattress pad is a great way to stay warm and save money on electricity too, but you should know some things about them before you purchase one.
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With cold weather coming or possibly on your doorstep as we speak, you may be thinking about how to keep warm at night.  If you save money on electricity too, that’s even better!

A little snuggle blanket sure is nice to curl up in when you’re watching television or reading a book before you go to bed, but what do you do when bedtime comes?

Many people have discovered the heated mattress pad, but before you buy one, you may want to know what one of these handy little devices can for you and also what you should be aware of before you buy one.

An electric heated mattress pad is a luxurious bedding accessory that brings electric warmth right to your fingertips (and on down to your toes).   It comes packaged as a bedding accessory to protect your mattress as any mattress pad would.  However, heated pads are manufactured with small, tiny wires inside the normal-looking pad which provide a warming touch which rises upwards.  It may very well be the rising heat component is what makes this warm bedding accessory work so well as heat rises naturally anyway, distributing the heat from the mattress pad up to the body, sheets, and blankets in a normal and efficient way.

Many people like the idea of a heated bed as a way to save on electric bills throughout the colder winter months.  Lands End promotes their electric pads by citing one can save up to 10% a year on their electricity bills by turning their thermostats down 10 to 15% at nights.  Of course, they then go on to provide details of their heated pads as a way to endure the lower, nighttime temperatures.  Even those who feel they sleep better with cooler bedroom temperatures may enjoy the concentrated warmth on their bodies.  Others just enjoy being surrounded by warm sheets and blankets as they relax and rest.  Regardless of whether you turn your furnace’s thermometer down at night or not, receiving extra warmth from such a small utility user is a low cost and sensible approach for being warmer beneath the bed covers.

It is also thought that the heat from these mattress pads provide heat directly to aching muscles and backs, giving them a therapeutic use.  Most heated pads come with an automatic shut off, turning the heat off in either 8 hours or at your demand, depending upon the kind of mattress selected.  Some digital-set remotes can also turn your padding on at a set time in the mornings.  Sleeping with your muscles in direct contact with the heat can provide the needed relief for a better night’s sleep.  Turning the heat on a few minutes before you need to get out of bed could help with range of motion while getting up in the morning.  Either way, night or morning, using a heated mattress pad can provide healthy benefits.

While a heated mattress pad can provide enjoyment as well as health benefits, there are some individuals who would not want to use such a bedding accessory.  Pregnant women are advised against the use of electric heated mattress pads as the heat may be too high for the baby.  Elderly individuals with pacemakers should also ask their doctors before purchasing a heated mattress pad.  The American Heart Association warns that heated mattress pads may interfere with pacemakers, possibly causing them to skip a beat now and then.

Various mattresses, like the Sunbeam heated mattress pad, are built with dual controls which allow two individuals to set their side at their own level.  However, be prepared for one side to fail before the other, making it hard for the one who loves their side to give up their mattress pad just to purchase another one that works on both sides!

Additionally, while heated mattress pads are generally considered safe and do follow safety guidelines, any electrical unit could be manufactured with a defeat.  If you do decide to purchase a heated mattress pad but see any sign of something wrong with it, contact the manufacturer or store you purchased it from immediately.  Heated mattress pads can have a lot of benefits, but you don’t want to experience a problem with one when you don’t have to.

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