Home Remedies for Acne – Teen Acne Treatment You Can Do at Home

Home Remedies for Acne
Home Remedies for Acne

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When your teenager is faced with pimples, boils, and acne and you want to see what you can do on your own with ingredients you can find right in your very own home, these home remedies for acne may be just what you’re looking for.

Acne home remedies can be quite effective, but they can also be confusing for some as well.  Why does something work for one person and not another?  Why did one product work last month and not today?  How does one know what acne products to buy or what natural skin care can be done to help?

While your home is filled with lots of things that can be used to reduce or even eliminate these skin problems, any one of them a potentially good acne treatment, you will be faced with finding out which of the at home remedies for acne will work best for your teen’s skin at this specific time and depending upon what their skin is doing at this particular moment.

You might find one of the best home remedies for acne right off the bat or perhaps have to try only a couple first before you settle on the one that works best.

On the other hand, it may take a few tries to discover which one will work on your teenager’s specific skin type and current skin conditions.

The important thing for you to do right now is to try various natural remedies for acne from those items that you can find already in your home or from products that you can easily purchase from a local store, and then see what works best.

With that call to action, here’s a list of at home remedies and various acne treatment options you can try in the privacy of your own family abode.

Home Remedies for Acne

Step 1:

Provide a gentle face wash and/or body wash for your teen.

Your teen’s skin is already irritated.   Don’t add to his or her problems by having harsh or chemical ridden soap in the house which just further irritates their skin.

Glycerin soap, castile soap, goat milk soap, Neutrogena products, and most all natural soap free cleansers would be gentle facial cleansers.

With its antibacterial properties, a non-detergent based tea tree oil soap can be good for infected areas that could become infected.

There are some Watkins products from The JR Watkins Company that you might consider as well including body cleaners that have aloe vera gel and green tea moisturizers and their daily cleansing cream which has menthol and witch hazel.

Acne home treatment starts with providing a gentle, non-irritating cleansing agent for your teenager’s grooming needs.

Step 2

Find a natural source of antibiotics to control bacteria growth and infections.

Physician prescribed antibiotics are sometimes necessary, but trying some natural antibiotics from home  first may provide some quick relief as well.

Garlic is a wonderful natural acne treatment that is low cost and easy to find.  It has antibiotic qualities and is also an anti inflammatory agent.

Honey is also an antibiotic as is cinnamon.  Some have combined this healthy duo by mixing a teaspoon of raw honey with a half a teaspoon of cinnamon for a twice a day spoonful of natural antibiotic medicine to boost the immune system and help fight skin outbreaks.

Rubbing honey directly on infected pimples is an at home remedy many teens have successfully used to combat infections as well.

Even cranberries have anti inflammatory agents that can help fight infections.  Now, while eating enough cranberries may be hard, it might help to throw some into your teen’s diet along with other natural antibiotics.

Step 3

Have some retail acne products or homemade acne treatment available at home to quickly combat embarrassing skin issues.

Salicylic acide, witch hazel, tea tree oil, acne creams and ointments, and various other spot treatments are on the market.  Having one of these for limited use may be an option.

Some teens have also found fairly quick relief by patting lemon juice directly onto pimples with a cotton ball, using plain yogurt as a skin cream at night, or  dabbing extra virgin olive oil either right on the acne or over the entire face.

Extra virgin olive oil, used topically — on the face, back, etc. — has been known to have amazing skin healing properties and is touted by many as an amazing home remedy for acne.

Tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and extra virgin coconut oil have also been used successfully by various teens as natural acne treatments as has the gel from Vitamin E gel (simply cut Vitamin E gel capsules and dot the gel right on the trouble spots).

Toothpaste and tomato juice have also been known to be successful spot treatments.

Step 4:

This may require a little extra time, but at home acne remedies should be accompanied by high quality vitamins and minerals for your teenager.

You can provide all the home remedies and treatments in the world to your son or daughter, but if they are lacking in certain vitamins and minerals, culprits in some teen skin disorders, no home remedies acne related are going to work at their best.


Having home remedies for acne readily available for your teenager is something that is easy to do as well as something concrete you can do to help your teen fight for a clearer complexion and a happier social life!


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    Hi Chris, I've heard that rubbing honey on acne really dries out the skin. Is this true? If so what do you do to combat the dryness?
    • Hi back! :) Thanks for your question, and thanks for stopping by! I do not believe honey itself will dry the skin out. In addition to its use on acne and other skin disorders, honey has also used as a moisturizer by many folk for year -- ancient even. I can tell you though, that if you put the honey over your entire face and leave it there over... oh... 15 minutes or so before you wash it off, the honey is going to just feel very stiff and sticky on your face. I did read this somewhere, but I can tell you I personally verify that fact! LOL When I left the honey on for a long time, it didn't "dry" the skin per say, but it just had a really weird feeling, like there was a sticky film covering my face. Just kind of an odd feeling. Once I rinsed it off, all was fine again, but yes, it did feel weird when I let the honey air dry over the entire face for a lengthy time period. Here is what I would suggest... Honey does moisturize skin as well as kill bacteria. When using it though, a person who dabs it on very small parts (like a pimple here and there) probably won't notice that sticky feeling as much, and they could probably leave it on longer without noticing the film as it dries. A person who uses it over the entire face??? That person should not leave it on longer than 5, 10, maybe 15 minutes or so before rinsing / washing it off. BTW, to make the honey a little easier to spread (if you want to use it over the entire face), I have heard of some who put the honey in a bowl in the microwave for 5 seconds or a little less before they apply it to the face. That makes it a little easier to spread, so they say. You won't need much more than 1 Tablespoon to cover the entire face and maybe not even that much. Just make sure that you rinse it off in a few minutes if it is on the entire face. While it won't necessarily dry the skin, it will feel pretty stiff as the honey air dries more and more. Hope that helps! PS, if anyone you know does have dry skin, I REALLY like using Extra Virgin Olive Oil too! I don't use it WITH honey (although I have heard of people who do). I simply use EVOO as a daily moisturizer, and it works so well for me. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also another home remedy for acne, and I will vouch for EVOO personally as one acne home remedy that worked for me. However, it is the moisturizing effects of that which I love so much. Thanks again for stopping by padoozles.com! I hope to see you back! Sincerely, Chris Stevens at Padoozles.com
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