Homemade Gifts for Grandma – Easy Kids Crafts She’ll Love

Making homemade gifts for Grandma can be a great thing.  Gifts from kids are always appreciated.  Even better, you don’t need to fuss and fight over a difficult craft to have something nice to give to a loving Grandmother.  There are lots of easy gifts for grandparents from kids that make very nice homemade grandma gifts!

Whether you are making gifts for Grandma for Mothers Day, Christmas gifts for Grandma, or just want to let her know how special she is, the homemade gifts kids make, no matter how simple or advanced, will make her heart swell with joy. 🙂

Below is a list of creative gifts for Grandma that are nice homemade gifts for her and that are adaptable to various ages of children.

They are great for everyone in the family!

Kids Craft Gifts – Homemade Gifts Made Easy

Many local and online craft stores will have preassembled, easy craft projects for kids that make great birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, or Mothers Day gifts for Grandma.

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Something you might find at a craft store for the grandkids to make would be:

    1. Paint a bird feeder kits
    2. Necklace kits
    3. Ceramic Mugs with markers
    4. Stepping stone kits, and
    5. Ready to finish photo frames
    6. Other easy homemade gift ideas for Mothers Day Gifts for Grandmas or homemade Christmas gift ideas for her


You can also find some quick crafts for the grandkids to make with simple craft supplies purchased separately such as:

  1. Fill wedding favor bags with mints or candy for individual munchies Grandma can eat any time she gets a sweet tooth (These are good as a gift themselves or placed with other items in a gift basket)
  2. Already made tote bags with iron on transfers
  3. Straw wreath forms or grapevine wreaths along with silk flowers and a hot glue gun or other adhesive for attaching, and
  4. Clay pots with spray paint for coloring and beads for decorating.
  5. Baskets with glue on decorations for making a DIY gift basket.  Holiday food gifts are great for Grandparents at Christmas.  Small candy gift baskets are great for homemade Valentines Day presents.  Be it a birthday, holiday, or no big day at all, you’ll get lots of homemade gift basket ideas and decorations for homemade food gifts at a craft store.

My gifts for Grandma need to be as pretty as my grandmother is to me. I love you, Grandma!
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Plant Gifts for Grandma!

You can even find a great gift for Grandma which the grandkids can put together at your local plant nursery!  Just let the kids pick out a lovely flowering plant or perennial and a corresponding pot or planter; then purchase some planting soil, and assemble a beautiful homemade Easter present or homemade Mothers Day gift for Grandma!

Speaking of plants and flowers, have you ever thought of giving Grandma some homemade aromatherapy gifts snuggled in a big bath towel?

Aromatherapy oils, candles, and any combination aromatherapy products could be neatly packaged together with some pretty, natural decorations on the outside of the wrapping.  You might even want to make your own skin products or scented, soy candles!  Such natural, homemade gifts for women are perfect for the Grandmother who enjoys the natural beauty of the earth.

Food Gifts in a Jar

Homemade food gifts in a jar are not only easy gifts to make, it’s always fun to watch the kids discover there are a few M&Ms or chocolate chips left that just can’t fit into the jar, no matter what.

Or course, if there are TOO many candy pieces left, Mom will be giving Grandma a REALLY special gift, and that will be her hyper grandchildren for the entire afternoon!

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Grandma, I’m done making my homemade gifts for you. Can I come to your house for a visit now?
Homemade Gifts for Grandma
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These two crafts (with directions below) require a little more work but will make beautiful and very personalized homemade gifts Grandma would very much enjoy.

Painted Glassware

Accenting clear glassware with paint designs, flowers, dots, or lines on the bottom of the glassware is easy and can make a nice gift regardless of the artistic level of the craft creator.  Known as back painted glass because the glass is painted on the underneath or outside side – the backside – any painting will look elegant from the opposite side.

Have each child make their own dinner set, dessert set, or glass coffee cup for grandma, have an older child create an entire matching set of clear dishes, or decorate a clear serving tray.  No matter what you use, it will be pretty and will be appreciated.

What you will need:

  • Clear glassware such as snack trays, dinner plates, coffee cups, or a serving tray
  • Dish soap and water
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • High gloss acrylic enamel
  • Foam plates to use for pouring and dipping paint
  • Pencil with round-tip eraser, optional
  • No. 5 round paintbrush


    1. Wash the glassware with dish soap and warm water and clean again with rubbing alcohol.  This process provides a better surface for paint adhesion.  Do not touch where you are going to paint after you do this.
    2. Squeeze a small amount of paint onto a foam plate, and decorate the bottom (or outside) of the glass pieces as desired.  Use the pencil eraser for dotting and the paint brush for filling in crevices, drawing lines or curlicues, flowers, shapes, or pictures.  Sometimes just putting simple polka dots in one color alone makes a beautiful piece of artwork!
    3. Let the paint dry.
    4. To make the paint dishwasher safe and more durable, place the decorated pieces in a 325 degree oven and bake for 40 minutes in a well ventilated room.
    5. Turn the oven off when done, and LEAVE THEM IN THE OVEN UNTIL THEY HAVE COMPLETELY COOLED inside the oven.

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Mothers Day gift baskets are great for Grandma, and even homemade ones can be as sweet as the grandchildren who made them!

There are many different gift basket ideas your kids can use to make a nice homemade Mothers Day gift for Gran or for a nice present for her any time of the year in fact, but the one below is great for any granny who likes to bake cookies for her grandchildren.


Grandma’s My Favorite Cookie Baker Mothers Day Gift Basket

(Grandma will love getting new and updated cookie making supplies!)

What you will need:

  • Jelly Roll Pan
  • Silicone baking map
  • Scoops of various sizes for cookies
  • A bag or two of chocolate chips
  • Two or three extracts like vanilla extract, almond extract, coconut, chocolate, peppermint, or anise extract, etc
  • A bag of chopped nuts
  • Potholders
  • Cellophane, available at most craft stores
  • Ribbon
  • A spatula and microplane grater or zester


  1. Place the silicone mat on the jelly roll pan and fill pan with other items except for the spatula and grater.
  2. Cover with cellophane, and cross ribbon over the outside, securing the spatula and zester in the middle.
  3. Add a tag that says the recipient is for Grandma, the best homemade cookie maker in the world.


Whether gifts of love are purchased or the grandkids make homemade gifts for Grandma, the most precious of gifts is that of the love a grandmother has with her grandchildren and that her grandchildren have for her.

With that in mind, whatever homemade gifts the kids make will be just perfect for Grandma!

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