The Four Tricks That Save Big Bucks on Hotel Family Breaks and Vacations

Staying in a hotel as the primary destination of your travel can actually provide the opportunity for affordable family vacations if you use these tricks to reduce the costs of those hotel family breaks and save money in doing so.

1.  Research your travel destination BEFORE you go so you’ll know what will save you money or cost your family dearly.

Always research the area you are traveling to before you even start planning your trip.  This includes knowing what attractions, restaurants, parks, grocery stores, libraries, shows, pizza joints, shopping, and hotels are in the area as well as the area’s calendar of events.

Be especially diligent to check with the area’s chamber of commerce or visitor’s bureau to see if there are any large conventions, conferences, festivals, or national events going on at the time your family wants to visit.

For instance, if there’s NASCAR racing going on anywhere close to where you want to go, you better believe the hotel rates for all hotels around will go up at least two or three times on those nights.  Might you consider changing your itinerary just a bit to miss that more expensive time?

This same principle applies to family holidays as well.

Christmas family breaks are sometimes a little more costly, and holiday room rates are usually more expensive right around the holiday itself.

In fact, it’s practically impossible to find deals the week right after Christmas, especially in those areas where tourists go for after big time Christmas shopping.

Could you pick a close area that is not right around holiday attractions, or could you consider moving your dates just a bit so that part of your holiday travel is outside the most expensive time?

Or there might be a teacher’s convention in a particular hotel there.  While the costs of other hotels in the area may still be reasonable, that specific hotel might be almost at capacity and thus more expensive.  Knowing that allows you unstressed time before any family breaks to find another hotel or two in that area you will like just as much which may give you a lower or even discounted hotel rate to fill up some space.

If you are aware of the area as a whole, including what’s physically there and what you’ll have to work with (or will work against you), you’ll have a better view of your choices overall and will not feel tied in to just one hotel, arrival or departure date, or plan of action which, in turn, provides you the freedom of being flexible enough to take money saving steps.


There are affordable family vacations! Consider a hotel family break. Then know what you have available from your hotel and all around your vacation destination before you go. You can really save money on family vacations with well planned hotel family breaks!

2.  Don’t be afraid to check or even ask for hotel deals.

While there might come a time a family may pay full price, there’s almost no reason they ever should.  There are so many discounts, rate reductions, last minute hotel deals, and hotel coupons that reserving hotel rooms are easy to get at a lowered cost.

Check online travel sites and look for general discounts such as AAA discounts, military discounts, or hotel discounts to retired people, but THEN read through other parts of the site to see if there are other more specific discounts or deals for certain days of the week or number of reservation days.

Then check your top hotel pics directly on their own websites and see if you find anything even cheaper there.  Sometimes you will.

With that knowledge in hand and an understanding of what each hotel COULD do for someone, call a couple of your favorite ones (or ones you think may be your favorite or best for your family) and ask to speak with the manager on duty, telling the manager you are possibly interested in staying at their hotel but would like to know first what discount or deal they could offer your family.

Some travel experts will even tell you to give a quote to the manager you’re speaking with, saying something like “I’d like to spend no more than (your quote) and wondered if you have any rooms for that or if I should keep looking.”

The ” or I will keep looking” part will give the hotel representative enough motive to at least consider some hotel discounts if it is possible, especially if the quote is reasonable or at least around or a little less than the discounts they regularly advertise.

I have read that the best day to speak with someone about room rates is on Sunday when the accounting gurus and financial profit making overseers are not watching over the manager’s shoulders.  I haven’t tried that myself, but it does seem to make some sense!

If you do some leg work on pricing, stick with it long enough, ask about discounted room rates, and are a little flexible, going with the family hotel or all inclusive family resort that gives you the best deal, hotel travel can be a part of many wonderful cheap family breaks throughout your family’s lifetime.


How to totally enjoy your hotel family breaks: If you take just a few steps before your family vacation, you may just find some great hotel deals you would never have had otherwise!

3.  Take advantage of those hotels and resorts offering all inclusive travel deals, hotel coupons, or hotel promotions to those who spend holidays or take breaks with them.

Many family resorts and luxury hotels will offer special upgrades or extras that either save you money or give you more for the money you spend there.

Some luxury beach resorts offer fantastic deals off season and will even sometimes offer extras as an incentive to stay with them in an area where they are competing with many other luxury resorts in the same area.

Online hotel booking sites sometimes advertise travel packages which discount hotel room rates if you purchase air fare or book a car rental along with your room.

Even free parking, free shuttle services, or ‘one free night if you purchase two’ can save enough on longer breaks sometimes to make a good dent in the vacation budget.


4.  Find family hotels that offer onsite activities for everyone and benefits to the family’s wallet.

Make sure you take amenities and complimentary products or services into account when booking a hotel.

Free breakfasts for a family makes a huge difference in your money outlay as does having a kitchen where you can bring your own food.

A nice indoor swimming pool in the winter or lazy river pool outside in the summer can provide lots of entertainment time free of charge.  Indoor water parks at a family resort offers hours of enjoyment right there.  Spas and fitness centers offer a change of pace for no additional cost, and you’ll stay in shape over your breaks too.  Free Wi-Fi in the rooms provides a benefit as well, especially when you have teens that are socially connected and won’t be happy on breaks without their friends on Facebook.

There are many deals, discounts, promotions, and offers that can make hotel family breaks work for those who want an affordable family vacation this year.

You just need to take the time and effort to find them.

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