How Do Fast Cash Loans Over the Phone Work with No Credit Checks?

fast cash loans

You might not think about getting fast cash loans over the phone, especially if you’re credit is less than perfect, but there are times when that kind of scenario might happen.  If it does, here is what you need to know.

Getting a guaranteed cash loan fast with bad credit will probably require one of the no credit check loans available through a cash advance or payday lender.  The same application information and qualification requirements will be basically the same regardless of whether you get a cash advance loan in person, over the phone, or from an online lender.  You can find payday loans and cash advances for people with bad credit in a variety of places.

If you are where you can get an online payday loan, you’ll have the tools right there in your home to apply and work your crisis out at home.

However, if your computer is broken; you don’t have one of your own and don’t feel comfortable bringing your personal information to the library to apply on a public computer; or you just don’t feel comfortable to begin with inputting financial information into any computer, fast cash advance loans over the phone might be the best, or only, way of handing the urgent need at hand.

fast cash loans

Fast Cash Loans By Phone
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When you have a bad credit rating, but you need to get a fast cash loan by phone, here are the steps that will most likely describe what you will be doing and what will happen.

If you are getting fast cash loans by phone with a distant or internet-only lender:

1.  Call the lender to speak with a representative directly.

2.  Provide the application material verbally to the lender over the phone.  Items requested will probably include things like your driver’s license number and state, the amount of income you can confirm or verify, how long you have been receiving the income you just referenced, time at current residence, whether or not you are active duty military, and your address and phone number.

3.  The lender will review your information and then may request some additional items such as:

*  If required by the lender, fax or email copies of pay stubs.

*  Fax or email a copy of your driver’s license.

*  Fax or email a copy of a recent utility bill in your name.

*  Fax or email a copy of your most recent bank account statement.

*  You may also be asked to send a copy of an actual voided check.

*  A few lenders require two or three names of friends or family for references, but understanding the sensitive nature of this business, they either may not call (unless they have a problem with you repaying), or they may call and ask for a very generic personal reference, blocking their phone number and not making reference to the kind of reference they are getting.

However, if your privacy is absolutely crucial, make sure you ask what they will need in terms of personal references, if any, before you start an application with them.  Not every lender will require phone numbers for personal references, and not many ever call them even if they do.  Just be aware of this possible request and make a choice if it is worth using a particular company or steering clear of one.

FYI:  If you are asked to fax something to the company to verify something you have told them, there are self service fax machines (do it yourself) and full service fax services (let a clerk fax it for you) are available at some libraries and banks, private postal services like The UPS Store or Pack Mail, and at some office supply stores like Office Depot or Kinkos Fed Ex.

4.  The lender will review the items you faxed or emailed and will call you back with the amount you can receive and how to get your money (usually either by direct deposit to your checking account or sometimes you are able to pick your money up at a local Western Union location).

5.  It will probably be at this time, when your loan application has been processed and the lender is ready to give you the cash, that you will then need to provide a bank routing number and bank account number to the lender.  (Some companies are starting to accept debit cards now as well, but you’ll want to verify that early on if you want to go that route.)

If you are applying for a bad credit fast cash loans over the phone with a payday loan lender who also has a store front in your community:

1.  The above steps apply, but instead of faxing or emailing the information, the lender may ask you to just bring your information in to their office.

2.  With a local business with a store front, you will probably be able to pick your cash up right at the office at the time you submit the documents to them for their review, even if you did apply over the phone with them.

The rates are generally the same on the phone as they would be either online or in person.

The method of repayments would either be:

1.  Automatic debits from your bank account if you got a loan through a national lender who is not located in your state or area, or

2. Your lender could give you a payback date and schedule for you to go to a local store front if they operate where you live.

When working over the phone with a lender, always make sure you feel comfortable with the company before providing personal information to them over the phone.

Sometimes people believe that getting a payday advance or bad credit cash loan over the phone will be void of needing to submit any paperwork.  This is not true.  However, while the loan recipient may still need to provide verification of their identity and income, the application process could be seen as easier in the respect that the person getting the loan can just speak directly with the lender and provide the application information over the phone.

There are fast cash loans with no credit check needed.  These cash loans exist to provide money when an emergency or urgent need is of higher importance than the extremely high cost of paying back that loan.

To gain access to these loans, you don’t have to have perfect credit or even a computer of your own.  A quick call to the lender of your choice, and you’ll have started on your way to getting those funds you need so badly right now.

This is the 3rd article of a series of articles on no credit check loans for bad credit people.

Please see our other related articles as they become available, (see related posts below) or feel free to browse through our site for other articles that may be of interest to you.  Best wishes for you during this time.

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