How to Find a Bankruptcy Attorney ASAP

You need to find a bankruptcy attorney.  You need to find one now.  If you’re reading here, I’m assuming you need to know how to find a bankruptcy attorney.  Where are they listed, and how can you contact them to get their help?  Where can you turn to see what attorney is available to help?

Here are the things to do to find bankruptcy attorneys that can assist you with what you need to do ASAP.

1.  Find a bankruptcy attorney through your local yellow page listings.

In this day of modern technology, people sometimes forget about phone books, but the local business listings of your local phone book will give you the chance to see all the different bankruptcy lawyers in your area along with their ads giving you an idea what kind of services they provide, what seems important to them, and where they are located.

You NEED to find a personal bankruptcy attorney that practices bankruptcy law in your own state.

It’s even better if you can find an attorney that works well with the United States District Court in which your case will be filed and processed in.

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There are times when the Court may have a question, need a clarification, or demand verification for something included in your case, and an attorney that is familiar with the District Court processing your case and who can get information or documents to its location to help something in your process can make the difference between success or having your case completely thrown out, leaving you ineligible to refile again for several years (with no bankruptcy option available during that time).

As an example of how specific cases are handled in specific locations, a Dallas bankruptcy attorney or Forth Worth bankruptcy attorney handles cases in the Northern District of Texas.  A San Antonio bankruptcy attorney would work with the Western District of Texas as would an Austin TX bankruptcy attorney.  A Houston bankruptcy attorney works with the Southern District of Texas U.S. Bankruptcy Courts.

Some attorneys will work outside the community where their own office is located in and can even file for you in your own district outside of where they are physically located (and where your district court will receive your petition), but having a lawyer that knows the ropes in your own Court District where your own case is going to be handled definitely increases your chance all will go well.

Finding a bankruptcy attorney that can practice and understands your own state laws and also has an understanding of and quick access to or community with your local U.S. Bankruptcy Court District Office is foundational.

Seeing those local attorneys advertise in your own hometown, seeing the information they provide for the people in their own neighborhood, and then calling them up right on the phone with questions about what they can do for you is possibly one of the best ways of finding a bankruptcy attorney.

Other places to find bankruptcy attorneys include:

2.  Find bankruptcy attorney listings with online searches.

Some of the best bankruptcy attorneys advertise online.  They understand there are people who need someone to help them and to help them ASAP.  It makes sense for these professionals to provide their listings and information online, through online ads, and on their own attorney websites.  Take advantage of this information to get information not only about their bankruptcy services but also on any bankruptcy articles they might have on their sites.

Many bankruptcy law firms not only provide contact information, they also provide lot of educational articles and helpful information on their business websites!  Finding a good bankruptcy attorney site online can even sometimes save you time in the long run by giving you a heads up on what you need for your first consultation or what you can start looking for now so you’ll what you need to start the process ASAP.

3.  Find a bankruptcy lawyer through a professional attorney referral service like or 

You can find attorney referral services online which can help you locate a lawyer that practices bankruptcy law in your state and community, some with matching abilities based on your profile or preferences even.  For instance, if you would feel more comfortable with and want to find a Christian bankruptcy attorney that shares your specific faith,  many attorney referral services will provide listings with attorneys that will match what you request such as Jewish lawyers or Christian lawyers that practice law, specifically bankruptcy law in your state and district.

4.  Get a bankruptcy attorney referral from a friend, other attorneys you have worked with, or even a debt relief company in your area.

Finding a bankruptcy attorney that will do the job for you is your very first step right now.  Choosing a bankruptcy attorney you feel comfortable with comes right after that.  Obviously this will be a process that will take several steps.

Knowing how to find a bankruptcy attorney will only be the first step in this long and difficult process of declaring bankruptcy, but it’s the best step to start.


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