How to Get a Good Lunch Happy Face

My good lunch happy face

My easy healthy lunch gleaned from some health food stores a couple weeks back was a little interesting to say the least.  See earlier post for that story.  Hey, I didn’t know what I was doing.  🙂  This time, I nailed it.  I got a really good lunch for my husband and myself the other day at one of my favorite organic grocery stores.  

I nailed it, I’m telling ya!  Put on my happy face!  

My good lunch happy face

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Yes, indeed.  This time I found an easy healthy lunch from a health food store, and it was a perfect success!  

See, I found this organic foods store in Denton, TX close to where my husband teaches.  It’s called Cupboard Natural Foods, and I love it.  

It’s not as large as Whole Foods.  It doesn’t have quite as many veggies as Sprouts Farmer’s Market.  It may not be all over the place like Wal-Mart.  It’s a really nice store though, and I’m sure you just might have a nice organic foods store like this one around you if you look.  

I knew what I was going to get this time.  No surprises like the Kombucha I got the other day!  I went there on a mission this time, and I was successful!  Happy face again!  

Here’s what I got:

Two 1/2 pound containers of chicken salad from their deli made with lots of roasted green red peppers, onions, tarragon, and fresh parsley  and just a tad bit of mayo and rice wine vinegar

A Rawker Veggie Mix raw foods cracker (big enough to break in half and share with my husband

A gorgeous, organic Red d’Anjou Pear

And a a six pack of Blue Sky Zero Calorie Cherry Vanilla Creme Soda, made with Stevia, an herb that is a natural sweetener  (We only used two of those for our lunch.)

When done, I picked up two plastic forks from the salad bar by the deli so we could eat our chicken salad right from the plastic deli container. – THAT was easy!  The deli guy gave me permission.  Don’t worry!  

I was all set to go.

The only thing above that I wasn’t so sure about from the above list was the Rawker Veggie Mix raw food bar, but it was great!  It was a little different, but it was really tasty, and it took care of that wonderful crunchy desire I seem to have at lunchtime.  It was full of wonderful, healthy ingredients too like spinach, beets, cabbage, pumpkin seeds, and flaxseed sprouts – just to name a few. 


Here’s the cracker my husband and I broke in half and shared.

Raw Foods Cracker for a good healthy lunch


See the assembly of great ingredients!  



Rawker Veggie Mix Raw Foods Cracker Ingredients

I would consider this pretty low carb too.  The label showed each serving as 15 carbohydrates and 6 grams of fiber, so each serving was only 9 net grams of carbs (carbohydrates minus grams of fiber equals net carbs).   Consider also that there were 9 grams of protein per serving, and each serving had only 200 calories.  

Please do note that the entire bar is considered 1 and 1/2 servings, and since we split it equally in half, our protein count would have been slightly less but our carb count and calories would have been less as well.

Pretty healthy for a crunchy treat at lunchtime!  

Plus sharing this kind of health food bar (which was pretty big anyway) made the higher price more reasonable on a limited budget. Wow… I guess lack of money can sometimes help one find discipline!   What a blessing!  

So what was the difference between my first easy healthy lunch I got a couple of weeks ago and this good healthy lunch I got more recently?

I believe there were several differences this time that made my shopping experience a better one, and if you don’t mind, I would like to share those with you now so that you can hopefully find better lunches when you’re on the go but looking for a healthy lunch on the run.   

Healthy Chicken Salad Made for a Good Lunch

Lots of protein, veggies, and fresh herbs in this healthy chicken salad, and it was only part of a good healthy lunch!


Here’s what I learned about getting a good healthy lunch in a store that worked this time around: 

Keep a balanced approach to your lunch planning whether that planning is done at home, on the run, or even in the store.  

I knew what I had covered for breakfast, and I knew another meal was coming.

I wanted lunch to fit in-between those two meals, and I wanted something healthy for that one meal.  I didn’t need that one meal to provide everything I ever needed! 

Balance over the day is more important than including everything at once.   

Such an attitude gives you the freedom to concentrate on simple, healthy lunch choices while you are out of the home.

Have a simple but basic concept of what you would like to purchase when you go to the store to grab a quick lunch.   

Notice I said “would like to purchase” instead of “plan to purchase”.   That leaves you some wiggle room to still be happy if the store doesn’t have exactly what you want, or you find a great deal on a similar food item that meets your most basic plan.

When I walked into the store this time, I had already decided I was going to focus on a prepared protein that could be served without bread, a veggie side (I had meant to bring some carrots from home but had forgotten), and some kind of sweet fresh fruit for dessert.  

Just a simple shopping list like that gave me plenty to look at and consider while keeping me focused both health-wise and money-wise.

 Think about healthy lunch ideas as you are walking inside the grocery store.

If your mind is on some  healthy food choices as you walk in the door, you have set a vision (and  consequently your own expectations) for a good healthy lunch experience.  With that vision set in your mind, you should be more likely to stick to your mission at hand.

Your mission is getting healthy foods for you and whoever else you are buying lunch for in your family.  Set the goal, and you’ll go for it!

Look at life with a sense of wonder and excitement, and that means even when you are shopping for healthy food to eat.  

Try some new things.  Laugh when you eat something awful, and pat yourself on your back when you just purchased something you would never want to purchase again.   You were bold and courageous at least!

Life is an adventure, even in natural food stores.

Be bold… Live life…  And love all the things, times, and experiences you are blessed with throughout your days here on this earth.

All in all… Smile!  You have been blessed with a great big world of interesting things and another breath left to see what you can do with those fascinating things!  

As the 19th Century German poet and philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche once said:  That which doesn’t kill us will make us stronger. 

Dear Lord, 

I have messed up so many things in my life, and taking care of my family’s health and especially my own is one of those things I have messed up on.  I’m trying now though, Lord, and I ask you now to help me make my body better and beautiful – like you made me to be.  

Help me through this.  Give me wisdom and insight.  Give me a sense of humor and a joyful outlook. Lift me when I falter or when I’m discouraged… or down. Keep reminding me I am important to you. 

Work in my life to help me to find the money, the energy, and the time to do healthy things and eat more healthy foods.  If I can save money on groceries, show me how to do that.  

I really need to lose weight and get my body working better here, Lord, but I want more to focus on living the life you want me to live, and I want even more to enjoy this life You have given to me. 

Keep me focused.  Keep me learning.  Keep me going.

Dear Father, thank you for goat cheese and honey, Kombucha and raw food, hamburgers and french fries… and chocolate.

You have provided all for us.  Now help me learn how to use everything you have provided the way YOU want it to be used.  If I can do that, I know I’ll be OK.  

In Christ’s name I pray,


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