How to Have an Old Fashioned Christmas This Year

How to Have An Old Fashioned Christmas

We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas, but we’ve got a lot more to celebrate as well.

Christmas is a great time to celebrate our family, our friends, those whom the Good Lord has put into our life’s path,  and our blessings.

And Christmas desserts.  Let’s celebrate Christmas desserts too!

This Christmas, why not celebrate something else, our heritage?

Here is how you can have an old fashioned Christmas and enjoy the rich history of this time  of the year and those who have celebrated it in the past.


How to Have An Old Fashioned Christmas

Everyone enjoys old fashioned Christmas decorations!
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Do your Christmas shopping in historical old town areas.

Old Town Alexandria, VA just outside Washington DC, Fredericksburg, VA about 40 miles further south, and Old Town Manassas, VA about 30 miles east are prime examples of historical downtown communities that are registered historical sites with a vibrant life today.

Even some large and modern cities of today have old town areas that include wonderful stores and restaurants in a unique setting and usually filled with beautiful Christmas decorations to set your spirits high.

Designated historical districts with old town shopping offer some of the best environments for old time holidays!

Use old fashioned Christmas decorations on your Christmas tree.

Decorate your tree like an American colonist or from the Victorian era!

String your tree with cranberries and popcorn.  Purchase or make fabric ornaments.  Tie bows onto the tree limb edges.  Make gingerbread cookie ornaments.  Anything that reminds you of holidays past on your Christmas tree will turn your tree into a central focal point of your old fashioned Christmas decor.

Another option is to decorate your tree with vintage ornaments and Christmas tree lights.

It’s OK to leave lights off of your tree if you would like too.   It’s probably a pretty safe assumption to think that many people throughout the years have left lights off their trees and enjoyed the holiday season just as much as those of us today who use computerized light strings and digital ornaments.

It’s not a problem if you want to combine modern lights with antique or vintage christmas tree trimmings either though.  If you use lights, white lights seem to bring out memories and good feelings the most and look very pretty with any kind of tree decor.  White lights seem to mimic twinkling stars too which may be why so many historical homes and restaurants use white lights for their decor.

Decorate your entire home with retro Christmas decorations.

It’s easy to find new vintage Christmas decorations online… Yea, isn’t that kind of an oxymoron… vintage and online…, and if you keep an eye out on the thrift stores in your community, you can pick up plenty of real retro Christmas home decor there as well.

Retro Planet has a great selection of vintage Christmas decorations and decor.  You can find many nice retro Christmas decorations on Etsy.  Ebay is a treasure trove of old fashioned Christmas decorations.

Then add some retro candy to that 20 year old candy dish you purchased at a yard sale, or make some old fashioned candy and fill a Currier and Ives tin canister with them, and your home is good to go for the holidays!

Decorate your home with the simple things of life from earlier times.

Ever think of buying a Christmas candle from an Amish store?  You should.

How about decorating your entire home with fresh pine decorated with unshelled walnuts?

Life in earlier times was more simple.  It might be a nice change of pace to enjoy those simple times again, if only at Christmas and in your very own home.

Have or host old fashioned Christmas events.

Organize a Christmas caroling night at your house.  Play a board game by candlelight or using only a lantern.  Host an old fashioned Christmas cookie swap.

Susan at the Friends Eat blog has a great article on how to organize an old fashioned cookie exchange here

Any cookie recipes will work.  Haven’t cookies been around for a long time anyway?  If you have some of your Grandma’s cookie recipes though, or some other old fashioned Christmas cookie recipes, all the better!

Make some traditional Christmas desserts.

Nothing brings back those memories like gingerbread and hot chocolate, fruitcake, mincemeat pie and eggnog, or pineapple upside down cake with red maraschino cherries, or red and green ones like my mom sometimes used to do .  Enjoy the memories, and for this one time of the year, budget a few extra calories for a specific meal (or two) and then forget about the calories during your planned holiday treat.

Some other things your family might enjoy:

*  Attend a church’s Christmas cantata or singing Christmas tree production.

*  Attend an old fashioned Christmas festival or festival of lights.

* Watch old Christmas movies.

*  Make homemade Christmas gifts or purchase some at a craft fair or from a crafter on

*  Go to a Christmas parade.

*  Tour a decorated historical home or take a Christmas tour of homes in your area.

To help put you in the old fashioned spirit of things, here’s a video which captures many cool scenes from Christmases past.  Enjoy the old fashioned Christmas music, pictures, and Christmas memories these images create from a heritage of family moments and blessed times together.

The old song that declares “I’ll be home for Christmas” has been popular for years for a reason.  People miss home and remember the old days, usually with some good feelings and memories attached.

Let your family enjoy some of the special things of the past with an old fashioned Christmas  holiday this year!

Please share with us!

What did your family or community do for Christmas when you were growing up?  We would love to hear!

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