Are There Instant Payday Loans for Unemployed People?

payday loans for unemployed

It’s tough enough already being a parent, but when there is a special crisis, an emergency, or urgency in your family, and you are unemployed; those big problems tend to become even bigger ones.

If your situation requires money quickly, there is even more stress.

What can you do?  You don’t have a job right now.  Any extra money you had may be long gone.  You may even have already sold whatever you could sell for some household funds.  What normal lender will help you in a time like this?  Yet, you need help right now, and unfortunately, that means right NOW.

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Need payday loans instantly? That’s why we’re here talking.
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Before I go on, first let me say I am sorry you are dealing with the situation you have and that I have just stopped writing this for a few minutes and said a prayer for you.  Yes, you, whoever you are.  I stopped on this very day, just then as I was writing, and said a prayer for whoever is reading this down the road.

I pray the Good Lord will help you through this time, and I know He will be there for you.  I just hope you’ll feel His presence.

And I know we have a God that transcends all time.  If you believe that too, you know that God heard those prayers for you.  So even if you never told anyone about your problem now, and never do, God knows, and He is already working on your behalf.

Secondly, know that there is no condemnation here for your seeking a loan as an unemployed person right now.  I’m sure you already know how expensive it is.  You know bad credit loans are costly; short term loans are due quickly; pay day loans have the words pay and day associated with them, and you don’t have a pay day right now.  Yet you have a family crisis, and that family crisis is a financial crisis.

So writing this, I know already you know that looking for loans, especially risky loans, isn’t a great idea, but I also know you are seeking options to take care of your family, and I also believe that dedication to your family  is a noble character trait.

So let’s just get to some information that will help you determine what you might or might not be able to do right now, and you can take it from there.


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Instant Payday Loans for Unemployed People

Payday loans are generally thought of as those guaranteed instant payday loans for people with bad credit.  These are no credit check loans, so called guaranteed loans because credit scores and loans already out are not taken into account; the only factor being future income on your pay day.

The problem now is that you don’t have a job.

So can you borrow money?

In case you didn’t know, here are some people who CAN get a payday loan with no job.

There are instant approval payday loans for people on unemployment benefits.

There are instant cash payday loans for people on social security.

There are payday loans instantly available for people on disability.

There are payday cash advance loans for retired people which are available quickly.

There are instant online payday loans for disabled veterans who can’t even leave their homes and cash payday loans for veterans on a pension only who can.

There are even some payday loan lenders who advertise payday loans online for unemployed with no benefits.  They bank on (no pun intended) you getting a job and/or someone helping you if need be.  Some ask for some collateral just in case things don’t work out as hoped down the road.   Not all do though.

Search for “loans for unemployed people”, and you’ll see some options you can check into.

By the way, while not unemployed, there are also payday loans for people who are self employed and who consequently don’t have a set pay day per say.  With a show of three bank statements showing some consistency of deposits, self employed people can get pay day loans from some lenders.

Basically, there are instant cash loans for any number of circumstances where there may be no “job” but still a source of money coming into the household.

Perhaps you might fit into one of those categories and didn’t even think of your benefits as a regular source of income.  If you’re just seeing this, now you know it might be worth your time to investigate payday loan lenders who lend money using these various sources of income.

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Hope things will be looking up for you soon with these payday loans for unemployed people. Here’s to a new job soon too!
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No income, pension, or benefits right now?

Here are a few other places you can get cash quickly if you are unemployed and have no income, unemployment benefits, retirement, or other source of payments coming in at all:

It you haven’t already sold everything, if you still have any items that are of any value and which you don’t mind selling to someone, Craigslist provides a fairly quick way of at least getting some cash if you are willing to set the item’s cost at what you need to set it at to get interest quickly.  (Make sure you note “cash only” in your advertisement, even if you’re NOT in a hurry.)

While this route is not a loan, and it may be hard to lose some items that have been special to you, at least selling some things gives you instant cash, and it has the benefit of no loan repayments to deal with down the road.

You might also want to look at getting a secured cash loan from a pawn shop.  Pawn shops will appraise an item for you, and most will give you an instant cash loan of up to 50% of the item’s worth.

The good part is that you’ll get an instant cash loan.  The end result is that you’ll need to pay back that cash loan with interest to get your item back.  If you don’t have the money when your payments are due, you have agreed to forfeit your item completely.

It is not ideal, but sometimes the situation is such that this can be a welcome option.  Just understand that you will lose your item completely if you don’t have the money when your payment comes due, even though your loan wasn’t for the entire worth of the item.

For those items you would like to keep if possible though, this at least keeps that possibility open for you for a while while giving you the fast cash that you need.

Just as a quick reminder, look back over your credit cards too and see if you have any cash available for a small cash advance from yourself.  It may not be what you wanted, but it might be enough to do what you need to do right now.

You might also ask a credit union or bank close to you if they will give short term loans to a person with no income when accompanied by a good credit co-signer.  You could even call on the phone so they don’t see who you are, and for all they know, you could be asking about you co-signing on a used car loan for your teenager.  They won’t know, and you at least get some information on which to work from!

Finally, and I know you read this everywhere else on the web, but it’s possibly the best thing but the hardest thing to do when you are having financial difficulties…

Do remember friends and family when you are unemployed and have a family emergency.  Sometimes you can get a loan from a friend or family member, and those loans are usually going to be better terms for you than any payday loan could ever be.

A church family can help you in many ways too, maybe not in terms of a loan but in terms of helping you get through it all and assistance in other ways.

You may feel embarrassed or think you shouldn’t ask for help, or ask for help again, but there are people out there who will be blessed by helping you.  Perhaps God provided this time for you both.

Best wishes to you right now.  I hope that things will work out that you will get a job very quickly and not need to get a loan at all.  The high risk loans you would get right now cost a lot, REALLY a lot, and they may cause even more stress for you down the road!

However, if getting a cash loan quickly is of the utmost priority right now, then know that your doors are not necessarily closed completely just because you are not employed.  You might just need to oil the hinges a little more to get those doors open.

Keep your eyes open for the right door, and keep the faith!


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