Issues With The Little Tikes Race Car Bed

Little Tikes Race Car Bed

LittLittle Tikes Race Car BedThe Little Tikes race car bed is a durable, long lasting, and cool kids bed, but there are some issues you want to be aware of before you definitely decide whether or not you want to purchase this super kids bedroom furniture item.  See our list of major and minor concerns here before you buy a Little Tikes race car twin bed for use in your home, and you’ll soon discover if any of these concerns affect your family.

One of the best features of this Little Tikes race car bed is its ample room.  Using a full-sized twin mattress, a large hard-body exterior frame, and sliding bed slats that almost effortlessly change this bed from a Little Tikes toddler bed to a bed that could accommodate and adult-sized body, the roominess of this bed is astounding.  At the same time, this roominess adds up to a very large piece of childrens bedroom furniture.  You’ll need to be certain you have ample space for this ample bed, especially considering this Little Tikes bed has the added race car features and wheels.  Measuring in with a length at close to 8 feet long and almost 5 feet wide, this is no small bed for your child’s bedroom.  Before you make this your next purchase, make sure your child’s bedroom has the room required of this hefty sized piece of children’s furniture.

You might also want to make sure you have the right place to set this bed up as well since this bed alone, without the mattress or optional springs, weights over 100 pounds!

The larger bed size also plays a part in another concern:  delivery to your home.  This Little Tikes bed is sold quite frenquently at a popular price on Amazon or with delivery from other stores like Target or Toys R Us.  However, the delivery fee can sometimes be quite high because of the length of the hard plastic 94 inch side piece.  At this length and with no way to collapse this long piece, you won’t find this bed coming to your home in a USP truck or via the US Mail Service.  You’ll see it coming to your home via a semi tractor trailor.  That’s just the way it needs to be for such a long, heavy piece.

If you can understand the approximate $100.00 shipping fee required to get this bed from your place of purchase to your home, that’s great, and many don’t seem to flinch with adding that price onto the otherwise acceptable bed cost overall.  Just make sure you can handle that delivery cost when you decide it’s time to order one of these unique childrens beds for your child.

Also, while this is one cool kids bed, this race car bed isn’t really a race car.  OK, so as a parent, you knew that, but does your child?  That race car bed is pretty exciting to your little boy or girl, and they may be disappointed when they discover the wheels on their race car do not spin.  While this doesn’t stop the majority of fun a child can have with this bed, you should make sure your child can live with wheels that are simply there to look at.  Some parents have also complained that if anything at all is going to break on this bed, it is those decorative wheels, and then you’re faced with living with a broken wheel or ordering a new wheel, a part that is not easily accessible or available.

One final concern a parent might need to consider is the unique fit of the mattress inside the hard plastic frame.  The Little Tikes race car bed is not sold with the twin size mattress, so you’ll be purchasing or acquiring a mattress separately from the bed.  While that may not necessarily be a problem, the fit of the mattress can be.  With the various mattress levels and changes a parent can make to use this bed for a toddler bed up to a pre-teen’s bed, the mattress fit for this bed does not seem to be perfect at every single level of use.  Parents have purchased well-priced twin sized mattresses from IKEA or other stores but have felt the mattresses have not fit as snuggly into the bed frame for a toddler when the bed slats are at the lower position.  This seems to be especially a problem for parents who have introduced this bed to their toddler well before the manufacturer’s suggested age of 3 years and up.  While many parents use this as a Little Tikes bed for their toddler just out from a crib, relaying on the safety of the built-in full sized bumper that occurs when the mattress is at its lowered height inside the bed’s car frame, the fit of the mattress inside the frame causes parents to be concerned for little arms and legs pushing themselves under the mattress.  The best solution to this concern is to follow the recommendations provided by the Little Tikes company itself and consider this a bed for children above the age of 3 years old.

If the above issues are not problematic for your family or your child in particular, then following through on your purchase of the Little Tikes race car bed can be a happy occasion for your family and the beginning of a happy bedtime relationship between your child and his or her Little Tikes bed.

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