Labor Day Sales and Deals for the Savvy Shopper

Labor Day Sales and Deals

With Labor Day upon us, many people are looking for some great weekend sales, and rightly so too.  Great deals are there just waiting to be taken and enjoyed, not only on Labor Day but the entire Labor Day weekend.

It is also a good time to get any of those last minute deals on college supplies and school items.

Whether you’re shopping for the home, the kids, or just to have some fun, if you want to be a savvy shopper and save money, these Labor Day sales are just for you.


Labor Day Mattress Sales

Labor Day Sales and Deals

You’ll find lots of special deals on mattresses and bedding during Labor Day weekend sales!
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You will see tons of stores offering deep discounts on mattresses this weekend.  Doesn’t it seem kind of appropriate too?  On a day our country celebrates working hard, we are also thinking about getting a good night’s rest throughout the upcoming year.  With so much competition to get you to notice each store’s deep discounts during this weekend, you’re sure to find a good deal on a mattress for you or your kids.


Buy Bedding at Great Prices This Weekend Too!

Think about it.  Have a new bed?  Now you need bedding!  If you need baby bedding, bedding sets for your college student, or perhaps something more elaborate for you and your spouse, keep an eye out for many of the larger retail stores, specialty stores, and online retailers to mark down their bed sets.  I’ve seen discounts on bedding up to 60% or more from both online bedding stores and from retailers right around the corner.


Labor Day Car Sales

Do people really look to buy a car on Labor Day?  You bet they do, and that is one reason so many dealerships offer discounts and deals on cars during this weekend in particular.  Labor Day is the last biggest car shopping day before car sales traditionally slip a little downward for a while.  It’s the last free day of summer, and with a new school year rolling in, families tend to go out this weekend to get that vehicle they needed but didn’t get over the summer, or they tend to just wait until closer to the end of the year when they have more time again to go car shopping.  Knowing this, dealerships want to move their cars as much as possible during this period.  They also NEED to get some of those cars off the lot to make room for the new models coming out later in September.  Yep, you want a new ride?  Go out this weekend, and get one!


Labor Day Tire Sales

While some families are preparing for the new school year by making sure they have a car that works for them, others are taking this last free day of the summer to get their current cars back into top working order.  Tire companies know this too, and some retailers, wholesale clubs, and tire discounters are vying for your attention this 3 day weekend.  If you’re thinking all weather, think sales circulars first, and go find the tire sales on Labor Day!


Labor Day Furniture Sales

If you like the idea of getting 40 to 50% off furniture, then this is the time to dip into your furniture savings fund.  If a store has furniture to sell, it will probably be on sale on Labor Day.  Believe me when I say, if at all possible for you, this is the weekend to buy furniture!


Labor Day Computer Sales and Discounts on Electronics

Between students going back to school and new electronics making their debut soon to your favorite store’s holiday gift display, Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to expect some good sales on computers, televisions, and other electronics.  This is especially a good time to buy that home theater system you’ve been wanting, that is if you have the money for it this year.  If not, there is always NEXT Labor Day!  Start saving money now for it!


Don’t Forget Outdoor Furniture Sales This Weekend!

While some stores have already started discounting prices on outdoor furniture and have perhaps sold a lot of this year’s backyard and patio items, if anything is left, you are going to most likely get deals that might just make an otherwise un-affordable purchase completely affordable… or affordable enough I think I heard you say.  🙂


Take Advantage of Last Minute Travel Deals This Labor Day Weekend

Hey, it’s Labor Day.  Forget the laboring, and see what last minute travel deals you can find.

You can find some last minute cruise deals, plan a short 3 day vacation, perhaps enjoy a romantic weekend getaway with your spouse, of just go for a ride somewhere with the kids.

It’s Labor Day!  Enjoy it while you can!


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Psalms 55:6

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