Little Tikes Race Car Twin Bed – Functional or Just Fun?

Toddler Beds Little Tikes

Kids beds are frequently built for fun and fantasy, but having a good bed for your child should be a top priority too.  Will the Little Tikes race car twin bed provide both fun and functionality?  Read on and find out.

This Little Tikes bed is marketed for children ages 3 and up, and while many parents with younger children have successfully used it for toddlers, many other parents have found it to be very usable for older children up to the age of 11 years old or so.

Toddlers can safely transition into this bed because of its low body height and interchangeable mattress heights, providing the ability to create a lower mattress inside a higher bed frame serving as a big bumper.

At the same time, the full size mattress, ample bed size, and ability to raise the bed slats turn this versatile bed into a piece of furniture that works well for much older children.  An adult could easily sleep in this bed if they were OK sleeping on childrens bedroom furniture!  The very length of use for this item makes it well worth its purchase.

The Little Tikes race car bed also boasts a long life due to its durability as well.

Toddler Beds Little Tikes

The hard blue race car bed is easily wiped down and cleaned with the family’s everyday cleaning products, and the durable hard-cased shell will easily tolerate anything a toddler to pre-teen could drop or rub into the frame.

This tough car frame isn’t known for breaking either.  Many families who have purchase the Little Tikes race car bed have used it for many more of their children throughout their parenting years.

They are made to last, and that they do well.

As a Little Tikes toddler bed or as cool childrens beds for older youth, these beds are certainly worth their weight in gold.  They function well, and they function long term.  However, can a parent reasonable expect such a purchase to provide a happy environment or create retreat for their child?  The answer is quite simply:  yes!

In fact, what could be a complaint for some shows just what this bed means to the children who inhabit it as their bedtime haven.

When the slats are lowered and the mattress down to provide a large bumper around the entire length of the bed, a boom for toddler parents, those same toddler parents may find themselves digging deep under the mattress for all the bedtime toys and books their toddler carries into bed with them.  The very room that provides space to grow also provides ample space to wind down and day dream.

However, it’s the very presentation of a big blue car that provides, perhaps, the biggest appeal to children.

The big, blue, (or sometimes black or even red if you like) solid vehicle frame is like no other furniture in the house.  What makes it even better is that it is THEIR race car bed and theirs alone.  There is almost no better dream than owning one’s own car, especially when one can curl up and sleep when the driving is done for the day.

The Little Tikes race car twin bed provides all the bed accommodations needed for toddlers up to pre-teen children, all in a comfortable style and exciting presentation.  Their purchase should serve as a great, long-term bed and also as an enjoyable area for their child to spend those precious moments right before they nod off to sleep.

With so much to offer, any parent could feel confident making this purchase for their child, and any child could enjoy the benefits of a good, solid bed with the biggest of dreams that go with it.

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