Most Suited Food for Children This Winter

Healthy Food for Children

Most suited food for children this winter

A guest post by Michelle Ryan.

When winter starts setting, children start to suffer from all kinds of health problems. Well it’s not their fault. Their immune system is not as well built and healthy like us grown-ups. Many kids across the globe suffer from various ailments such as flues, dry skin, wheezing and cough, frostbites, viral fevers and many more during the winter season. Such health problems in children during winter can be prevented by the right kind of diet. There are certain food items to be consumed during winter that not only prevents health problems, but also provides the body with essential nutrients that we lack in mostly during the cold season.

See our list of healthy food for children below which are prevalent and especially beneficial for kids health during the winter months, and you’ll be ready for your child’s health and nutrition needs all year long!

Healthy Food for Children

When you offer good food for children to have during the winter months, you’re promoting good health during a time period that is very important to your child’s health needs.

The following Top 5 list of winter food items should be consumed by children during winter on regular bases to stay health and fit:

Oily fish:

Oily fishes contain an amount of 30% of oil in them. Usually during winter, vitamin D levels in the body reduce very rapidly. Oily fish consumption provides children with a good amount of vitamin D for their body. Oily fishes such as Atlantic Bluefin Tuna are a good source of vitamin D. Not only they are proven to be extremely healthy but also tasty as well. Fish like salmon can be consumed by the children too.


Apricot is the best fruit to be consumed during winter. Children should eat a lot of apricot as it contains vitamin A, iron and copper which prevents anemia and fever. It is also very rich in fiber and helps kids that suffer from constipation during the cold seasons. Vitamin A also improves eye health in children. Apricot prevents kids from getting gallstones in the gallbladder which could be a big threat in the future. Apricot oil nourishes the skin, preventing it from drying and cracking.

Sweet potato:

Root vegetables are very good foods to be consumed during winter. Sweet potatoes come under root vegetables. Beta carotene is one kind of sweet potato that is very rich in vitamin A and C. They also contain a remarkable amount of carbohydrates and fibers. This root vegetable keeps children warm during winter seasons and also prevents them from catching a cold. They could be consumed in a baked, boiled or in the form of soup.

Niacin Rich foods:

Food items such as liver of animals, eggs, milk, cheese, etc. contain a good amount of Niacin. Niacin rich foods improve the circulatory system and also steady the nerves. It increases the size of the capillaries which in turn increases blood and keeps a child’s legs and hands warm.

Ferrum rich foods:

Food items such as black fungus, soybeans, jujube, beef, eggs, fish, etc. are rich in ferrum. Ferrum helps in blood production and improves metabolism in children. Ferrum rich foods must be consumed by children to prevent them from health problems during winter.


Author bio: This article was contributed by Michelle, a writer from Manchester, UK. Apart from content writing, she does research on PPI Claims, travel, sports and health.

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