Mothers Day Gifts for Grandma From Baby

Mothers Day Gifts for Grandma from Baby
Mothers Day Gifts for Grandma from Baby

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This Mothers Day, don’t forget to show that doting new grandmother how important she still is with these Mothers Day Gifts for Grandma from baby.

Here is a list of gifts for Grandma that will make her smile almost as much as her new grandchild does.

Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandma From Baby has one of my favorite gifts for Grandma from baby.

Gifts for Grandma From Baby New Grandmother Mug

This is a personalized mug with baby’s name on it that says “When a baby is born so is a Grandmother.”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………….  🙂

Another great gift for a new Grandmother on Mother’s Day is a family photo vase from

Mothers Day Gifts for Grandma From Baby Flower Vase

With a flower vase with such a personal touch, any grand lady will be finding flowers all the time to display in her home!

From comes some absolutely precious items for a Granny-to-be like this ultrasound picture frame…

Gifts for Grandma to be Ultrasound Picture

These personalized gifts for Grandma are very special presents, but as cool as they are, they can’t be shared with others so much as this next unique present for a new NaNa.

Baby Gifts for Grandma Candy Cake

One for you. Two for me. One for you. Three for me.

This candy cake from comes in both blue and pink and gives the new little matriarch of the family the chance to give some baby announcement tokens to some of her friends as well (if she’ll share them with anyone, that is!)  🙂

Personalized T-shirts and sweatshirts are always wonderful goodies for Gran .

At, you can create your own T-shirt or order embroidered polo shirts to give to the new Grandmama on Mothers Day.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to get your order back!

If you would like to make something homemade, there are a lot of crafts you can do using baby’s handprints or footprints.

Some of the homemade gifts you can make using handprints or footprints could be:

  1. Dipping baby’s hands into some acrylic paint and stamping hand towels, bath towels, pillow cases, tote bags, blank stationary, baseball cap, or a t-shirt
  2. Tracing baby’s hand and using that as a pattern to trace and cut several more to be used as a border on paper with a picture or poem in the middle
  3. Pressing baby’s hands or feet into flattened-down Crayola modeling clay, adding a paper clip to the back for use as a picture hook, giving it time to dry completely before giving it to Gran.

There are also lots of quaint but unique gifts you can purchase which would be quite appropriate for Mother’s Day.

Some of these Mothers Day gift ideas include jewelry with hearts or hearts intertwined, lockets with a picture of the family’s newest addition, personalized doormats proclaiming the new arrival or family love, engraved garden stones with her new title and role embedded, a painted mailbox with family pictures, be that a stick family, duck family, kitty cat family, or otherwise, a digital photo frame with photos, and bronzed baby shoes.

One additional offering that may be very enjoyed and appreciated is an infant and toddler child development book or two.

Parents are not the only ones who wonder what’s happening in an infant’s life or who want to be prepared for that next step of change and development.  Whether they live far away or just around the block, grandparents like to understand what’s going on too!  A good child development book helps them with that.

Of course, you can always just spend a special Mothers Day with Gran too which is probably the best of all Mothers Day gifts for Grandma from baby you could give.

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