My Easy Healthy Lunch Finds From the Health Food Stores


OK folk.  Here’s my story about Kombucha.

Well, my story didn’t start out about that drink.  It didn’t really end there either.  It was a part of the story of my day where I went on a mission to find an easy healthy lunch while I was out with my husband one day.

Well… OK… that healthy lunch was not my primary mission that day either.  It was a part of the story of my day. 

Oh, all right then.  I hear ‘ya.  Let’s just get started on my story, shall we? 

If you think back a few days, I posted a really neat low carb bread recipe here a few days ago.  I wanted to follow that story up with where to find low carb bread in the stores.  Of course, I could probably have figured that out with just my own memory and a few strokes of my genius keyboard research skills. 

I wanted the excitement of going to a bunch of health food stores though.  You know the kind of places I’m referring to! 

I went to Sprouts Farmer’s Market.  I went to Whole Foods Market.  I went to a new organic grocery store I had never seen before and stumbled upon, a place called Market Street.  I went to our local, upscale health food store near me, Central Market.  I went to the Sunflower Shoppe.  I went to Wal-Mart.

Oh, hold on there.  I never went to Wal-Mart that day! 

I did go to the other healthy grocery stores though, checking out all the different kinds of low carb breads they may or may not have had. 

I might have felt I was (ever so indirectly) right on track with my blog research when I looked across the store and eyed the display of sweet, seedless watermelon at Sprouts on sale for just $1.99 each. 

See… here is what caught my eye. 

Watermelon on sale at Sprouts

I called my daughter Amy and said “I’ve got our dessert for tonight!”

And one of those little guys went right into my shopping cart. 

Even with that good buy for our family dinner, I didn’t forget to look at all the healthy breads that I could find at Sprouts.   Indeed, I took tons of pictures there.  I even purchased some of the breads there:  some sprouted whole wheat bread, some low carb tortillas, and some jalapeno bread. 

So what if the Sprouts Jalapeno Cheddar Bread was not specifically labeled a low carb item.  I inspected the label.  Its carb count was fairly low, actually much lower than many regular loaves of sandwich bread.  It had no preservatives or artificial flavors.  Hey, it had real jalapeno peppers actually in it too.   It seemed like a pretty healthy bread to me! 

So…  I didn’t feel too badly throwing that Sprouts Jalapeno Cheddar Bread in my cart. 

Here’s a picture of my personal indulgence:

Jalapeno Bread from Sprouts Farmer's Market

I wonder if the store clerks could see I was drooling when I was taking photos of this bread?


Hey, it might not have been the perfect purchase by everyone’s standards, but at least I checked the label before I purchased it to make sure I could live with it! 

Sprouts Jalapeno Bread Label

12 carbs per slice. OK, I’ll just practice my “discipline skills” with this, I told myself.


Plus that bread had to be spicy.  What more could a person in Texas want? 

OK now… Let’s finish off the Sprouts part of my story with a great buy on some organic black raspberries, shall we?  That would be a good, healthy food choice.  Besides, they looked so, so good!

I was then off to Whole Foods where I found myself taking selfies in front of the cute scarecrow they had positioned by the front door.  I got sooooo soooo caught up in that.  In fact, a store worker came by and asked if I would like him to take a picture of me.  I pointed to the little billboard which Whole Foods had put up that said “Take a selfie with the scarecrow.” 

“Oh no thank you,” I said pointing to the little billboard sign.  “The sign says take a selfie, and that’s what I’m doing.”

But hey, thank you anyway, sweet Whole Foods worker. 

I didn’t seem to have as much luck with healthy bread finds in that Whole Foods Store as I did in Sprouts, but I did randomly find some really cool low glycemic snacks called Beanitos.  (Side note:  Oh, I have discovered I LIKE those things!) 

I also noticed some Oolong tea bags.  I’ve been reading about those.  Got some of those too to try out. 

Now done with Whole Foods, I was on my way back to that Market Street store I saw along the way to Whole Foods. 

As far as low carb breads, I saw even fewer at Market Street than at Whole Foods.  However,  I did find the deli there quite appealing.  Boar’s Head Roast Beef.  OK, no fillers.  Not real high in fat, and not high in sodium. 

“Could you please SHAVE some of that for me please?” I asked (even though it is not really shaving that I like, but I don’t know how else to explain exactly how the Giant Supermarket on the east coast used to cut my deli meats.  The stores here in Texas just don’t understand it when I say “You know, really, really thin like I used to get”.   I am so thinking of you right now, Giant Food! 

With Boar’s Head deli meat in hand, I’m thinking about how to create a great sandwich with it.  Then it struck me.  Boar’s Roast Beef and Sprouts Jalapeno Cheese Bread. 


Barbecue sauce?  Why indeed yes!

I knew just where to go.

When I got to the aisle, Market Street had been kind enough to put some Walden Farms BBQ sauce right there.  Zero calories.  Zero carbs.  Now THAT would make up a little for the couple extra carbs that jalapeno cheese bread had.  See, I was already practicing my discipline skills!  At least I was thinking things over!

OK, I had some healthy bread.  I had some roast beef with no additives or preservatives.  I had a zero calorie / zero carb BBQ sauce.  Those things all together would make for a pretty good sandwich. 

Speaking of which, I suddenly realized then, my time was running out.  I needed to get this part of my shopping… ah….  I mean this part of my “research”, completed and go pick my husband up from his classes so he could get to his teaching job.

I was late!  It was also well into the afternoon, long past lunch time for most people! 

Panic set in.

I needed to get something for my husband and I to eat on our way from my picking him up from his school classes to his driving to where he teaches private music lessons.

Well, it was in the blink of an eye that I realized the Lord had placed just about everything I needed into my hands anyway. 

I already had the items necessary to make some healthy sandwiches.

I had organic black raspberries.  Healthy.  Really healthy.

I had Beanitos chips.  At least the label said they were healthy, and boy were they good. 

And I had…  NO!  I did NOT have a drink. 

By this time, I was really starting to run short of time and really starting to panic. 

“Oh well,”, I thought.  Maybe I’ll go through the McDonalds drive through close to my husband’s school and get us each a dollar diet soda. 

Oh gosh.  Did I just admit that to you all?  I did just admit that.  

So I’m not perfect, especially when time is tight. 


On my way to the check out, I saw a bunch of pretty little glass bottles that said “Kombucha” on them. 

Those bottles just seemed to jump out at me saying, “Look here!  We are healthy, healthy, healthy drinks!”


Looks kind of cute, doesn’t it?


Well, their labels said “raw”, and raw foods have always intrigued me; and they said they were probiotics.  Hey, you gotta admit,  Jamie Lee Curtis looked pretty good in her Activia commercials a while back. 

So I grabbed a couple. 

I was set for a good healthy lunch from the healthy food stores I had visited that day. 

Everything was going well until my husband took a drink of his Kombucha.  He almost spit it out! 

“Is this…  beer?”  he asked. 

I started to laugh, thinking he was just joking.  However, when I didn’t see him laughing, I took a drink of my Kombucha drink. 

My response was to quickly get on my cell phone and look up “what is kombucha”! 

Sure enough, I discovered Kombucha is a beverage made by fermenting tea with yeast and bacteria.

“Well, it SAYS it is good for you, so I think it is OK to drink!” 

“I don’t THINK it is alcoholic”, I added. 

“At least I don’t THINK so”.  (I had to add that second disclaimer, just because.)

“Still not sure about this”, I remember my husband saying, but he drank it anyway and then told his first music student not to come very close to him because he wasn’t sure if he had just drunk something that was good for him or something he should not have drunk! 

I took the rest of my… what was that?… oh yea, “fermented tea”  home and gave it to my son-in-law.  For a gift, you know. 

He knew all about fermented tea!  He has a friend who makes it himself.  In fact, he told me he had several friends that made it at home. 

“You don’t have to BUY it,” my daughter added.   

“What is this new big deal in life?” I wondered. 

Apparently this Kombucha thing is really big these days. 

Is it healthy?  Yes, apparently.

Is it good?  Depends.  🙂 

That Kombucha Tea made that lunch something special though; I can tell you that! 

Overall, while my day of research at the organic food stores ended up being a story about the time I put some extra things into my cart; had a quick and easy healthy lunch and created some sweet and funny memories with my husband while doing so; and discovered these new, fermented foods for the very first time,  I felt I had a good day that day. 

I did get the information I set out to get.

I also learned some lessons about eating healthy.  Maybe I’ll share those lessons with you sometime, if you would like. 

All in all though, we got through the day; we had a good lunch while traveling in the car, and I learned what fermented Kombucha tea is. 

I also discovered I really don’t take very good selfies in front of scarecrows.   I need to lose some more weight before I try that one again.

Hey, I’m learning. 

And though thy beginning was small, Yet thy latter end would greatly increase.  Job 8: 7 (ASV)

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