New Baby Gifts and Gift for New Parents – From a New Mom

new baby gifts

I asked my daughter Carrie who has a precious little newborn baby of her own now what she would recommend as good newborn gifts. 

Here is Carrie’s list of new baby gifts and also new mom gifts and new dad gifts as well! 

After all, babies aren’t the only ones who enjoy being thought of!


new baby gifts

New babies and new parents go hand in hand. Remember both when getting newborn gifts!
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Gifts for Parents

  1. Offer to watch the baby so Mom and Dad can have a few hours alone (or just let Mom take a shower in silence!). A few of our friends also gave us gift cards to some of our favorite restaurants along with an offer to babysit.
  2. Food: pre-cooked, frozen, fruit, water, and quick, easy snacks that can be eaten with one hand are all great.
  3. Reading material. If Mom is breastfeeding, light reading or a book by a favorite author will be a lifesaver. You can only stare at an iPhone for so long each day without going cross-eyed.
  4. Practical gifts: diapers and wipes are ALWAYS welcome and will always be useful. If Mom is breastfeeding, some great options are lanolin cream, breast pads, milk storage bags, etc. A little medicine kit is also a great idea; be sure to include gripe water, baby Tylenol, a thermometer, q-tips, nail clippers, body wash, lotion, diaper cream/powder (I LOVE the liquid powder from Carter’s!), and hand sanitizer.
  5. Gift cards: Amazon is our top choice, but any local store that would have things the parents need would be appreciated. Gift cards allow the parents to get things that many people don’t give as gifts because they aren’t “fun” (we received countless pink outfits, but no washcloths or towels).
  6. If giving a birthday or holiday gift, consider something that has nothing to do with the baby. Remember, Mom and Dad are still people too, and are most likely tired of looking at onesies and rattles at this point. A gift solely for the parents will make them feel special and remembered.

Gifts for Baby

  1. A themed gift basket: pick a color, animal or creative theme. One of my favorite shower gifts was a year’s worth of outfits and mementos:  a onesie or outfit for each major holiday (in the appropriate size), a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament, an Easter basket, Halloween candy bucket, etc. It was creative and memorable!
  2. If giving clothes, make sure the size coordinates with the season. If you give someone a summer dress in the size the baby will be wearing in January, it will have to be returned or exchanged.
  3. Cute accessories – sunglasses, hats, hair pieces (I love big flower headbands and bows!), diaper covers, socks, shoes, etc.
  4. A personalized gift: Outfits with the parent’s favorite sports team logo, a framed print with the baby’s name and birth info, a picture frame, or a monogrammed bag are all great options for making the gift more personal for both baby and the parents. is a great place to find DIY ideas, and in a wonderful resource for all kinds of handmade and personal gifts.
  5. A container: basket, crate, tote, bag, box… they are all useful, and will be a welcome sight when filled with goodies! You can never have too many containers, especially in a nursery, and they’re the perfect gift when filled with a nice blanket (I personally adore Aden + Anais swaddlers. Worth every penny!), a cute outfit, and a few useful accessories. The perfect, thoughtful gift basket!
  6. Toys: Check with the parents first. There might be something specific they really want, or really DON’T want. Don’t forget the include batteries if the toy requires them.
  7. Don’t forget the gift receipt! You never know if something will be the right size, or if the parents already have the item purchased.

A special thanks to our daughter Carrie Mills who wrote this post with a beautiful, two week old baby girl.  Thank you, Carrie!

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