New Year – New Beginnings | How To Have A Happy New Year

New Year New Beginnings

Have you said “Happy New Year” to anyone lately?  That’s OK if you did or did not.  It is not necessarily what is in your past that counts.  It is your present and future that count now. 

So what do you plan for your future today?

It’s a new year.  Tell us!!!!  

New Year New Beginnings

You now have a new year, a new day, a new chance.  Until you pass away from this earth, you will always have other choices and other chances. 

You will always have new beginnings.  

So what you said (or did) yesterday…  just leave it there at yesterday and keep going with the knowledge and understanding that yesterday is not today nor is it tomorrow. 

Yesterday is yesterday.  Today is upon us.  Tomorrow is coming, and there is reason to be looking ahead.  There are things a happening in life, dear friend!  

The bad news is that you can’t stop the fact that life is full of changes. 

The good news is that you can’t stop the fact that life is full of changes.

However… the best news is that Jesus is the same no matter what, no matter what day, year, century, or time it is.  

You are in good hand…  “Good Hands”.  

My advice?  

Hey, I don’t usually give advice, but since you asked…  

(OK, since I wrote the question there)…  

Take your lot….  

…Then thank the Good Lord Above (a lot) for another new year, another new chance, maybe another chance for another, better choice next time in one of your new days or new chances, and be thankful for a new year given you as a reminder that changes don’t have to mean the end of good things or good days nor the loss of new days or chances after a bad year, bad times or bad choices.  

Life keeps going through changes, and there are always changes that can keep us going better through life.  

You now have a new year. 

You’ve been given a change, new beginnings.  (And you’ll CONTINUE to get those every single day, every single moment in life, in fact).

Now if you want to have a happy new year, embrace it all and step onward. 

You’re on your way regardless of what you do, so embrace it all, and make those changes you need to make to make this new day a better one than the last —  every day. 

With that in mind, The New American Home with Chris Stevens, and me personally, meaning Chris Stevens, me, myself, and I, will be on the path here this new year as well.  

I look forward to stepping forward with all of you in a new year, a new day, a new chance. 

I wish you well in your new beginning.

I hope you’ll like my new beginning here too. 

There are changes in life. 

Happy New Whatever, and blessings to you in this upcoming year and beyond.

New Year New Beginnings



He who is seated on the throne said “I am making everything new!”  -Revelation 21:5 (NIV)



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