Personalized Gifts for Grandma – Some Even Last Minute Gifts

Personalized Gifts for Grandma

Personalized gifts for Grandma are a great way to show this very special woman in your life how important she is to you.

Whether it’s her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or just any day you want to let her know you’re appreciative of her in your life, these unique personalized gifts tell Grandma is someone special to you.

Even if it’s the day or so BEFORE her birthday, Mother’s Day, her anniversary, or some other special time for her, don’t fret!  There are still some specially made last minute gifts you can give to a very special NaNa.

Check our list of personalized gift ideas for Gran, and you’ll have a list of great granny gifts to give her all year long!

Personalized Gifts for Grandma

Granny is unique, so choose a personalized gift that seems to call out her name (well, if she could only hear it being called).
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Personalized Gifts for Grandma

Traditional Custom Made Gifts For Gran

  1. Coloring book pictures and hand picked wildflowers
  2. Engraved picture frames with family pictures and baby photos
  3. Embroidered polo shirts
  4. Personalized pens and personalized pencils
  5. A personalized mug
  6. Custom jewelry (especially nice gifts for Grandma for Mothers Day), and
  7. Homemade gifts for Grandma like hand decorated photo frames, stenciled woodwork, and framed happy birthday poems and anniversary poems

While all of these are all great gifts and are personalized for Gran in the fact that they are either engraved, embroidered, made especially for, or written especially about Grandma herself, there are some other personalized gifts you may not have thought about but are equally great gifts.

Here’s a list of a few.

Unique Gifts That Can Be Personalized for Grandma

  1. Custom printed garden flags (like the ones you can find at and
  2. Personalized candy bar wrappers (You can get regular sized candy bars or big old 5 pound candy bars with Nanny’s name or a message written to her right on the wrapper at places like and
  3. A personalized Bible, available at most Christian bookstores
  4. A monogrammed wind chime (You can find one of these at and other places online)
  5. A photo windsock (See one of these at, or
  6. A personalized Grandmother waterglobe (I found a beautiful one at

Some favorite Christmas gifts for Grandma are personalized Christmas stockings and personalized Christmas ornaments.

Some wonderful Mothers Day gift ideas that can be personalized for a grandmother are hand potted flowers, hand painted planters, and decorated bird houses.

Good birthday gifts for Grandma are monogrammed napkins, monogrammed bath robes, and monogrammed slippers.

Last Minute Gifts But Still Personalized for a Grandma

  1. Send flowers to Grandma!  Many online florists like FTD Flowers, Teleflora, and 1-800-Flowers offer same day delivery if you order early in the day.  Make sure you add a special note just for her or order her favorite flowers or flower colors if you know them.  You could even ask for birth color flowers for every member of her family.
  2. Many of these same online florists and other gift oriented companies offer overnight gift basket delivery where you can add a personal note of love and appreciation.
  3. If you have a day even, take a quick trip to your local craft store and see what kits might be available, or check their website for quick gift ideas you can put together in a pinch.  Even Lowes has online directions for easy projects you can customize with material from the hardware store; their project for refrigerator rock magnets being just one.
  4. Strapped for time AND money but want to give a personal gift?  Bake her a chocolate cake or an old fashioned banana cake, and decorate it if you can, or…
  5. Assemble some gifts in a jar in mason jars and if you have the time, trim with some pretty material that matches the occasion and place a hand written label on the jar.  You can see some good examples of this at (gifts and crafts), and there are some other great gifts in a jar recipes at

Personalized gifts in a jar are good gifts for Grandma any time of the year!

Grandmas are very special people who don’t normally ask for extra attention, but they also appreciate it very much when their grandchildren take the time and energy to share their love and affection for them.  Personalized gifts for Grandma are a great way to do that.

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