Pop Up Trundle Bed – It May Not Be What You Think

Is there something you should know about a pop up trundle bed?

Trundle beds are great inventions that save space when space is tight.

A popup trundle that houses a second hidden frame and mattress can be any size, the hidden frame having the ability to slide in and out from the bottom of a twin, full, bunk beds, or daybed, the latter sometimes called a daybed trundle bed.

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If you are planning on purchasing a trundle and see the words pop up trundle bed or pop up trundle bed frame, what does that mean exactly?

Check to make sure you understand what this type of trundle actually is.

It may be different than you think, and if so, you’ll want to know how to adjust to its unique features.

While trundle beds provides two beds in one, one stored under the other until use, a pop up trundle provides a different features than a trundle that does not pop up.

If you are like me, you might assume “pop up” means you can slide the lower trundle frame out and pop it up in place.

While this is certainly one good way to describe how this frame works in general, there is something different about this type of frame.  A popup does something more.

Pop up trundles do store underneath another twin, full, set of bunks or daybed, just like any other trundle, and they do pop out and up, but pop up trundles do more than just come out from underneath.

All trundle units will slide out for use, but many of those stay at a lower position, lower to the floor than the upper frame.

Here’s one like that (Click on the photo to see it at Amazon)

A pop up trundle can actually pull out and lift up, or pop up, to the same level as the primary frame it has been stored under.

A good example of this would be a twin pop up, a twin sized frame that stores another twin underneath until just the right time needed, at which time the lower attachment with mattress can be pulled out, pulled up, and slide beside the top twin mattress.

Here’s one (Click on the photo to see it at Amazon)

This kind of system not only gives you two resting spots for the space of one, it can give you one extra large sleeping area with two frames and two mattresses resting side by side for a king size effect.

The benefit of a pop up is its ability to become one large sleeping area when needed while using just a small space on a regular basis.

The pop up trundle bed can be just the thing you need for those extra guests! Make sure you check to see if your pop up trundle bed frame raises all the way up if that is the kind you want.

Having a pop up in a guest bedroom or pop up daybed trundle bed in a living room or office can be a great item for hosting a guest couple who might enjoy the larger sleeping option when visiting.

Some individuals or couples with studio apartments will also use a pop up to have a large, king sized sleeper on a regular basis in their smaller home.

At the same time, while you might think a pop up is handy, it is not as simple as it seems, and you will want to know some of the problems some people have had with popup trundles so you’ll know how to adjust or if they are even right for you.

One of the problems some pop ups have is that, while there is a larger bed, it is not ONE.  It is two smaller sized frames and mattresses setting up beside one another.  That means there are two frames to deal with, and sometimes these two separate frames slide apart during the night.

Some people have dealt with this by twisting a couple bungee cords around the under frames to secure the two together, keeping the second mattress closer to the first.

While this might be too much work on an every day basis, it is possible, and this is certainly an option for a pop out trundle used for visiting guests.

One of the other problems some pop ups have is the separate mattresses which create a large seam even when placed side by side.

Don’t think the large sleeping arrangement you created is exactly like one large king.  The seam can be noticeable, a reminder that you have two beds placed side by side, not just one large piece of furniture.

If you’re wondering then how to work a pop up with an obvious trundle bed seam, here are a couple of steps you can take.

Some have found a workable solution by having good-fitting sheets or a memory foam mattress pad that minimizes the double seam and gap.

A king size mattress pad topper would be the best size if you have the two twin size mattresses together and want it to feel more like one bed.  While not a perfect match to the inch, you’ll be very close and certainly close enough that those sleeping on the bed probably won’t notice anything but a very comfortable, large area to sleep well in.    

Here is a great king size, gel infused mattress pad topper for a trundle bed that would certainly help minimize any possible gap you might find you might have when you put your two single beds together.  (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Others have used two separate sheets and then treated this as two separate beds with the benefit of being close together.

You can also buy a trundle bed connector to keep seams together here!  (Amazon Affiliate Link)

See at it Amazon here:

Others have chosen not to purchase the pop up and stick with a traditional trundle that pops out but not up.

Having a pop up trundle bed can be helpful to a family who needs the extra sleeping arrangements that can be provided by one, but knowing what to expect from this unique piece of bedroom furniture is also helpful so you’ll have the best experience possible.


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