Save Money on Christmas Decorations

Save money on Christmas decorations
Save money on Christmas decorations

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We all want to save money, but with Christmas around the corner, can we save money on Christmas decorations too?

Yet bet, and here are some ways to do that.

Buy Christmas decorations when they go on sale.

Artificial Christmas trees, ornaments, outdoor Christmas decorations, all the cool things that make your home look so pretty during the holidays go on sale during the first week in January.  You probably won’t find many sales on holiday decor until after the new year since many people spread their holiday season over the course of that late December / early January time period, but you can always look!  You can definitely find good deals in January though for sure.

Go natural.

God provides all kinds of Christmas decorations!  Pine cones and evergreen branches make beautiful decorations for the season.  Bare branches presented in a creative way with white lights or stands of popcorn throughout can be very ornamental as well.  Nuts can fill out a clear jar or a candy dish.  Catch poinsettias on sale in the home improvement stores (those guys always order too many) and enjoy a colorful home.

The Nesting Place blog has a great page which will inspire you with ways to combine natural plants and items with household objects you may just have laying around your house.  I love the pine branches lovingly draped through the breakfast room chandelier!

The Nesting Place – How to Decorate for Christmas Naturally

How to Make a Wreath with Berries

DIY Christmas Decorations

Save your money on purchasing elaborate decor and find Christmas crafts you can make for homemade Christmas decorations.

Have fun with the kids and work on easy kids crafts.  Martha Stewart can get you started on that one here:

Parenting Magazine also has some pretty cool AND easy Christmas decorations ideas you can do with your kids (or even do yourself if you are craft challenged like I am)!  See here to see some of the easiest and cutest Christmas crafts for kids around!

It’s easy to find directions for homemade Christmas ornaments in and around the web as well, or find a great book on DIY projects at a local used bookstore or at the library.

Here are some tips to save money on Christmas craft supplies and materials:

*  Purchase Christmas craft supplies online at home so you can spend a little more time comparing prices.

*  Check for craft supplies and kits.

* Keep an eye on Pinterest for inexpensive projects you can do.

*  Purchase in bulk with a group and share the savings.  If you can organize a group crafting time with friends and their children, all the better!

*  Find freebies.  Craigslist, Freecycle, and even word of mouth are all sources of free craft material you can use for do it yourself projects.  If you don’t see something listed, don’t feel bad about posting a request.

Shop the ads and use coupons for things to make and material to use.

Michaels Crafts has tons of coupons and specials.  Here is their weekly ad page so you can stay updated on sales, weekly deals, and Michaels coupons:

Hobby Lobby coupons and sales are here:

JoAnn’s coupons are here:

Save money at Christmas

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Shop the sales and use coupons for holiday decor at stores and online too.

Coupons, sales, and online discounts can add to your savings.  Also consider price matching if you know of a store that will offer you the same price as the same items at another store with a lower price.



Seek out and proudly display vintage household objects and vintage Christmas items from years past.

You may not always get the best deals on old or antique Christmas ornaments, but at the same time, sometimes you can.  If you’re willing to look around and have a little time to do so, you may be able to find some great prices on some really outstanding holiday items.

Consider things like vintage Christmas cards or postcards, antique sleds or wagons, those old crafts you did when you were in school and your mom kept around for all these years.

If your object doesn’t quite have that holiday look, you can easily create one by adding a few bows, or string evergreen branches or popcorn garland around the item!

You can really have fun using old objects in new ways, and you will be able to save money by doing so.

Buy inexpensive Christmas decorations at discount and dollar stores.

Dollar Tree usually carries decorative wind socks and window decor and also sells loads of wreaths, silk poinsettia flowers, tabletop Christmas trees, elf and Santa tea towels and pot holders, and cute ornaments.  Dollar General and Family Dollar do as well.

By the way, I LOVE wind socks, don’t you?  They are so whimsical and fun to watch!  If you want to save money on your purchases and save money on electricity too, wind socks make wonderful outdoor Christmas decorations, and vinyl holiday window stickers on the front door, and even on all the windows throughout the house, are cheap holiday decorations that really add a sense of childhood excitement!

I saw a house featured in one of the upscale country life magazines that was decorated completely with items purchased from The Dollar Tree over the years, and the home was absolutely gorgeous.

Don’t let ANYONE tell you, especially yourself, that you can’t have a beautifully decorated home for the holidays using cheap Christmas decorations!

Shop thrift stores.

You can find beautiful trinkets, wind up Christmas scenes, and ceramic Christmas villages at thrift stores sometimes.  Not every store will carry as much as others, but if you take the time to look and then the time to shine up some pretty little objects that need a new home, you can find yourself with some real nice gems to display in your home at just the fraction of the cost.

Go solar with outdoor Christmas lights.

Oh yes sir re, outdoor lighting has gone green!

Amazon sells solar Christmas lights.  Target does as well.  Even Walmart and Sam’s Club offer them on their websites.  You’ll find solar powered Christmas lights on Ebay too.  While these may be a little more expensive than regular outdoor lights sometimes, you can save on electricity costs, and if you’re a light fanatic like the person in this video, saving money on electric bills is worth considering.

You can save money in so many ways, and fortunately there are many easy ways to save money around the house during the holiday season.  Saving money on Christmas decorations is one great way to enjoy this time of the year and free yourself to think about the more important things in life like your kids, your family, and about what that holiday time is really all about anyway.

Have a beautiful Christmas!

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