Send Christmas Cards for Charity This Year and Help Someone

Christmas Cards for Charity
Christmas Cards for Charity

Christmas Cards for Charity Make a Lot of People Happy!
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Fewer people send Christmas cards than ever before, but the wish to make someone’s holiday season a little more special is still very much alive.

While the red kettles of the Salvation Army and the packed shoe boxes of Samaritan’s Purse are still great ways to make someone feel a little more special during the holidays, why not also consider sending Christmas cards benefiting charity during the holidays too?

Charity Christmas cards provide the card’s recipient all the fun and joy of traditional cards sent in the mail but also provide you the opportunity to donate, to reach out to others in a way a simple card from the store can not provide.   They also let the world (or someone in particular) know you support them, care for them, and will help them with their battle or cause!

The heart is willing.  The time is right.  Now you also have the tool to use to make a difference in so many ways.

Help someone this year by sending Christmas cards charity organizations can benefit from!

Where can you get Christmas cards for charity?

Probably the best place to find Christmas charity cards is online.  Here’s an example of how one charitable organization provides this service product.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has four ways to get and send Christmas greeting cards and Winter Holiday certificates, personalized if desired, and either mailed by them or to you for your own handling at home, or emailed online if preferred.

The four ways you can order through this charity organization is:

  1. When you make an online donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, you can download free printable Christmas flyers (certificates) you can print right at home and mail out
  2. You can also order Christmas cards online, and the Make-A-Wish group will personalize the cards for you and mail them as well.  You can also order cards online and request blank cards be mailed to your home address after which you and the kids can write your own personal notes to your family and friends or include a family letter which can then be mailed directly by you.  (If you are ordering cards online and mailing them, the Foundation recommends you place your order by December 19 to better ensure delivery by Christmas!)
  3. If you think sending online charity Christmas cards would work best for you or your Christmas card recipient(s), Make-A-Wish will send email Christmas cards to one or multiple recipients on your behalf.  If you’re a business, they can also add your business logo.  Charity Christmas e cards are such an easy way to remember others while donating to a special cause to help others!
  4. A fourth way to get your holiday message to others this year may be an “In Memory Of” holiday certificate or “In Honor Of” Merry Christmas card, reflecting the memory of or a tribute to someone special from your life while donating to your charity.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is only one charity organization that sells charity Christmas cards.

If you have a loved one battling cancer, cancer charity Christmas cards might be just right for you to send.  A family who lost a family dog this past year might find peace sending dog charity Christmas cards.  Even if your family is facing difficult economic times and financial difficulties, you can help others by donating used Christmas cards for charity.

After all, in times such as these, the more we can help each other, the more we have done to make life a little better for everyone.

Below are some places you can find Christmas cards for charity organizations and causes.  However, please remember this is only a partial list from all the wonderful service organizations and noble causes out there and is meant only to give you an idea of just how many ways you can help others this Christmas holiday season.

To find out more about the Make A Wish Charity Christmas card program, go to:

The American Cancer Society has Christmas cards here:

The American Humane Society has very cute dog, cat, and other animal charity Christmas cards that benefit orphaned pets here:

Learn more about the St. Jude’s Ranch for Children “Recycled Card Program”, where you can donate used cards all year long, here:

The American Diabetes Association has personalized and photo Christmas cards which benefit their Diabetes research here:

Doctors Without Borders offers charity holiday cards here:

Spread the good news of Christ’s birth too this holiday season.   Lang Perfect Timing Forever Boxed Christmas Cards, 18 Cards with 19 Envelopes (1004719)  (Amazon Affiliate Link)

If you have any good charity or cause which sells or provides Charity Christmas cards for a donation, please let us know by posting that info in the comments section below because if it is important to you, it may very well be important to someone else as well.

In the same way, let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in Heaven.  Matthew 5: 16

“A Merry Christmas to all; God bless us , every one” – Tiny Tim

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