Six Easy Ways to Find Cheap Weekend Getaways for Couples

Cheap Weekend Getaways for Couples

Cheap Weekend Getaways for CouplesFinding cheap weekend getaways for couples isn’t so hard if you know where to look and know how to get good deals and discounts.  Cheap couples weekend getaways do abound, but when you’re parents and your kids (and bills) take a large chunk of your income, knowing how to find those cheap weekend breaks for a priceless time as a couple makes all the difference in the world.

Here’s our list of six ways to find cheap weekend getaways couples can afford.

Six Easy Ways to Find Cheap Weekend Getaways for Couples

1.  Look for hotel discount coupons at discount travel sites online, hotel websites, and in free travel publications you can find at rest areas and in many hotel lobbies.

Sure, why not just walk into some nice hotel lobby and look at their travel brochures and books?  If they were smart, they might be listed in one of those publications along with their own special prices, deals, coupons, or specially priced couples packages.

If you don’t see any hotel discounts, all inclusive packages, or deals listed, go up to the front desk and ASK if they have any hotel discounts or special packages available for couples, whether they are for honeymoons, anniversaries, or romantic weekend getaways.

What?  It’s your THIRD honeymoon?  That’s no problem!

You might also ask them if there are particular times of the year their rates are cheaper than others or when they already know their rates will be MORE expensive (so you can avoid those times).  My family stayed in a hotel two hours from an area where there was a NASCAR race going on, and our first two nights, before the race, were 1/3 the price of our room the night the race began.  It pays to know these little nuances, and hotels usually DO know them.

Front desk people are always knowledgeable about their special rates, and they are almost always the most helpful people around.

2.  Pay attention to websites and magazine ads that advertise discounts on all inclusive wedding packages or romantic weekend getaway packages.

You can also find some great deals on last minute all inclusive weekend getaways at some of the best all inclusive resorts for couples if you keep an eye out for these gems.

By the way, it’s never too late to enjoy that all inclusive newly married suite, even if you only feel like young lovers inside all over again.

3.  Look online for cruise deals.

You can find amazing prices sometimes on last minute weekend cruises and one day cruises by just keeping an eye out online.  You can also sometimes find great prices on early bird specials through the cruise line websites.

4.  Contact the Visitor’s Bureau AND Chamber of Commerce, either with an email, through an online request, or via snail mail, and ask them to mail you information on the area you are interested in.

Don’t just ask for weekend specials, and don’t specify a specific time to visit.  When you do this, you are looking at the entire area, its tourist attractions, what special events or festivals they usually host, and when those are, and you are eyeing the area as a whole, including restaurants, hotels, businesses, community services and parks, and sites to see.

Sitting down with a big package of material and educating yourself will help you determine what you might be able to afford in an area and the best times to visit.

You might even get some visitors publications that contain ads and information on special event pricing, coupons for restaurants in the area, and discounts on hotels.

5.  Investigate national park service lodging, camping in national forests, state parks, and outdoor adventure getaways.

While you will need to pay a modest fee for lodging or camping in these areas, you’ll make up any fees with inexpensive or free recreation or activities.

God gave us nature at our fingertips for FREE.  Enjoy the blessing.

6.  Take advantage of off season prices.

Oceans are exhilarating in the winter.  (Can’t you just imagine experiencing the sights and sounds of cold ocean waves breaking just outside those comfy beach resorts?)  Ski resorts are scenic wonders in the summer.  (Scenic rides with a chance to just talk or a walk through the mountain foliage can foster friendship and personal intimacy as a couple.) Amusement parks become romantic weekend getaways at Christmas when they host their holiday events complete with twinkling lights and festive atmosphere.

Going romantic places off season can provide opportunities for cheap romantic weekend getaways for couples.

Weekend getaways for couples are in your reach, but you must first take matters into your own hands to get to them.  These six steps will help you find ways to become a rich couple with cheap couple weekend getaways.

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