New Baby Gifts and Gift for New Parents – From a New Mom

new baby gifts

I asked my daughter Carrie who has a precious little newborn baby of her own now what she would recommend as good newborn gifts. 

Here is Carrie’s list of new baby gifts and also new mom gifts and new dad gifts as well! 

After all, babies aren’t the only ones who enjoy being thought of!


new baby gifts

New babies and new parents go hand in hand. Remember both when getting newborn gifts!
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Gifts for Parents

  1. Offer to watch the baby so Mom and Dad can have a few hours alone (or just let Mom take a shower in silence!). A few of our friends also gave us gift cards to some of our favorite restaurants along with an offer to babysit.
  2. Food: pre-cooked, frozen, fruit, water, and quick, easy snacks that can be eaten with one hand are all great.
  3. Reading material. If Mom is breastfeeding, light reading or a book by a favorite author will be a lifesaver. You can only stare at an iPhone for so long each day without going cross-eyed.
  4. Practical gifts: diapers and wipes are ALWAYS welcome and will always be useful. If Mom is breastfeeding, some great options are lanolin cream, breast pads, milk storage bags, etc. A little medicine kit is also a great idea; be sure to include gripe water, baby Tylenol, a thermometer, q-tips, nail clippers, body wash, lotion, diaper cream/powder (I LOVE the liquid powder from Carter’s!), and hand sanitizer.
  5. Gift cards: Amazon is our top choice, but any local store that would have things the parents need would be appreciated. Gift cards allow the parents to get things that many people don’t give as gifts because they aren’t “fun” (we received countless pink outfits, but no washcloths or towels).
  6. If giving a birthday or holiday gift, consider something that has nothing to do with the baby. Remember, Mom and Dad are still people too, and are most likely tired of looking at onesies and rattles at this point. A gift solely for the parents will make them feel special and remembered.

Gifts for Baby

  1. A themed gift basket: pick a color, animal or creative theme. One of my favorite shower gifts was a year’s worth of outfits and mementos:  a onesie or outfit for each major holiday (in the appropriate size), a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament, an Easter basket, Halloween candy bucket, etc. It was creative and memorable!
  2. If giving clothes, make sure the size coordinates with the season. If you give someone a summer dress in the size the baby will be wearing in January, it will have to be returned or exchanged.
  3. Cute accessories – sunglasses, hats, hair pieces (I love big flower headbands and bows!), diaper covers, socks, shoes, etc.
  4. A personalized gift: Outfits with the parent’s favorite sports team logo, a framed print with the baby’s name and birth info, a picture frame, or a monogrammed bag are all great options for making the gift more personal for both baby and the parents. is a great place to find DIY ideas, and in a wonderful resource for all kinds of handmade and personal gifts.
  5. A container: basket, crate, tote, bag, box… they are all useful, and will be a welcome sight when filled with goodies! You can never have too many containers, especially in a nursery, and they’re the perfect gift when filled with a nice blanket (I personally adore Aden + Anais swaddlers. Worth every penny!), a cute outfit, and a few useful accessories. The perfect, thoughtful gift basket!
  6. Toys: Check with the parents first. There might be something specific they really want, or really DON’T want. Don’t forget the include batteries if the toy requires them.
  7. Don’t forget the gift receipt! You never know if something will be the right size, or if the parents already have the item purchased.

A special thanks to our daughter Carrie Mills who wrote this post with a beautiful, two week old baby girl.  Thank you, Carrie!

Which CoCaLo Crib Bedding Set is for You?

Crib Bedding for Baby
Crib Bedding for Baby

You know your baby well, so you can find crib bedding that is just right for your child.
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Update: Looking for a crib bedding set? The CoCaLo company went into bankruptcy in 2014, but there are many other companies which can provide beautiful crib bedding sets.  Let us know what ones you find!  

Original Article Below:  

The CoCaLo Couture Company has a wide range of nursery collections for babies, and the quality of each and every collection is exquisite, sophisticated, and imaginative. The question is: Which CoCaLo crib bedding set will make it to your baby room?

Check here to see some of the most exciting CoCaLo crib bedding sets available today. » Read more

Severe Diaper Rash – What to Do Before You Call the Doctor

Most babies get diaper rash at some time or the other.  It’s just a part of baby life, and while parents can do their best changing diapers, wiping bottoms, and using diaper rash ointment as needed, diaper rashes are just going to pop up now and then and even sometimes linger on for a while.

However, when a parent notices raised or fluid filled bumps on baby’s bottom or extreme pain from the intense redness and peeling, a normal situation has turned into a severe diaper rash that needs additional attention.

When that has happened, follow this treatment for severe diaper rash, and you may find you can clear the rash and ease the pain without a doctor’s intervention.

1.    First of all, don’t freak out.  Simply having a baby with severe diaper rash does not mean you are a bad parent or that your baby will most definitely require emergency care or suffer long term.  Even skin disorders to this degree can happen due to frequent stools and wiping, diarrhea and resulting bacteria from antibiotic prescriptions, acidity, and even sometimes allergies to something a toddler or nursing mother has eaten.  While you always want to change diapers frequently, gently clean and allow baby’s bottom to dry before diapering again, and use the best diaper rash cream for your baby on a regular basis, flare ups can and do occur even with the best parenting   Also, there are both severe diaper rash cures you can do right at home that provide relief and healing and then additional steps your doctor can routinely recommend or prescribe if needed, so this is usually a simple obstacle that parents need to go through.  Even the severest of this kind of condition may not mean anything other than something just happened that needs mom’s and dad’s attention now, and just a little extra loving care and concern is all that is needed to quickly correct the situation, many times without even the need for a doctor.

2.    You’ll still want to make sure you are changing your little one’s diaper frequently, but do not use scented baby wipes when your child has a severe rash.  In fact, you may want to opt for unscented baby wipes all the time due to the fact that some babies are sensitive to the fragrances used in these kinds of wipes.  However, when dealing with a severe diaper rash, definitely change to an unscented diaper wipe, or even better, use plain water to clean your baby’s bottom at this time.  Depending on what is most comfortable for you and also on the type of soiling that has occurred, you can either gently pat your child’s bottom with a wet, soft wash cloth, or you can squirt water on your baby’s behind using either a squirt bottle or a plastic bulb syringe.  Do this with every diaper change during this time, making sure your baby’s bottom is dry before putting a new, dry diaper on.  You should also consider actually placing your baby’s behind one or two times a day in a baby bath with Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment for Baby, or put oatmeal in a knotted sock or half hose and place in bath water to provide great soothing relief to your child’s pain during this time.  Using plain water and extremely gentle cleaning strokes (or none at all if you can just squirt water) for diaper changes and then providing skin conditioning and relief with an oatmeal mixture (using Aveeno or old-fashioned oatmeal itself) together can go a long way in helping baby deal with the pain and get better more quickly.

3.    While you should make sure your infant’s little bottom is always dry before you put another diaper on, there is no more important time than now to do that.  In fact, exaggerate this step and make this a part of healing your child’s severe rash.  After using plain water for diaper changes and then supplementing that with an oatmeal-based butt bath, keep diapers off completely as long as possible to allow for air drying.  If you need to immediately replace a new diaper, then simply pat your baby’s bottom with a soft towel or cloth as gently as possible.  Do not stroke or wipe with long motions across your child’s bottom.  Just gently pat.  If you do not need to replace the diaper quickly, let your baby go diaper free for a few minutes or even for longer if possible.  Air has great healing powers for sore little bottoms.

4.    Supplement the steps above with a superior diaper rash ointment that other parents have found trustworthy in dealing with bad diaper rashes.  Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment, Triple Paste Medicated Ointment for Diaper Rash, and Diaper Rash and Thrush by Motherlove Herbal Company are all known as great severe diaper rash remedies.  Some parents have found Avenno Baby Diaper Rash Cream and even plain extra virgin olive oil works well too, even sometimes in extreme cases.  If you want to use olive oil, make sure you are using extra virgin olive oil as that is the preferred grade of olive oil that is best for using on the skin.  (I’ve routinely used extra virgin olive oil on my own skin a lot and can personally tell you it absorbs very well and is a very good healer of all sorts of skin disturbances.)

5.    Immediately discontinue giving your child any highly acidic foods and do not eat any acidic foods yourself if you are nursing.  Expelled acid can not only trigger severe diaper rashes, it can make any diaper rash worse.  Processed fruit juices are perhaps some of the worse offenders, but other offenders include mom’s coffee and colas, white bread and bagels, processed meats and cheeses, peanut butter, bananas, chocolate, and eggs.  Do internet searches for acid foods list to avoid on the internet, and make sure you are very careful with foods for both your child and you right now if you are a nursing mother.

6.    As an additional note, consider whether the rash may be a result of a change of disposable diaper brands or detergent, or even added bleach if you are using cloth diapers.  Perhaps your baby is reacting to something he or she has had introduced via their diapers or clothing, and if so, make any changes necessary to change or remove the new culprit.  If you are bleaching cloth diapers, sometimes adding white vinegar to the final rinse will remove any bleach remains from the diaper.  Better yet, use an equivalent amount of white vinegar or 2 teaspoons of 100% tea tree oil in place of any bleach at all to brighten, deodorize, or sanitize clothing and diapers.  These more natural alternatives are not only good during diaper rash flare ups but can be used all the time for a more gentle, natural household for baby’s and toddler’s needs.

Severe diaper rash treatment at home come take one to three days or even a little longer, but if you see definite improvements and are helping relieve your child’s extreme pain throughout that time, these initial steps can sometimes provide the exact needed attention required to solve the problem.  If your baby’s rash worsens or does not respond to these first crucial steps and natural remedies, then a call to the doctor might then be order after all.  There might possibly be a form of candida yeast or bacterial infection that requires medical attention, or your baby may have some other health issue your doctor might want to investigate and address.  However, these steps are immediate steps that can make a crucial difference in intense cases sometimes and can certainly help your child feel better in the meantime.

Newborn Baby Clothes Checklist and Considerations

newborn baby clothes

With your due date approaching, you’ll want to make sure you have the newborn baby clothes you need for your new little one.

With a little planning and creativity, you can have the right clothes and baby accessories for your family addition before you go to the hospital.

Use our list here and add some thoughts of your own to make sure you have what you definitely need and to check out other clothing items and accessories you may like to include as well. » Read more

What makes a Neutral Cocalo Crib Bedding Set Worth Your Consideration

Cocalo Crib Bedding

Update: Looking for a crib bedding? The CoCaLo company went into bankruptcy in 2014, but there are many other companies which can provide beautiful crib bedding sets.  Let us know what ones you find!  

Original Article Below:  

Many soon-to-be parents believe they have just two basic color choices in baby crib bedding sets, pink or blue, and variations of those two, but a Cocalo crib bedding set from the Cocalo Company line of neutral crib bedding sets can open up a whole range of additional possibilities for babies today.

Cocalo Crib Bedding

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While Cocalo’s line of neutral baby bedding may be touted as neutral, it’s anything but drab.

Cocalo crib bedding is unique to begin with.  The Cocalo company offers a wide and diverse range of crib bedding and coordinating nursery room accessories that are modern, sophisticated, and colorful.

While pastel baby bedding is still a popular choice for many parents, you won’t find that at CoCaLo Baby.

At the Cocalo company, colors and shapes dominate, materials and texture are combined in ways unheard of before this time, and diverse angles and graphics create a fun yet sophisticated look for any baby nursery.

However, it is Cocalo’s neutral line that takes unique color combinations and tantalizing nursery room decor to new heights of creativity, and all in the name of neutrality.

For instance, the Cocalo Crib Bedding Collection Jungle Jingle, a popular selection in the Cocalo Baby Collections, neutral line, brings cute and friendly jungle animals into your baby girls or baby boys bedroom.  This bedding set integrates an array of green, blue, yellow, and red and includes some brown accents to bring the more colorful combination to a more subtle level, an interesting combination of colors for a baby’s room.

The overall look is very neutral, but it would be possible to draw more on the striking green color or more on the stately yellow or blue colors.  Multi-colored stripes and circles bring out all the colors which can be pulled from to add a touch of boy or girl highlights.  Yet the total effect is calm, serene, and neutral.

When you have a neutral baby bedding set that can include so much color, one doesn’t have to feel choosing a neutral bedding set will be just plain boring!

Another crib bedding set offered by CoCaLo Baby is the Cocalo Snickerdoodle Collection.

First of all, I just love the name of this collection, and I also think it’s one of the cutest collections of all, reminding me of one of those cookies my Aunt Glenda used to make at Christmas time each year!  Aside from that, this collection maintains this company’s efforts to bring diversity and interest to all its bedding collections.

While the Snickerdoodle baby crib bedding does not integrate the bolder colors, instead focusing on simply neutral ivory, cream, and taupe, the combination of these soft colors seems to create an almost multi-level texture.  Add the various materials used, whip stitch details, and contrasting yet coordinating trims, and you’ve got an interesting look to put in any upscale nursery room.

Cocalo has several other neutral baby bedding collections, each with matching nursery accessories.  This company also offer a regular line of baby bedding that shows bold displays of color and combinations that would not be considered neutral.

All are beautifully crafted.  All have intriguing mixtures of fabrics, prints, lines, and graphics.  Any one can be the foundation for either a baby boy or a baby girl.  Adding neutral baby crib sets just opens up your number of choices when deciding what color scheme you want to go with.

You won’t have a problem finding cocalo crib bedding that works for whatever look you are going for in your baby’s nursery.  Settling on just one may be a more difficult task!

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