Pop Up Trundle Bed – It May Not Be What You Think

Is there something you should know about a pop up trundle bed?

Trundle beds are great inventions that save space when space is tight.

A popup trundle that houses a second hidden frame and mattress can be any size, the hidden frame having the ability to slide in and out from the bottom of a twin, full, bunk beds, or daybed, the latter sometimes called a daybed trundle bed.

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If you are planning on purchasing a trundle and see the words pop up trundle bed or pop up trundle bed frame, what does that mean exactly?

Check to make sure you understand what this type of trundle actually is.

It may be different than you think, and if so, you’ll want to know how to adjust to its unique features. » Read more

A Heated Mattress Pad Provides Warm Bedding and Comfort for a Good Night’s Sleep

Heated Mattress Pad
Heated Mattress Pad

A heated mattress pad is a great way to stay warm and save money on electricity too, but you should know some things about them before you purchase one.
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With cold weather coming or possibly on your doorstep as we speak, you may be thinking about how to keep warm at night.  If you save money on electricity too, that’s even better!

A little snuggle blanket sure is nice to curl up in when you’re watching television or reading a book before you go to bed, but what do you do when bedtime comes?

Many people have discovered the heated mattress pad, but before you buy one, you may want to know what one of these handy little devices can for you and also what you should be aware of before you buy one. » Read more

Childrens Trundle Bed or Bunk Beds – What’s Best for Your Kids?

Childrens trundle bed or bunk beds

 If you are looking at making a decision between children’s trundle beds or bunk beds, chances are you have children.

Chances are also that you are a person who either needs to consider space or who wants to make the most use out of the space you have.

Both options can be great options for children, and either decision would clear floor space for other kids bedroom furniture, toy storage, or a play space.

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However, when deciding which one of these two purchases you are going to make, ask yourself these questions first to avoid making the wrong decision for your family.

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