Cool Kids Night Lights

Kids Night Lights

Cool Kids Night Lights To The Rescue! 

When it comes to kids bedroom accessories, necessities, and decor, sometimes fun needs to be as important as functionality, at least to the young individual residing there.  If you are looking for a good kids room night light, you might want to check these models and styles from Amazon first.  

Note:  The links on this page to Amazon will go to my Amazon Associate site.  You won’t experience any increase in your cost, but if you purchase any item, a small portion of that cost will be credited to my account. 

Oh, you’ll still get an honest opinion and reflection from me regarding all nightlights for kids I mention here.  

I simply enjoy all the companies, styles, options, and savings at Amazon and love sharing all those with you!

Below are some, and I repeat SOME, of my favorite nightlights for kids from Amazon.


Disney Kids Nightlights

Disney Projectables Frozen LED Plug-In Night Light, Image Projects Onto Wall or Ceiling

This Disney projection night light is great for either your child’s bedroom or the family bathroom.  With clear and distinct LED projections of Elsa and Anna on the wall when the lights are off, and a soft hue from bedtime to morning, this Frozen movie night light makes a very reassuring yet safe night light for a child.  The con of this sweet product is that it runs on electric.  Therefore, if the electric goes out, little Elsa and Anna will be sound asleep if your little one happens to wake up in the midst of a power outage.


Disney SoftPals Mickey Mouse Nightlight 

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to Micky Mouse as they fall asleep!  This Mickey Mouse nightlight is actually a softpal your child can hold, snuggle, walk around with, and fall asleep holding.  You charge up.  He lights up for up to 6 hours afterwards.  

Since Softpals glow for only up to 6 hours or so, they are not your traditional “nightlight” that light your pathway in the middle of the night.  They are however, a nice bedroom accessory for a child, helping them to feel all warm and comfy as they fall asleep each night. 


Disney nightlights don’t end there at Amazon.  There are some pretty cool night lights for those older Star Wars fans and Cars the movie night lights, Toy Story night lights, Sophia Softpals and more for younger guys and gals.


Nursery Room Night Lights

Ohuhu USB Rechargeable LED Vase Lamp Table Lamp, Nursery Night Light for Bedroom/Kids Room/Living Room Decoration

The Ohuhu Rechargeable LED table lamp and night light is a perfect addition to a nursery!  You can always use it as a stunningly beautiful but simple nightlight for the nursery, but its usefulness lives longer then as a beautiful lamp for any room then down the road…. or just keep it in your child’s bedroom if you don’t need stars or Star Wars or Spider Man on the walls. 

The light has three levels of illumination from soft light mode to medium light mode up to high light mode, all using a rechargeable base that can keep going up to 40 hours (on the soft light mode).  

What’s really cool with this one is that you can even charge it via your computer or laptop.  It even comes with a USB cable to do so.  

I think I even hear some college students clicking to Amazon to see this one!   How versatile! 


Zitrades Baby Night Light Rainbow Baby and Toddler Nightlight

You can’t get much cooler and cuter than this rainbow toddler night light by Zitrades!  

After all, a smiling face and a random display of soft changing colors makes the perfect friend to a young child trying to settle in to a peaceful sleep.  

This rainbow night light is a plug in, but it is energy efficient and is produced to never get hot to the touch.


Battery Operated Night Lights for Kids

Silicone Night Lamp Battery Operated with 7-Color Mood Light, Sensitive Tap Control for Baby, Kids, and Adults

Yep.  I’m an adult, and even I want one of these!  However, the appeal of colors in this battery operated night light will make this a great nightlight for a child’s room for sure.  At just the touch, this cute little guy changes to a different soft and subtle color, an entertaining benefit in addition to being a quality nightlight.  

The pro is that this little battery-run guy is that he’ll be lighting your child’s way all night long through rain, snow, or power outages.  

The con is that… well…. if I were a kid, and it were ME….  I would stay up a little longer, losing a little sleep, changing his color over and over again.  🙂  


Projection Night Lights for Children

What could be nicer than stars projected onto your bedroom ceiling?  

You know… like this Galaxy Night Light Projector Lamp below?  Yea, that’s quite nice, isn’t it!  

How about this?

Starry Night Light Lamp, 3 Modes Colorful LED Moon Sky Dreamer Desk Rotating Cosmos Starlight Projector Night Light for Kids

With this cool night light, you get stars OR you can have the ocean.  You can even change it up to say “Happy Birthday” and change the settings to have a light show with side effects and slow fades.  

I think this one might interest a wide range of children from birth to school age to mommy and daddy age!   


Plug In Nightlights for Kids Rooms and Bathrooms

Of course, we don’t want to forget those more-traditional plug in nightlights that have worked throughout the years.  We don’t just have the old fashioned covered Christmas light bulb any more either.  There are some really cute and cool plug in night lights now.

Sunlighte’s LED Whale Night Light, Plug in Wall Lamp for Kids (below) has an auto on/off, dusk to dawn sensor, so it’s there all night long when needed.  However, its use of LED power saving technology means this isn’t going to be a drain on the electric bill budget.  It comes in a pack of two as well, a nice selling point at its low cost. 


While there are many other night lights for kids bedrooms at Amazon, I’m hoping this will give you a good idea of some of the cool night lights available now for your children and grandchildren.  

If you’re like me, you might even be thinking about one of these for yourself.  

After all, everyone needs to go to the potty at nighttime sometimes.  Why not smile with the delight of a child as you go?